I wasn’t going to dedicate the entire day to the 7th Anniversary. After writing the anniversary post It got me thinking of the last seven years and how we have started to do our own photography When we first started we had more real guys and want to continue that trend of seeing the average guy in underwear. However, as we have stepped up each year we improve in both photography and models.

We have gotten heat over the years for using “non models” but we need to see real guys in underwear/swimwer. One of the ones that sticks out is in 2012 we got the post “These guys are fat.” Which struck me as odd because the largest guy was a 32 inch waist. They weren’t full of muscles and  abs but they were good guys. We have heard from many of you that you appreciate what we do!

Now on to the pics before I get on my soap box. These are pictures over the years that I LOVE that we have done.


Shoot: UNB Swimwear 2011
Model: Ben
Brand: N2N Bodywear
Photographer: Seven Continents Photography
Description; This was the shoot that almost didn’t happen. It was one disaster after another. It was done the day of the rapture (But we survived). This was the first time Ben wore a swim brief in public. A few boaters too notice but not too many. This picture is one I want framed and on the wall one day. It proves even when things go wrong, you can make amazing things.

Pool Shoot 013 - Copy

Shoot: Swimwear 2012
Model: Cody
Brand: Clever Moda
Photographer: Seven Continents Photography
Description: This was our first really big shoot. I was brand new to doing shoots. We had three models and traveled over an hour south of Atlanta to use a friends lake house. On the way there it rained and I thought it would turn our horrible. Well the day turned out great. However, the pictures for Clever didn’t. We had to reshoot them the following week. This ended up being one of my favorites due to the post and the suit.

IMG_0134 (2)

Shoot: Holiday Guide 2012
Model: Adam
Brand: Clever Moda
Photographer: Seven Continents Photography
Description: We shot this on the 60 something floor of the Westin Peachtree Plaza in downtown Atlanta. We had some great models and the first time we worked with Matt from Designer Drawers. It was a LONG shoot. The longest we have ever done. This was done early right when the sun hit just right. This pic I have used a few times over the years. Just a great angle and model!


Shoot: Alabama Brewery – Dec 2012
Model: David
Brand: N2N Bodywear
Photographer: Seven Continents Photography
Description: This was the first shoot we did outside of a guide. We drove over to Birmingham on a Saturday morning. Might I add I had dental surgery the day before and was totally out of it. We had a bunch of N2N to shoot and David was our model. In the last minute we got Josh (who hopefully will be back on the site soon). This is a pic I love and is still out YouTube picture. David’s great smile and the focus is what I love. Its the perfect angle for this picture!


Shoot: UNB Valentine’s Guide
Model: David
Brand: Gregg Homme
Photographer: Seven Continents Photography
Description: When it came to our early shoots we had Murphy’s law in full effect. One model fell out and we were left with David. We shot in an amazing house in the Mountains just south of Birmingham. Some of the pics didn’t turn out great but this one turned out amazing. David looks like the butler you wish you had for Valentine’s Day! It also taught us doing a Valentine’s shoot is very difficult. Hence, why we haven’t done one since!

_MG_0091 edit

Shoot: UNB Swimwear Guide 2013
Models: Kyle and Blake
Brand: Cocksox
Photographer: Seven Continents Photography
Description: This was a really fun shoot. Probably one of the most laid back we ever shoot. It was followed by everyone in the pool after fora few hours. I love this pic because it looks like two buds hanging out at a day at the pool. Granted the neon colors may not be one you think of but it was super fun! It was shot north of Atlanta at the former Black Jack Mountain Inn.

UNB Underwear Derek Yates-9

Shoot: Derek Yates – Julyl 2013
Model: Derek Yates
Brand: Go Softwear
Photographer: Ignacio Rivera Jr.
Description: This was our very first time working with Derek. We shot in in some Go Softwear and Baskit. He drove down from Chattanooga to do this on a week day We shot this at the same place at the Swim shoot. Derek knows how to model and looks amazing in undies. I love this shot on the steps most of all. To me it was one of the most artistic of the day!

UNB Und Josh-38

Shoot: Josh in Birmingham – July 2013
Model: Josh
Brand: Clever Moda
Photographer: Ignacio Rivera Jr.
Description: I think Josh has some amazing potential when it comes to modeling. We decided to grab a few things from the UNB closet and head over to Bham to shoot him. The day ranged from a Bentley on a Parking garage, in a gym (this pic) and foot ball gear. This picture shows how incredible he is on camera. He’s not shy about what he wears.

