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New York City based photographer Marco Ovando gave us the opportunity to chat with him about his attraction to photography, inspirations he pulls from, and Carmen Electra!

UNB Kyle:  I recognize several pictures from your portfolio.  Your images are quite popular on social media.  Tell me, what was your first photo shoot and how did you come to get it?

Marco:  I was 18yrs old at the time and went to the beach with a childhood friend and took some pics of her, without 80even knowing how to properly use a camera, but we got some amazing shots for her portfolio.

Kyle:  An innocent day at the beach with a friend bloomed into quite a career for you.  Such a humble beginning.  Did you know you always wanted to pursue photography?

Marco:  After the first shoot I did, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Kyle:  So it just clicked for you?  That’s great.  A true match of personality and skill that you probably felt naturally drawn to.  Which shoot do you consider your breakthrough in your career?

Marco:  I would definitely have to say that working with Carmen Electra was my breakthrough moment.  

Kyle:  She is a firecracker!  So vibrant and I can only imagine shooting with her was quite exciting and continued to make you fall in love with photography.  Was that your favorite shoot as well or do you have one that stands out?

Marco:  There are so many to even choose one, but working with Carmen Electra, she has been a big crush for me since I could remember.  

10153625_807862602585863_1733475434588792146_nKyle:  Shooting a lifelong crush must be on a whole different level than anything else you do.  No matter what happens, it will always hold a special place in your heart and head.  How have some challenging shoots been for you?

Marco:  They all have some kind of challenge, but that’s part of the fun too.  You don’t want everything to be easy.  

Kyle:  This is very true.  Challenging can make for quite an exciting rush on set.  Any embarrassing or funny photo shoot moments to share?

Marco:  When I just moved to the U.S, I asked a makeup artist to fix a minor detail on the foreSkin model.  I meant foreHEAD and the model’s mom almost killed me.  She was only 16yrs old.  It was the language problems.88

Kyle:  Haha! Oops!  Yes that was probably embarrassing but laughable now.  Are there any brands or models you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet?

Marco:  Definitely the one that pays the big bucks 🙂 but really I wanna do the Calvin Klein underwear campaigns.

Kyle:  Calvin Klein does seem to have some iconic campaigns.  Very well known in the industry.  When it comes to these shoots that you have been hired for, how do you prepare creatively and determine your environment for the shoot? Is it determined by you, the brand, or a collaboration?

Marco:  Usually I find that going thru all my art books and my Tumblr help with all my inspiration references. Make sure to check out TheMOStyle.tumblr.com

Kyle:  I love how artists draw all of these inspirations from each other and then combine them into a new personal vision.  What are some tips you give models in order to be comfortable in front of the camera whether as a new model or for more intimate/revealing shoots?

Marco:  To relax and have fun with it and not to be too conscious about the camera.  I try to create an atmosphere that keeps them at ease so the nerves won’t get to them.  

Kyle:  I am sure that is appreciated very much by the model.  I know you fell in love with photography on your first go around.  Do you have any tips for people wanting to get into photography?

Marco:  Follow your dream and don’t give up that easy!

Kyle:  That is good advice.  A lot of times people are ready to give up at the first negative kickback.  Tell us more about what you are like outside the Marco Ovando we know.  What are your interests away from the camera?

10428534_857687100936746_581038814279911654_nMarco:  I’m a huge architecture freak, especially Mid Century Style.  I love traveling and visiting new and exciting places.  It is also important to me to spend time with my friends.  

Kyle:  Photography probably takes you all over the world and I can imagine the different inspirations you can find out there while you are traveling.  Finally, what are some of the things that you feel set you apart from other photographers in the market?

Marco:  I think my portfolio showcases who I am as a photographer in this industry.  

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