2wink is an Australian brand we haven’t covered in a while. They are a super fun company and always put out gear that will show off or make you feel super sexy. The newest is the Aerojock.

Here is what 2wink says about the pair:

A HOT brief designed with a front and rear opening for when quick an easy access is necessary. These sexy briefs are all about convenience or to spice things up. Made from silky soft bamboo / cotton mix giving the ultimate in comfort

The new jock has two cut outs, one in the front and one in the back. The pair is available in red or black. Each won shares the same black branded waistband. This is a perfect pair for the jock brief guy.

Pick this pair up at the 2wink site.

PAIR: 2wink Aerojock
COLOR: Red or black
FABRIC: bamboo / cotton mix
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $22.95

Popular Aussie underwear brand 2wink Australia are spicing up their underwear range by adding a new design of briefs to its collection, entitled “BULGE”. The new range sparkle with the help of a metallic waistband with brand name 2wink embroidered in black.

Let’s face it, us guys like to think we have a decent looking bulge when wearing our underwear. The sex appeal in these new briefs is in the design which focuses around the front pouch. It protrudes everything within its grip maximizing the look whilst the cotton/spandex fabric provide the super comfy feel.

2wink added some dazzle by including a metallic waistband that sparkles when captured by light. Adding a sexy look is the small amount of material on the sides, leaving room to expose the thighs.

The Bulge title is well suited to the style of briefs, sex appeal is captured in every angle and certainly designed to attract attention. “We wanted a design for guys to look sexy and for them to show off their body,” says 2wink Australia co-owner Damian Greco.

Each brief retails for around $14.95 AUD (free worldwide shipping included), and are available exclusively online at

If the brand name 2wink or the sizzling hot jockbrief with front and rear cutouts didn’t give you a clue to what they’re really selling, the name Fuckjock surely has to grab your attention. The Aussie brand is not shy whatsoever about putting sexuality front and center in everything they do. Their newest release makes that well known from start to finish.

Available in sultry combos of red with black trim and waistband, as well as black with red trim, this jockbrief is all about ‘access’. The front features a keyhole cutout just below the waist, convenient for any quick access you need. The rear highlights an opening clearly designed and marketed for fun. You can do pretty much anything in these sexy undies, and that’s not an exaggeration. Or a bad thing.

Yes, the rear is a jockbrief similiar to what you’ve seen before. But 2wink makes no attempt to hide the fact that these briefs are built for the times when you want to have sexy undies be a part of the action. And with the cutouts front and rear, plus the in your face name, this is explicitly being marketed as a special pair of undies. To make these even better, they’re made out of a soft, stretchy bamboo/cotton blend that stretches and cradles you perfectly. You’ll look amazing from all angles in this pair!

2wink may not be a mainstream brand here in the US, but with free worldwide shipping(!!), these are too hot to miss. Get them now and watch the reaction when someone special gets ‘access’ to the hottest brief this season.

BRAND: 2wink Underwear
PAIR: Fuck Jock
COLORS: Black or Red
FABRIC: silky soft bamboo / cotton mix
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $19.95 AUD
LINK: 2wink Underwear Fuck Jock


2wink is known for making fun underwear and swimwear! The last piece we covered was the Graffiti Freedom Jock. Now they have come out with the Cockatoo Bikini. Which is an almost string bikini in black. It’s sexy and fun. 2wink says “The black Cockatoo is an Australian native bird known for it’s good looks. These super soft, super smooth bikini briefs will show off your hot buns and cup your pouch. Feeling seductive, then these are perfect ! ”

The pair is made out of a cotton/spandex blend. Which means it will conform to your body and give you that support you need while showing off the “hot buns.” The back is almost a full back. It’s not too small for those who like fuller coverage in the back. Made with a black 2wink waistband to match the main color. It makes it very classic and clean.

The only color available is black. So if you’re looking for more you will be out of luck. This pair looks amazing in black. It is as I have mentioned above a very classic and sleek look in the pair. I think this is the most conservative pair I have seen from 2wink! It’s not all classic, the cut makes it definitely sexy. The Cockatoo retails for $19.95 AUD at the 2wink website.

