MBM05_0005__25988.1350497308.1200.1200It’s cold weather and you know what that means, right? Layers. Once that first chill hits my spine I start wearing thermals all the time. Most of my thermals are the waffle cotton kind from Kmart. They aren’t the most well designed pieces of clothing but they sure keep me warm. The fit is always a little off because the crotch is too low. The calves are too tight and with my hairy legs it just becomes really itchy. I spend all day pulling the waistband up. Even though they are considered long underwear I still feel like I meed to wear underwear underneath because they don’t give me the support I need to be comfortable. So even though I am warm, I am often substituting warmth for comfort wearing these long johns.

Malebasics to the rescue. Kind of..The Malebasics Microfiber Long John offers everything a guy needs in a long john. This garment offers complete comfort. They use one of the softest fabrics, Microfiber (Nylon 78% Spandex 12%), I was so relaxed in them all day. The only issue I had was that these long johns is that they aren’t for those days when its freezing out. These are perfect for a cool fall or spring day. They aren’t really for the dead of winter. The main reason is because its made of Microfiber. You have probably heard of Microfiber is often used for athletic wear because the material wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and dry. Microfiber is also very elastic, making it suitable for undergarments. I found the material really comfortable but I wasn’t as warm as I would have wanted.

The design is really exceptional. This is basically cut like a really comfortable brief. The pouch is lifts you up and out. Really shows off a bulge nicely. Usually, like I said before, a long john squashes you flat. I never felt like I needed to wear another pair of underwear underneath. It was so nice and soft on my body. It was so comfortable that I even slept in them. I never needed to readjust myself. In fact, I actually forgot what I was wearing under my jeans at one point because I was so comfortable. I have hairy legs and often get itchy with tight materials around my calves. These long johns are cut to hug you until about the knee. The design is then loose around your lower legs with an elastic bottom at the ankle. At first I thought that the looseness was strange and then I realize its exactly what I needed. The design is like a modified sweat pant that hugs and supports you in all the best areas. I got the pair in white which is slightly transparent but I didn’t mind. I will definitely be picking up the black pair as well from their site. With spring coming I still like to wear layers when the cool night NYC breeze hits me. These long johns will definitely be a regular in my underwear collection.

And maybe Malebasics will offer them in more colors soon? Gray? Nude? Red? Blue? Yellow? Please. Thank you.

Pros –

  • great fit.
  • soft fabric
  • all day comfort


  • not as warm as I expected
  • only two colors available.


  • Fit 5
  • Materials 5
  • Construction 5
  • Look 5
  • Daily Wear 5
  • Overall 5

This pair was furnished by Malebasics and is available for $44.10 at their site.


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