Endowed Series


WildmanT furnished the Slut Big Boy Pouch Brief See Through Back for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by WildmanT.

Rating: 9.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

A fabulous pouch that feels great
Super sexy design without showing it all off.
Made for the big boys out there who need more room

Tag annoyed me some
If you aren’t a fan of mesh, you won’t like this pair

UNB Tim recommendation: If you need more support and room up front, this pair is for you. It’s impressive to see a brand cater to this market. Plus it’s very well made and will be a pair you will want to wear weekly.

WildmanT has gone all in on the Big boy pouch. Meaning he’s gone all in on underwear for a well-endowed guy. Which is an underserved market. Not only is he making underwear, but swimwear as well. I have a few pairs of WildmanT and really love his designs and cuts.

I was having a bad day at work and wanted something to lift my spirits. So, I wore the Slut Big Boy Pouch Brief See Through Back. It def made me feel a lot better. The pouch is amazing! I have the Big Boy mesh brief, and at times it can dig in, this one doesn’t do that at all. You get to hang free and natural. The only thing that got me was that the tag in the back would drive me crazy every so often. But that was really the only downside.

The fabric of the pouch was great. It’s a stretchy fabric that gives you ample support without being too constricting. The sides and back are a 100% see-through nylon mesh that as they say “You got a big one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your backside! ” I, unfortunately, was not blessed in the back, but it’s still super fun to wear,

Sizing for WildmanT is always spot on. I have never heard people say that the sizing was off. Just read the sizing guide and make sure you buy the right size. As usual, if you are on the borderline, think about going up a size.

If you’re a big boy and want to feel sexy, WildmanT is a must for your underwear drawer. You can be guaranteed the pouch will fit you and be super comfy. It fast becomes one of your favorite brands. This pair is going into my steady rotation and be a date night pair for sure!

PAIR: WildmanT Slut Big Boy Pouch Brief
COLORS: White & Black
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $25.00

One brand I totally love and is way under rated in the world of underwear is the John Sievers brand from International Jock. I think a lot of you guys who read UNB know of the brand because we have talked about it for years. But if you’re not aware, its a brand only at International Jock and have a pouch made for guys who need extra room up front.

The newest pair, which I plan to snag a pair for summer is the Natural Pouch Mesh Brief. As you can see it’s a sports mesh that is shows off a little bit of everything.

Crafted in sports mesh for the very first time, the John Sievers Natural Pouch Brief will forever change the way you think about your underwear. Unlike the old fashioned pouches on most other briefs, the revolutionary John Sievers “Natural Pouch” has a special, deeply-contoured shape that conforms perfectly to your male anatomy. The perforated mesh material is lightweight with 4-way stretch that forms to every muscle while remaining breathable and comfortable. When you pull on a pair of natural pouch briefs, your genitals hang gently and naturally in the pouch, providing a feeling so comfortable that you’ll swear that you’re not wearing anything at all. The back of the pouch softly hugs the area behind your scrotum with just enough tension to lift your genitals up and forward, preventing your boys from falling between your legs and providing a natural bulge-enhancing effect.

Pair: John Sievers Natural Pouch Mesh Brief
Color: Black & White
Fabric: 90% polyamide, 10% lycra
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $26.95

We often get asked for underwear and swimwear for the endowed guy. It’s probably one of our most emailed questions to UNB. We created the endowed series so guys can find great gear! One company that is no stranger to making underwear and swim for the big pouch guys is WildmanT. I have reviewed his Big Boy underwear and it’s amazing. Now he has brought the Big Boy pouch to swimwear. They have released it in two styles, a brief and a trunk.

WildmanT is not shy about making underwear/swimwear for endowed guys. They actually have fun with it, normally descriptions talk about the pair, fabric, color and such. This pair I had to run the entire description:

Don’t smash your junk at the beach!  Set your “boys” free and give them the room they deserve with the new Big Boy Pouch Swim Square Cut.  We are known for our big penis underwear and now we make Big penis swimwear.  Our special pouch not only holds a heavy load but it also gives you a natural lift without any additional c-rings or lifters.  This is definitely a “if you have it flaunt it” opportunity.  You may never want to take it off:)

It’s about making great swimwear for guys and not giving any F*cks about it. Well, that’s the attitude I get from WildmanT.

