5 AWESOME PRINTS (1)We have many readers who love a great pouch. I am in the same camp. Pouch is one of the most important things to me. I like a natural pouch. Meaning I hate a c-ring or similar enhancing features.  Over the years I have been in search of the best pouches on the market.  I am telling you guys what they are!

These are in no particular order.
Cocksox CX01 – it’s no secret that I love the CX01 brief from Cocksox. The pouch in all of the Cocksox pairs is awesome.  That being said the pouch in this pair is a personal favorite.  It really holds you in place and gives amazing support. With that support comes an enhancing effect of the pair. It will push up and show off what you have and make it noticeable. Which to some is not a bad thing. The pouch is simply amazing. If you need some room and support get this pair
Ergowear X3D – Ergowear is no stranger to the world of pouches. They were founded on having ergonomically designed pouches.  All the lines, feel, X3D and Max, are all differt but accomplish the same goal. That goal is fit a guy naturally. The X3D was the first pair I ever tried from Ergowear. It was long before I started UNB. I actually still have that pair.  When I first slid it on it felt like it was made for me. The fit and feel just felt natural. Ergowear excels at great pouch designs. I like the Feel line but it’s not my favorite. The Max is more like the X3D. You know what I Recommend but try all three to get your perfect fit.
Mundo Unico – this is another brand I have history with.  Mundo Unico was the first amazing pouch I ever wore.  This is also rare because I love it in every style. That is from a thong to boxer briefs.  The pouch in boxer briefs is so amazing and there are a very few that I like. The pouch is built in and gives you support.  While I am not sure it was ergonomically designed it sure turned out that way. It will show off some but put it all out there. I still wear the brand till this day.
N2N Bodywear nHance – N2N Bodywear makes underwear for all guys. They have developed the nHance pouch. This pouch allows for maximum movement with the feeling of wearing nothing. The current line offering it is the Cotton Classic line.  Over the years it has been in many styles.  One of my favorite was the Signature line. The trunk had a great support and feel. It’s an unassuming pouch you don’t get how great it is until you put it on.  I recommend any pair with the nHance pouch
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Andrew Christian Almost Naked – Andrew Christian is no stranger to pouches. One of the first he designed.  It was designed to hold a guy in a natural way and feel like he’s not wearing any underwear.  It’s available in every style he makes. My personal favorite are the jocks and briefs. This pouch is very much still around and new collections are being released all the time. I personally don’t like the Show-It Tech in the undies so pay attention to what you order. Granted there are a bunch of you guys who do like the enhancement it offers. I think i have worn them since creation. They have always been my favorite AC pouch.
Obviously – Obvioulsy is the last pouch we will cover. No pun intended.  They were one of the earliest brands to focus on Ergonomically designed pouches. Thier pouch is a bit different to me, it allows for more hang and less enhancement. It’s still a great fit and feels great.   One of the first pairs I had was a bikini and loved the pouch with a skimpier cut. They have evolved the pouch over the years to make it better and better.
All of these brands are a must have for pouch lovers. This could be if you were endowed or not.  Every guy needs great support under thier pants each day

Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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