I discovered Black Rose Photography on Instagram. I think he’s going to do some great things in photography. I wanted to interview him and share some of his work.

What got you interested in Photography?
I’ve always liked photography. When I was growing up and in high school it’s when social media started taking off (Myspace and early Facebook days) everyone around me had little point and shoot cameras and were taking pics with their friends. I didn’t really have friends so instead, I got a camera for myself one birthday and started taking pics of the objects around me which is where it really started. I really got into photography on a professional level in college though thanks to one of my professors and ever since then, I haven’t been able to put down a camera.

As an up and coming photographer who influences your work?
I have a lot of influences from local photographers in my area to the big time professionals. Mark Henderson, Freddy Krave, Mike Ruiz, David Laffe, Erika Wagner aka The Drag Photographer, Joel Deverux & Ethan James just to name a few when it comes to bigger names.

I discovered you on Instagram, you photograph all a diverse group of guys, why is diversity important to you in your models?
Its important because when you live in a society that more often than not celebrates only one kind of person or body people tend to get discouraged and look down on themselves physically and even who they are as a person. I will also fully admit that I can certainly do better in representing even more diversity in my portfolio, its a work in progress. Representation is more important than people may think.

Do you have any regular models you currently work with? If so who are they?
There are a few such as my friends Slim, Roman, Jason, Teo, Pheonix etc. There’s a good deal of them and I try to space them out as much as possible so no one gets too bored with anyone haha.

You do a lot of work with underwear. Are there. Any brands you like shooting your models in or specific styles?
One of my favorite brands is Marco Marco and I love shooting in jocks or briefs. I also love the Versace brand underwear and swimwear would love more in my collection (but they are very expensive haha)

Do you have a favorite shoot you have done recently?
I like many of my shoots for different reasons so I definitely can’t pick a current fave at this time. Although I really do enjoy doing the erotic dou shoots when I have a chance.

If you could work with any underwear brand and any model which would you like to work with?
Marco Marco is definitely the brand I would choose and as for model….wow there’s just too many. Although I do have a particular thing for adult film star Alam Wernick is high on the list.

What is your biggest photographic accomplishment and what are your long-term goals?
I am pretty proud of photographing some of the biggest names in drag from queens of RuPaul’s drag race and other well-known queens. I’ve also been published twice in the popular LGBTQ news source known as The Advocate. As far as goals I just want to continue to perfect my craft. I have so much work I want to accomplish and I definitely want to travel with my camera and expand my influence beyond Florida where I currently am.

Where can our readers find you and your work?
My official website is BlackRosePhotog.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/blackrosephotog.com
Instagram & Twitter: @BlackRosePhotog


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. Black Rose Photography is one of my favorites!! Morgan is a sweetheart and has an amazing eye.

  2. Great article on a great local photographer. I enjoy watching his diversity of drag, underwear, and various other types of photography. I think he has big prospects ahead. Definitely, one to watch.

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