As a guy who has a fuller pouch, it can be difficult to find one that covers all your goods. There is nothing worse than a day on the beach and you have a blow out in the pouch. Or put it on and notice that there isn’t enough material for a day out for sun and fun. If you are in the same boat, there are companies making great swimwear. Plus the bonus with WildmanT is, if you want to show off a little, you will in this pair.

If you are interested in the pairs find out more at the WildmanT site.

COLORS: Blue, Red, and Yellow
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $45.00
COLORS: Blue, Red, and Yellow
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $48.00

It’s been a while since we had an endowed series. One brand that has always embraced the big guy is WildmanT. They have had the Big Boy series and now they have released the Duo Big Boy. Which they say has the same great pouch but is a mix of mesh and cotton. Perfect for those who need the extra room or want extra room.

One thing I have always loved about WildmanT is that they know guys love different styles for their Big Boy line. Some guys prefer trunks, others briefs, and the others jocks. The new line has all these styles in the line! Personally, I go towards the jock and brief. But I know there are guys who want extra coverage.

This is what WildmanT says about line:

WildmanT Big Boy Pouch underwear has become the solution for many men looking for more room and extra comfort. Our pouch cups your manhood and then allows it to swing freely with the easy your low hangers were meant to! We offer extra room and support like no other underwear can.

Don’t have BIG BOYS or BIG JUNK but sick of having your junk smashed? Are you uncomfortable at your office desk and need to readjust often? Do you like to go commando but find it inappropriate at times??? Then you are a WildmanT Big Boy!!

You don’t have to have big junk to enjoy the freedom of the roomy pouch. Our Big Boy Pouch line is like having a private special add-on for your family jewels keeping you cooler and more comfortable.

The fabric is Body: 90% Nylon / 10% Lycra  Pouch: 92% Cotton / 8% Lycra. The pouch on each is the solid cotton fabric. The colors of this line are the waistbands. The colors are Black, Blue, and Red. The pouches are black and the mesh fabric is white. They are pretty low key, which can be a good thing.

Make sure you head to the WildmanT to see and shop the Duo Big Boy Line.

We haven’t updated the Endowed series in a while. I was surfing the International Jock site and noticed there were new pairs of John Sievers collection released. If you are an endowed guy and haven’t tried the John Sievers line you are missing out! It’s one of the most amazing and underrated brands on the market. I think that the pinnacle of a brand is to get guys to take selfies. It’s very rare when I’m on a “dating site” that I see guys in John Sievers!

What makes this brand so special? The pouch is made for guys who are packing. Readers who don’t have as much in front have commented the pouch is too big for them. It’s bad for average guys but great for us endowed guys! The new line is called the Sleek line. The official description is:

These SLEEK John Sievers briefs will forever change the way you think about your underwear. Made from a nylon/lycra microfiber fabric, these lightweight briefs are moisture-wicking, soft and supportive, and offer 4-way stretch for a body-hugging fit. Unlike the old-fashioned pouches on most other briefs, the revolutionary John Sievers “Natural Pouch” has a special, deeply-contoured shape that conforms perfectly to your male anatomy. When you pull on a pair of natural pouch briefs, your genitals hang gently and naturally in the pouch, providing a feeling so comfortable that you’ll swear that you’re not wearing anything at all. The back of the pouch softly hugs the area behind your scrotum with just enough tension to lift your genitals up and forward, preventing your boys from falling between your legs and providing a natural bulge-enhancing effect.

The Sleek line comes in Lagoon, Neon Green, Magenta and Steele Gray. I think my favorite is the Lagoon. I love the blue color. But all would make a great addition to your underwear drawer. They retail for $26.95 available exclusively on International Jock!

It’s been a while since we discussed the needs of the endowed guy! Today, I thought I would discuss a few great pouches for guys who need extra room up front. Being a guy with a full package, sometimes underwear just doesn’t contain your package. This can be good and bad. Bad because it limits your choices in underwear.


