1322-Highrise- Low rezIt’s that time of year when the new Gregg Homme comes out! Over the next few weeks the entire collection will be out! The first pair we are covering is the High Rise. But just wait till you see more of the collection. It’s one of the largest they have done and each pair is pretty awesome. But I guess I”m kind of biased because they just make sexy underwear for men!

The High Rise is features one of the things Gregg Homme excels at, picking amazing fabric. The fabric is a honeycomb fabric that is thin, soft and slightly see through. This just adds to the sexiness for me. I am not the biggest fan of sheer mesh. It has it’s time and place but I prefer a little tease but not showing it all off. This is just added too by it being just available in black!

High Rise comes in the following styles. A bikini, Thong, Trunk/Boxer with lace up sides, short sleeve shirt, bikini with lace up sides,  g string, long sleeve shirt, muscle shirt,  thong with lace up sides and a reg trunk/boxer. My favorite is bikini  but I like them all! See the pictures below.

Where would you wear these? The best thing about Gregg Homme is that you can wear it anywhere. It’s designed to be worn anywhere. This could be worn under a suit, jeans or around the house! Its sexy underwear designed to be worn and not come off after a few hours! Although, I wouldn’t recommend wearing the shirt under a suit. It would be more of a night out pair!

We will be bringing you more pairs from Gregg Homme soon!


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