UnknownWhat is better than an accent color, a good pop of difference to run the trim? The OUTLINE, as AussieBum’s new briefs are called, have just that. And let’s face it that is frickin cute. They keep the classic features that one would expect from AussieBum “Soft, sleek and body contouring.” Is not only what you can expect from these pairs but a well contoured bulge as well, having the outline piping dip around the bulge for more emphasis.

Unlike many pairs from this and other brands the Outline brief has a thin waistband. This has the effect of not pulling the eye in an obvious way but helping to accentuate the briefs as a whole, matching the width of the piping around the legs. My personal favorites are the red outline around the Royal Blue and the olive like green around the black. Although, fans of classic white briefs will salivate over the emerald lined white pair.

The briefs are 87% Micro Modal, 13% Elastane, will bring that gentle fabric feel to your days spent in these. As they are saying, this pair will be ideal to wear under “form fitting jeans and pants”. And the best part, they are selling for $14.56!


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