2015CB13LifeStyle10Cellblock 13 is one of the hottest brands in the fetish marketing right now. Just when I think they can’t out do themselves they do it. While in Vegas I got to see a lot of the new Timoteo that is coming out over the next few weeks. The Cellblock I always love because its just fun. You can express yourself at work or anywhere by wearing it.

The Alpha collection is like a redo of some of their best pairs. They took the designs of those pairs and added some high quality sports mesh. The mesh not only feels great but breathes will you all day, or in this case call night. Th colors of the collection are a black body with either blue or red accents. Each pair has these color combinations. The last feature to point out is the racing stripe on all the pouches. Each pouch has a white racing stripe down the center. It will call attention to the pair you are wearing, that is if someone see’s it!

You maybe asking where would you wear this? Places you could wear it to would be work under khakis or a suit. Out for running errands. A night out on the town. A night in with someone special. Or lets face it an night out on the town to meet someone you want to be special! Cellblock 13 is made for any of these situations and you will feel amazing.


“The New Alpha Brief is based from our BEST Selling “Mechanic Brief”. It is our super sexy low-rise brief.  This is not a super low and not your regular brief”


“The New Alpha Jock Brief is based on our BEST Selling “Prizefighter Jock Brief”. This style shows off all your assets. It has a comfortable mesh front pouch with added racing stripes design and a perfect frame for your ass.”


“The New Alpha Jock is based on our BEST Selling “Grappler Jock”.”

The three pairs retail for $24 for the brief and jock brief and $22 for the jock. If you can’t find it at a retailer near you, you can order it directly from the Cellblock 13 Website. Model in the pictures is Lukas Cipriani in the main and bottom picture.


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