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2wink pitcrew main2wink has created some super fun swimwear and underwear over the last year!  When I was in Vegas last week they sent me an email about the Pit Crew line. This line definitely fits in with the rest of the underwear they have in their collection. They have their own style and creativity that shows in everything they do.

The Pit Crew briefs have a distinct pattern made for the Pit Crew line. It’s a black background with a white and blue print on the fabric. It’s different and pretty cool to me. Patterns and prints is one of the hottest trends in men’s underwear. 2wink is doing their thing that really shines through.

The material of the Pit Crew line is one of my favorites. They have chosen a modal material that will feel amazing on your skin! That paired with the 2wink black waistband and black leg trim make it an amazing pair.

The Pit Crew line is just in the black print and is available for $21.95 AUD from the 2wink site.



Are you a fan of Jockbriefs? If you are 2wink has released the new Graffiti Xtremen Freedom Jock. They have been on a big graffiti print this last year and the last time we posted about them was the Graffiti Xtremen swim brief. There is a trend right now in men’s underwear to have matching underwear and swimwear. We aren’t talking about a literally making the pairs look a like but have the similar patterns and designs.

2wink enters this trend as well. I like this trend. There is something about wearing a favorite pair of swimwear that you can then wear under your clothes after ad ay at the beach. The Graffiti print is one that has garnered 2wink a lot of attention so it’s only natural that they would bring this to underwear.

This pair is not like the swim brief. The pouch has the graffiti print and the sides and back are white. The pair is trimmed in black and topped with a the 2wink Australia waistband that is black with red writing. It’s not a pair that you would probably wear to the gym (well some of you would) but would make a great night out pair.

You can get this pair at the 2wink website for $28.55 AUS.


2WINK GRAFFITI XTRE#11901D6It’s Australian day here at UNB! We have covered 2wink a few times on the blog. One of the more memorable pairs was the H2O swim brief last year that has a white panel in the front that is see through when wet! Its not for the shy guy! Now they have released the new Graffiti Xtreme Swim Brief.

This year there is a big trend in patterns in swimwear. There have been some wild prints and some really fun ones. Graffiti is especially big. The best thing about this trend to me, is that it can be so different between the brands. Some trends can have pairs look a like. I’m sure we have all seen them.

2wink has made the Graffiti Xtreme out of Italian nylon and has a really fun print. The print has skulls and bright colors mixed in. It would be a great pair for our Swim Brief Challenge. Also it would be a great conversation starter on the beach/pool. 2wink is one of those brands you don’t see a lot up here in the States so it would set you apart from you friends. So if you want something very few people would have, this pair is it!

It is available from the the 2wink site for $49.95 USD. So see it and some of the other great swim they have created including the H2O

998569_559739000749507_1802481688_nTalk about a fun pair of underwear.  2wink is one of the newest brands to come from Down Under.  Bright colors and body hugging styles are the hallmark of their collection.  As soon as I took them out of the package I was excited to try them on.  The fabric felt amazing in my fingers, so I knew I would love wearing them.

I wore them to work one day under my suit.  Just a typical day of sitting at my desk with the occasional stroll around the office to stretch my legs. The pouch has an opening to put everything through, and it definitely makes a statement.  I couldn’t help but wonder if I was giving amore prominent bulge than usual. I love a good pair of underwear that keeps everything pushed slightly forward.  So much more comfortable to me.  The rear straps did a superb job of keeping my rear lifted and needed very little adjustment throughout the day.

The styling on this brief is wonderful.  The waistband has the 2wink logo in red on black, so it’s eye catching without being too in your face.  The black piping on the legs and framing the pouch give you nice clean lines.  And the graffiti pouch.  What a creative look.  Anyone who sees it is going to want a closer look.  I got them in a size medium; they fit me perfectly (I have a 31” waist).

I would definitely recommend this pair of underwear to anyone who wants to spice up their collection.


