It’s Fetish Friday! That day we profile something super fun and not your everyday wear! It could be something to wear for a “romantic” night or to a Bar night. These pairs would be for the former unless you are an exhibitionist. The pairs we choose are the Candyman S&M Costumes.

These 3 styles you could have your very on 50 Shades of Grey in the bedroom. As you would expect all three are black but a variation of fun! The first is one for those who love a thong. The 99157 S&M Costume is a mix of a thong and harness with a blindfold and cuffs. Both the cuffs and blindfold are made out of a leather looking material. The thong has almost a harness like look, it crosses in the front and goes over the shoulders. It’s for those who aren’t shy and want to have fun wearing it!

The next style the 99159 is a pair of mesh boxer briefs and a blind fold. You may think you will show off less in this but you would be wrong! The boxer briefs are mesh, except the pouch, and has a lace up back. The blindfold is made out of the same leather like material with some accents around the edge! It’s super fun and sexy!

The last style is the 99161 which is the same as the 99159 except it has the cuffs instead of the blindfold. Granted the cuffs are not super tight but all these are for fun. If you want both the cuffs and blinforld get the 9915.

If you want the real S&M experience you need to get something a bit more fetishy. But for something fun to spice up the bedroom these could just do the trick. Thsee aren’t too over the top or too intense if you want to dip your toe in on the fetish side with your partner. One of the biggest trends in fetish wear is S&M style. More and more brands are having fun with this style of of underwear.

They are super fun and sexy! You can find these at Candyman Fashion

NOTE: UNB Tim does consulting work for GDD World and Candyman Fashion.



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