IMG_4334qI’ve had the pleasure of getting my feet wet here at UNB by reviewing the Marcuse United Brief in blue. I was excited to try these because I don’t own any Marcuse and thought the style and colors of their line would be right up my alley. The United comes in 8 different colors individually ($13.13 USD) or you can buy a box set of all 8 together. ($74.13 USD)

I chose a relatively lazy but hot Los Angeles Sunday to try these out to be on the safe side. After cleaning the house a bit, lounging in front of the TV and walking a few blocks to go eat dinner, I have to say they held up well. They were even my PJs for the night. They stayed in place, were comfortable and I feel would be a good choice for everyday underwear. They would not be my first pick for a really active day or the gym. I think the pouch was a bit too snug and I prefer a IMG_9263spandex/microfiber fabric that dries easily for really sweaty days.

I am a 31-32 waist so I go between small and medium depending on the brand. This pair was a medium (which says it fits 32-34) and I’m glad that’s what I received! Based on their size chart, a small would be my usual choice but they wouldn’t have fit. I definitely recommend going up a size – especially if you need more room in certain areas…

I loved the styling and royal blue color with the white contrast trim around the legs and down the sides of the front panel. The Marcuse waistband with a red stripe and their logo written in rubberized lettering (air dry – no dryer). There is a fun, little button on the fly which is functional if you aren’t a “pull ‘em down” type in the bathroom. The material is nice and soft (95% cotton) with a good amount of stretch (5% elastane). The only area I would have liked to see a difference in would be the pouch, or lack thereof. The briefs fit well but don’t leave much room up front so everything was a bit squished. I’m not a fan of “show it” pouches but definitely appreciate a little extra space for my package. The back is cut smaller than classic briefs, which I love because I’m not too well endowed in the back. For guys with a real bubble butt, this would probably just barely cover everything, which isn’t always a negative. 🙂


Wearing the United brief has definitely piqued my interest in Marcuse as a brand and I will absolutely try more in the future. Overall, a great first experience as an underwear reviewer (my dream job)!


  • Styling – classic brief with a modern twist
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Reasonably priced for designer underwear


  • Fits a bit small
  • Pouch could be more accommodating


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall – 8.8

Marcuse furnished this pair for review. Find the United Brief on their site.


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