  • great support, front and back
  • eye-catching pattern
  • cotton/spandex blend feels great on the skin


  • would love to see them in more graffiti patterns


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance  – 10
  • Overall: 10

This pair was furnished for review by 2wink Australia. Find these and more on their site.



2Wink has always created really fun underwear. This factor has also been carried over into their swimwear. This month they have released the H20 Range. A low rise bikini that is available in two colors, black and red, with a white pouch. 999101_535754836481257_1847845082_n

Some things you need to know about this suit: First is the pouch. The pouch when wet will be extremely see through. So wear it at your own risk. The 2Wink website says the transparency level of the H2O on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 9. If your friends aren’t prepared, you may shock them by leaving nothing to the imagination.

  • H2O does have a thin lining
  • Made out of a Italian nylon
  • Available in Ferrari Red and Lamborghini Black
  • Low Rise Bikini Design
  • Australian Made

Find these on the 2Wink website for around $45.50 for either color.


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2wink Australia SEXYBOY TRUNKS

Popular Aussie underwear brand 2wink Australia are spicing up their underwear range by adding two new designs of low rider trunks to its collection, entitled “Sexyboy”. The new ranges sparkle with the help of a metallic waistband with brand name 2wink embroided in black.

Red looks sexy in anyone’s eyes and the new ranges come in an Aussie desert red and popular boys color blue called Aussie reef blue. The sex appeal is in the low rider cut with the front pouch cupping and lifting your manhood whilst the cotton / spandex fabric snug your behind giving a firm grip. 2wink added some dazzle by including a metallic waistband that sparkles when captured by light. Adding a masculine look is the exposed external black cross-stitching and black binding around the leg holes with a sporty “v join” on the side.

The Sexyboy title is well suited to the low rider trunks, sex appeal is captured in every angle and certainly designed to attract attention. “We wanted a design for guys to look sexy and for them to show off their body.” says 2wink Australia co-owner Carl McNeill.

The 100% Aussie-made Sexyboy low rider trunks are made from a cotton / spandex mix. Each trunk retails for around $24.95 AUD (free worldwide shipping), and are available exclusively online at

Iconic Aussie underwear brand 2wink Australia are heating things up in the southern hemisphere by adding two new ranges of swimwear briefs to its summer collection, entitled “40 Degrees & 38 Degrees”.  That’s 104 & 100 Fahrenheit for those in the USA & others.    Once again the new ranges highlight a removable “Bulge Booster” pouch substituting for those cold water moments.

The “38 Degrees” range has two front square coloured panels one of cool blue and the other of white with opposite coloured leg trims.  To bring to light the rear, matching cool blue snugs the behind.  Heating things up to “40 Degrees” 2wink replaced the cool blue panel with a sizzling hot peach.  Both designs have a draw-string neatly hidden inside and centred to the waistband.  Each pair includes the “Bulge Booster” foam mould that can be inserted into or removed from the inside pocket in the front pouch. Branding the design and nicely positioned to the front is the Company’s rubber logo.

The ranges were shot at popular Australian beach, Cottesloe in Western Australia, Headquarters of 2wink on a warm Aussie summer’s day.   “We were in the middle of the shoot when the crew of the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club came to investigate a growing crowd.  Before the crew knew it, we had them posing next to the models with much excitement” says 2wink Australian co-owner Carl McNeill.  “The girls and the guys from the Surf Life Saving Club enjoyed having their photo taking with the models and it added a buzz to an already hot summers day”

The 100% Aussie-made 40 Degrees & 38 Degrees swimsuits are made from the finest imported Italian Nylon.  The physique-showcasing swim briefs are fully lined to the front.  Each swimsuit retails for around $54.95 AUD (free worldwide shipping), and are available exclusively online at

Adding a little spunk to its boudoir, 2wink Australia has introduced its “Freedom Jock” jockstrap that is 50% jock and 50% brief!

The “Freedom Jock” design is modeled off of the brand’s 80’s-themed briefs, which were launched earlier this year, and which are now modified to include an inside “cock pocket” that lifts and pushes out, giving a larger look to one’s manhood. 2wink Australia is the first and only Australian manufacturer producing such a garment!

