lanai-red-0It is now swim season and it’s time to spend as much time by the beach/pool as possible. I would totally agree with this but here in the ATL it’s been rainy and cloudy every time you turn around. So you can wear swimwear but it hasn’t been ideal conditions. So I used the Teamm8 Lanai swim shorts to hang out in one day by the pool. This was the first time I ever wore Teamm8. So I was excited to give them a try.

I will say it’s not normally the style I would wear. This pair has a very retro look, it reminds me of something from the 70’s/80’s, and yes I was old enough to remember them! So I was a little apprehensive about them. Back in the day I hated these types of swimwear and hoped that I wouldn’t have a bad flash back! But, this is Teamm8 and they make out of modern materials/fabrics, so I should have known this wasn’t going to happen.

I wore these to a pool that really isn’t swim brief friendly. It was a friends neighborhood pool, but I did keep my swim briefs under them, I like the extra support. As I relaxed in the pool and hung out this did fit great. The color got a little big of attention because it’s not the usual navy, white or red most swim trunks are. A few people complimented me on them and asked who they were. I forget you talk to people outside of the underwear/swimwear world, most of the population hasn’t heard of Teamm8. Well I am changing it for them an other brands.

Back to my day. These dried pretty fast and didn’t bunch or bind when going form pool to laying out and such. One of my biggest gripes in swimwear are those that don’t dry fast. I hate sitting in wet clothes for over an hour! The 100% nylon dried pretty fast so I was super happy.

The color I received was Watermelon. You are going to make a statement in this pair. It has a small palm tree print that alternates black and white tree. The pair has white piping around the lets and seams. It also includes a drawstring waist. Which is pretty standard for swimwear. If the Watermelon is not your style check out the mint (green) pair.

As for sizing, definitely pay attention to sizing charts. It was a little tight on me, just because I have gained a few pounds. Which I’m not happy about but I plan on going back down. However, that said you can get the right size if you check out the sizing guide. Their chart is easy to find, a button next to the size selection brings it up!


  • Great construction
  • Attention getting color
  • dries fast


  • retro design some guys may not like
  • Colors maybe too bold for some guys


  • Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 8
  • Performance – 9
  • Overall 8.8

Teamm8 furnished this pair for review. You can find it on their site for $64 AUS

lanai-red-3 lanai-red-2


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