I’m sure you’ve all heard of the old adage: “it’s too good to be true”. It’s been applied to a myriad situations and circumstances, but usually refers to some kind of assessment of a potentially spectacular payoff for a very minimal price. This was what I was faced with when I ordered the David Archy Men’s 4 pack Micromodal Air Sexy bikini briefs from Amazon.com

So the choice presented to me was as follows: the bikini briefs are described as manufactured of “90% Austria Lenzing MicroModal Air/10% Japanese ROICA spandex”. I have no idea what those fabrics are, nor had I ever heard of the brand. Stating that a garment is made out of European and Japanese fabrics was enough to pique my interest. According to Amazon, I get four pairs for the rather low price of $19.99. So this is where the quandary originated: an unknown company offering what seemed like top notch garments in nice fabrics at a low price. Everyone say it with me, “sounds too good to be true.”


As I mentioned, these bikinis were ordered from Amazon the same time that I ordered some other garments. Including my previously reviewed pair of CR7 briefs. I know that there are a lot of foreign sellers on Amazon, and the site serves as sort of a middleman for goods coming from all around the world. I’m typically skeptical if I think that I have to process a transaction with a company that comes from a country where there is a lack of transparency or if that country is known for fraudulent activity. But because I conducted the transaction through Amazon, I did feel confident enough to process the transaction knowing that I had some recourse available to me through the company.

The bikini briefs were one of the first things that were delivered to me, out of all the orders that I made that day, which impressed the heck out of me. It beat other American based resellers. I should also mention that it was also available in other solid colors like light blue, royal blue,

It was packaged in a nice, plain box (1) that had just enough graphics to suggest that someone spent a hot second on graphic design. This kind of thoughtfulness, from beginning to end, connects me to a brand in a way that makes me think I am getting value for my dollar and that the brand isn’t some kind of fly by night or counterfeiting operation.

Upon unboxing I immediately noticed the silky feel of the garment. I couldn’t verify if what I was feeling was Austrian micromodal, but it did feel very soft and light weight. It essentially was a plain red bikini with little touches that differentiated it from, say, an old school Jockey Elance brief.

There’s a little bit of contrast stitching (2) near the waist of the garment and a suggestion (3) of an anatomical pouch that seemed more appropriate for the modestly endowed gentleman. While skimpy in the front, with 1.25” sides (4), the back had pretty full coverage for those of you with concerns of the back creeping into a less then desirable place.

I actually put it through double the amount of wear I would usually put a pair of undies through. I wore it all day to work and then on a run. For the former activity, there were no problems whatsoever. The bikini actually seemed to disappear. The latter, however, was somewhat more problematic. The anatomical pouch of the bikini made everything want to move front and center, and created a noticeable bulge in my running shorts. I was just “eh” about it, but for those of you concerned with that kind of thing, you have now been warned.

All in all, I strongly recommend the David Archy bikini. It is a solidly constructed garment, in some nice colors, that stood up well to both every day wear and athletic use. And at $5 a pop, it might just be too good to be true.


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  1. All of it goes in there. It gives a great cupping feeling. The hole that all of your junk goes through is kind’a like a old time, but fabric cock-ring. It really lifts and shows more than you ever knew you had. Even in cordorroy, a perfect outprint of my captain with his cap on for the world to see. And boy does the world notice. Actually, it feels so natural. I don’t care who looks. Besides, with every step you get a sensation. The air is another great feeling. Because your members are separated from your body (not mashed up) they are free to move (as a pouch) naturally. Essentially its a modern day cod pice breifs, they’re awesome!!

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