The 80’s inspiration was derived from bold pinks and blues matted against black that help the colors pop; which themes were common in advertising and clothing during the second-to-last decade of the last century. The Freedom Jock will have an exposed rear, and is made from 92% luxury soft cotton and 8% spandex. It retails for around $26 USD, and is available at Free worldwide shipping!

Iconic Aussie underwear brand 2wink Australia has added two sexy new ranges of swimwear briefs to its collection, entitled “Bondi & Surfers.” The new ranges highlight a removable “Bulge Booster” pouch that makes up for those embarrassing cold water moments.

The “Bondi 2026” range is an exclusively black pair of swim briefs, which name represents the postal code for Bondi Beach in New South Wales, Australia, and the exclusively blue pair is called “Surfers 4217,” which is named for the postal code of Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia. Each pair includes the “Bulge Booster” foam mould that can be inserted into or removed from an inside pocket in the front pouch.

The ranges, modeled by Ryan Burke and shot by photographer Russell Fleming, highlight the 2wink Australia logo with an exclusive Southern Cross emblem that represents Dante’s four moral virtues associated with the four main stars, including Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude.

“The brand represents a subtle, iconic nature about the man who is donning them,” says 2wink Australia co-owner Carl McNeill. “He’s confident, though simultaneously conscious of himself as he either removes or inserts the removable foam mould in the front pouch.”

The 100% Aussie-made Bondi & Surfers swimsuits are made from imported Italian Nylon. The physique-showcasing swimsuit briefs are fully lined on the inside and include a drawstring and pipe-styled nickel toggles. Each swimsuit retails for around $79 USD (free worldwide shipping), and are available online at

Adding to the success of its AUS12 swimwear range, 2wink Australia has introduced a limited edition color, AQUA.

The military-themed swimwear of the Australian air, sea and ground forces, depicted as “AUS” for Australia and the current year as “12,” currently comes in light blue, orange and red. AQUA was introduced, in limited quantity, to represent the elite special forces.

“We’ve had a great response to the AUS12 swimwear range,” says 2wink Australia co-owner Carl McNeill. “Sales have been strong and several sizes even sold out! So this month we’ve released a new color, AQUA, which will be a limited release as we prepare to design the AUS13 range appropriately set for sale early next year.”

AUS12 swimsuits are made from imported Italian fabric, which is 80% nylon and 20% lycra, but 100% Aussie-made. The masculine square-cut swimsuits are fully lined on the inside and include a tie cord and elastic waist. The range is now available in four different colors, including light blue, orange and red, with a limited release in aqua. Each swimsuit retails for around $40 USD (free worldwide shipping), and are available online at

With the recent release of its newest ‘Platinum’ range of low-rider briefs, 2wink Australia is planning to maintain its hold on the U.S. men’s underwear market. Made with the luxury modal fabric, 2wink Australia is giving guys a new option in comfort and fit. These new low-rider briefs accentuate and add a little extra contouring to guys of any size. Modal is a semi-synthetic fiber that absorbs 50% more water than cotton, and which, unlike cotton, is resistant to fading and shrinking.
“I’ve always believed that all men should feel sexy in their underwear,” says 2wink Australia co-owner Carl McNeill. “With the Platinum range, we’ve created a pair of low-rider briefs that comes in three different colors and that provides you with comfort, fit and style! They make you feel sexy while making you look even sexier!”
The 100% Aussie-made Platinum range is available exclusively in low-rider briefs that come in black, red or white and feature a smooth-touch waistband. This silky soft modal  fabric will show off your package and fit your rear like a second skin. Platinum low-rider briefs retail for under $30 USD (with free worldwide shipping), and are available

Today’s Brief Distraction is from 2Wink. This is the new Platinum line. it features wither a pouch in Red (as pictured), black and white. “Using the finest modal fabric we’ve created the ultimate, stylish, Aussie made briefs around.  These low rider, silky soft briefs will show off your package and snug your rear like a second skin.” Check them out at 2Wink


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