Finding new fetish brands for you guys is one thing I really love! One of the new brands I just love is Maskulo. You may have seen them at Jockstrap Central. We have promoted them a few times. I wanted to give you guys a more in depth view of this company. Which totally fits our Fetish Friday brand! This is not gear you wear to the grocery store, but for a fun night.

The first thing that stuck me about the company is they are based out of Russia. I wasn’t expecting it, rather I was thinking they were out of Germany. I say this because of all the political issues surrounding being gay in Russia. This brand definitely is after the gay market but anyone wanting to have fun is definitely welcome!

One thing you may notice about the pairs is, they are inspired by Football (American that is). Most of the pairs have a padded section that will remind you of football pants or shoulder pads. My personal opinion is I Love this look. I have always had a thing for this kind of gear. I can’t just break out the UNB budget on the gear. The Jocks are at the low end at $38.52 (with exchange rates on 35.40 Euros).

What gear do they have?

Men’s Codpiece JockStrap G-string Thong Underwear – If I had to pick a favorite piece in the collection it would be the jock. I love the football inspired look of the entire collection and the gear geek in me would love to put it all on. The jock to me is HOT. It has a foam rubber cod piece. That detaches from the jock for easy access. Another piece of the jock I like is the waistband. Unlike a lot of leather looking fetish jock, its has a more traditional waistband. But much like a leather jock this is made for fun!

Men’s Leggings. Codpiece, leather-look pads. Gay fetish gear. Electric Blue – Not everything is backless in the collection. The leggings are more like runners with a cod piece. “the leather look rubber-foam pads will make your thighs and calves look very impressive. You can enjoy them by your own or invite several more lycra or muscle fans.”

Men’s Fetish Spandex Shorts. American football style. Codpiece, Thigh pads. White, Black – You can see the football inspiration in the pants. On the thighs are two padded panels that definitely mimic the football pads. The white also bring out more of the compression gear as well. Image if UnderArmour went fetish and you get this pair!

Men’s Fetish Spandex Wrestling Singlet. Yellow Lycra XS XL XXL Kickboxing COR – The singlets are a like a lot of the fetish singlets. It’s low cut and has an open back. The one addition that makes it truly Maskulo is the cod piece in the front that is detachable. You can wear it on or off.

Mens Fetish Top (Short Sleeve T-Shirt) with Shoulder guards / pads. Red – “Huge shoulders make a man look very impressive! That is why we created fetish t-shirt / top with leather-look shoulder pads!” This shirt has the look and feel of shoulder pads with out the bulk. It’s a super hot look in the shirt.

The sizing made me do a double take. The sizing is: 2XS (26-28″, 67-71 cm), XS (28-30″, 72-76 cm), S (30-32″, 77-81 cm), M (32-34″, 82-86 cm), L (34-36″, 87-91 cm), XL (36-38″, 92-96 cm), 2XL (38-40″, 97-101 cm), 3XL (40-42″, 102-106 cm), 4XL (42-44″, 107-111 cm), 5XL (44-46″, 112-116 cm). It’s every two inches is a new size.

If you want to check out these styles see the Maskulo website!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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