2wink is known for making fun underwear and swimwear! The last piece we covered was the Graffiti Freedom Jock. Now they have come out with the Cockatoo Bikini. Which is an almost string bikini in black. It’s sexy and fun. 2wink says “The black Cockatoo is an Australian native bird known for it’s good looks. These super soft, super smooth bikini briefs will show off your hot buns and cup your pouch. Feeling seductive, then these are perfect ! ”

The pair is made out of a cotton/spandex blend. Which means it will conform to your body and give you that support you need while showing off the “hot buns.” The back is almost a full back. It’s not too small for those who like fuller coverage in the back. Made with a black 2wink waistband to match the main color. It makes it very classic and clean.

The only color available is black. So if you’re looking for more you will be out of luck. This pair looks amazing in black. It is as I have mentioned above a very classic and sleek look in the pair. I think this is the most conservative pair I have seen from 2wink! It’s not all classic, the cut makes it definitely sexy. The Cockatoo retails for $19.95 AUD at the 2wink website.

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