26c6c2fc00ac4573ae033d1249d6469bWhen I first found out there was a whole world of undies for men outside of boxers and breifs for men. In an odd way I should thank my parents oddly enough for my love of sexy undies, you see as a child (middle school aged) we took many trips to Las Vegas. It was here that I saw hunderds upon hundreds of signs…like a double dipped ice cream cone. The one thing I noticed that struck me as odd. The men on these adverts, they were in undies I’d never seen before. Men! Massive men, Grown men who looked like they should be doing construction, cutting logs in the deepest darkest rain forest. Just standing there on massive bilbords in thongs, boy shorts. Made of silk, velvet, lace and more fabrics than I could shake my head at.

A few years later, something else had happend, a true realization…I am Bisexual. It had been ever so apperent in my art (very provocitive), That I liked both men and women. However I knew that I would never be big and hunky like those men on the adverts, so…I wanted to show some way that I could be just as sexy. As I moved from town to town and entered my High School years, I took theater. One day putting props away I found a lepord print thong! If I may borrow a quote from one of my heros “Oh my” to be that close and be able to feel them and see the design of such sexy undies. However the fabric was all wrong.

Later that summer I got a job and a prepay amazon card, When I had the house to myself…sitting there in front of the computer picking out ever so carefully what style of undies, the fabric, the prices, and everything else down to the colour. I picked a pair of Lace boy shorts (mind you these are similar to what I bought but not exact http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V2957P6/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=245K6WC15OEZU&coliid=I3A1YQYEUJE8ZJ).

The weeks following were to say the least, Heavy with antisipation. Then it happend, Oh that glorious day came…my lace undies came in. I don’t think I have ever put on undies so quick yet so slowly. As those lace undies slid up my legs and on, I had to savour the moment. Being as shy and nervous as I was when I was a that young, Only wearing them around the house, maybe a day or two every week or so. I finally got some courage and wore them to school once and I’ve never been more scared or felt so confident and sexy at the same time. People noticed my boost in confidence, I began talking to everyone more. These magical lace undies had boosted my confidence so much I got out of my shell and was comfortable in my own skin, so much so that I began to talk more openly to everyone.

There are many things I could tell you about various undies, in good time I shall. However I want to talk about my love for one of the best fabrics…Lace!

My main reasons are few but very good:
1. Lace is truly breathable.
2. Thin, I never (personally) liked the fact that boxers bunch up or breifs hold everything to tightly.
3. Great for feeling sexy.
4. Not to intimidating for beginers.

Now if you were like me, wanting to take that first true step into a life outside of boxers, breifs, or boxer breifes. I would highly recommend a pair of Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Lace or Lacie BoyShort by MaleBasics, or if you’re feeling extra brave and sexy (I know these aren’t lace but hey isn’t variaty the spice of life?)

Ultra Suede Harness by www.n2nbodywear.com(depending on how big you are, might I suggest getting a pair that has an extended “front pouch”). It may be intimidating at first when you try them on, however if you give them a  good walk around in the house to get used to the feeling. Once you get over that “new undie” feeling and take them out on the town I can personally give you my word you will not just feel sexy but exceptionally more confident.

By Th3doctor

Having been a vagabond for nearly 30 years and known as a jack of all trades Th3doctor has showcased art work in various shows from L.A., Denver, San Diego, Bosie, and many more locations. Having a deep passion for the visual arts Th3doctor has put up art for sale (as well as some attempts at writting) on Redbubble.com.
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