UNB Josh 9.22-12

Shoot: Josh in Atlanta – Aug 2013
Model: Josh
Brand: Xtremen Underwear
Photographer: Ignacio Rivera Jr.
Description: We received some underwear from Xtremen to shoot. We invited Josh over to Atlanta to shoot at a friends condo in Midtown. It was the 26th floor. Ignacio did a mix of old school with the holding of the film, while shooting on digital. The camera loves Josh and it was one of our shortest but I love it because it shows off Josh and the underwear perfectly.


UNB Holiday-4

Shoot: UNB Holiday Guide 2013
Models: Matt, Martin & Scott
Brand: Mundo Unico
Photographer: Ignacio Rivera Jr.
Description: This is our only shoot for holiday that we did that featured a holiday theme. It was done is a historic house in Birmingham that was decked out for the holidays. Remember when I said we had Murphy’s Law in effect. This was the was the perfect example of that. We had four models lined up. Three of them dropped out the morning of the shoot. Matt jumped in to help and Martin got his trainer Scott to come model. It turned out to be amazing. This was on top of me getting laid off the day before. The guys were amazing and such troopers that day! This day made me love Matt even more!

UNB Swim14-32

Shoot: UNB Swimwear Guide 2014
Model: Derek Yates
Brand: 2EROS
Photographer: Ignacio Rivera Jr.
Description: We shot this at Martin’s house (the one in the holiday picture above). It was a nice calm day and no big surprise. It was also the first time no models fell out! This is one of my favorite pictures from the shoot featuring Derek in the 2EROS. Its amazing what Ignacio did! There were several I wanted to profile but this one stood out! Derek is so easy to work with and does amazing pictures.


Shoot: UNB Holiday Guide 2014
Models: Derek & Nathan
Brand: Clever Moda
Photographer: Ignacio Rivera Jr.
Description: We are back to the same location as the 2013 Holiday guide. However this year it’s not decked out in Holiday! This is the first time we worked with Nathan as well. The shoot produced this picture. I swear the camera loves both of them. Pair them together and its magic. They looked amazing on the shoot. It was our coincidence that the boys wore Red and Green. Both guys know how to stand and it shows in the picture. Each is a professional and we love working with them.


Shoot: Long Johns – Dec 2014
Models: Chandler & Nathan
Brand: McKillop
Photographer: Taylor Campbell
Description: This was a COLD shoot. It was done on Matt’s deck and fire pit. We did something totally different with photography and did more abstract pictures. Taylor played with light and exposure and did some amazing pictures. This one features both guys in the light of the fire. Both guys look amazing in the long johns. It was so much fun for us. Ask Chandler and Nathan and they may say otherwise.


Shoot: Fetish Shoot  – Feb 2015
Model: Nathan
Brand: N2N Bodywear
Photographer: Taylor Campbell
Description: Believe it or not this was shot right after the Holiday shoot for 2014. We didn’t release it till Valentine’s Day. It was also the most erotic shoot we have done. It skewed gay an had black underwear and leather. It turned out so amazing. We received a lot of feed back on this shoot, all positive. This picture of Nathan and his look on his face is amazing. Taylor captured the super sexy side of Nathan (not like that’s hard to do) and rocked this one out!


Shoot: UNB Holiday Guide 2015
Models: Bobby, Chandler and Michael
Brand: Modus Vivendi
Photographer: Taylor Campbell
Description: I like to think our shoots are a lot of fun. This picture I think shows just that, the guys are having a great time out on the lake with this picture. Chandler always has a crazy look on his face that makes me smile. It was the first time we worked with Bobby and he did such an amazing job for us. The other model Michael is just as fun to work with and does amazing pictures. All guys had a great time and just the energy an fun of the picture is what I love.


Shoot: BodyAware September 2015
Models: Antonio & Pleep
Brand: BodyAware
Photographer: RSH Photography
Description: This was the first shoot for UNB that I was not present while it was being shoot. Ross from RSH Photography shot our guys Antonio and Pleep in the BodyAware I sent them to review. They are two amazing guys and Ross captured them very well. Plus I love the briefs they are wearing!

I want to thank Brian from Seven Continents Photography, Ignacio Rivera Jr, Taylor Campbell and Ross from RSH Photography for doing amazing pictures for us over the years. I also want to thank Ben, Josh, David, Cody, Christian, Juan, Kyle, Adam, Matt, Blake, Chandler, Michael, Bobby, Derek, Martin, Scott, Antonio, Pleep and any other model I forgot for working with us over the years.

We have a lot more planned and working on the Holiday shoot now! I hope you enjoy a look back at the amazing photography we did over the years.



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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