Gregg Homme is back and bringing the sexy with them. I have to say that Gregg Homme is my go to for super sexy underwear. Each collection they release I keep thinking there is no way they can get sexier and every year they continually surprise me. I mean, you think at some point they would run out of ideas… but they never do, and for us underwear lovers that’s a good thing.

This year they released the new video called “Shake the Snake” where you see the snake go in the tent and then he comes out in the amazing snake skin undies. Well those undies are the new Snakeskin line. It doesn’t have a catchy name but does it really need it? Gregg Homme has a knack for taking what could be a totally over the top pair and cheesy and making it sexy and elegant.

This is the official Gregg Homme info about the pair: “Sleek & sexy, the SNAKESKIN collection by Gregg Homme features a colorful, total-coverage snakeskin print graphic on a silky stretch faux-suede fabric that is smooth to the touch. With its anatomical, body-flattering cuts and attractive design, this array of serpentine-inspired undergarments is sure to surprise your lucky prey!”

I really love this line and I’m not a big fan of animal print. Every pair of Gregg Homme I have have been top notch construction and materials. These are made out of 96% POLYESTER, 4% SPANDEX. Which I know I hear some of you saying Polyester, but I can assure you it will be amazing.

Snakeskin is available in a String, Thong, Brief and Boxer. Each style is just in the color shown. We hope you enjoy this look at the wild side. We will bring you more about the other collections soon! Find these at the Gregg Homme Site

You may know we have a few guys in the new focus group. They told us that you guys want to see close up pics too, so we will mix both full body and close up pics. As always if you have a suggestion for how we can get you info in a better way, let us know!

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