Cocksox – CX01

This pouch from Cocksox, was one of the first pouches I ever fell in love with. It’s designed to really hold you well. It will also show off what you have! So I have to be careful where I wear them. It’s usually around the house, running errands or weekends. Sometimes it’s not great to wear to work. Some, this isn’t an issue because of your situation or you just like to show off. This pouch is for guys who want everything to stay in place!

Sukrew Joey Tartan Full Brief

Sukrew Brief

There are a ton of different colors and prints in the Sukrew line. They are one of the newest brands on the market. However, they are making underwear like pros. It’s really hard to believe they have only been at it a few years. Their pouch lets you hang naturally. I don’t know how much design work went into this pouch but is amazing. It doesn’t show off under pants that much. Well, as much as I had noticed.  Really any of their styles (except the U design which has no pouch) are great. We given an honorable mention to the Sprints (longer boxer briefs).


N2N Bodywear N-Hance Pouch

Speaking of a brand that’s been around. N2N Bodywear has created the N-Hance Pouch. The good thing is this pouch is on many of the lines N2N produces. It’s designed in a way to give you amazing support and enhance as well. Unlike other pouches this is a bit looser. You will have some movement and freedom. The Studio Groove line is new of the most recent lines the N-hance pouch is featured.

These pouches run from Tight, Looser, and medium. It’s all a personal preference. I like all three types of pouches. It really depends on my mood. Cocksox holds it all in and great for being active. The Sukrew briefs are great for work. The N2N N-Hance are great for all the above and lounging at home!

We will bring you more soon in the endowed series.

5 AWESOME PRINTS (1)We have many readers who love a great pouch. I am in the same camp. Pouch is one of the most important things to me. I like a natural pouch. Meaning I hate a c-ring or similar enhancing features.  Over the years I have been in search of the best pouches on the market.  I am telling you guys what they are!

These are in no particular order.
Cocksox CX01 – it’s no secret that I love the CX01 brief from Cocksox. The pouch in all of the Cocksox pairs is awesome.  That being said the pouch in this pair is a personal favorite.  It really holds you in place and gives amazing support. With that support comes an enhancing effect of the pair. It will push up and show off what you have and make it noticeable. Which to some is not a bad thing. The pouch is simply amazing. If you need some room and support get this pair
Ergowear X3D – Ergowear is no stranger to the world of pouches. They were founded on having ergonomically designed pouches.  All the lines, feel, X3D and Max, are all differt but accomplish the same goal. That goal is fit a guy naturally. The X3D was the first pair I ever tried from Ergowear. It was long before I started UNB. I actually still have that pair.  When I first slid it on it felt like it was made for me. The fit and feel just felt natural. Ergowear excels at great pouch designs. I like the Feel line but it’s not my favorite. The Max is more like the X3D. You know what I Recommend but try all three to get your perfect fit.
Mundo Unico – this is another brand I have history with.  Mundo Unico was the first amazing pouch I ever wore.  This is also rare because I love it in every style. That is from a thong to boxer briefs.  The pouch in boxer briefs is so amazing and there are a very few that I like. The pouch is built in and gives you support.  While I am not sure it was ergonomically designed it sure turned out that way. It will show off some but put it all out there. I still wear the brand till this day.
N2N Bodywear nHance – N2N Bodywear makes underwear for all guys. They have developed the nHance pouch. This pouch allows for maximum movement with the feeling of wearing nothing. The current line offering it is the Cotton Classic line.  Over the years it has been in many styles.  One of my favorite was the Signature line. The trunk had a great support and feel. It’s an unassuming pouch you don’t get how great it is until you put it on.  I recommend any pair with the nHance pouch
9863 _2__001
Andrew Christian Almost Naked – Andrew Christian is no stranger to pouches. One of the first he designed.  It was designed to hold a guy in a natural way and feel like he’s not wearing any underwear.  It’s available in every style he makes. My personal favorite are the jocks and briefs. This pouch is very much still around and new collections are being released all the time. I personally don’t like the Show-It Tech in the undies so pay attention to what you order. Granted there are a bunch of you guys who do like the enhancement it offers. I think i have worn them since creation. They have always been my favorite AC pouch.
Obviously – Obvioulsy is the last pouch we will cover. No pun intended.  They were one of the earliest brands to focus on Ergonomically designed pouches. Thier pouch is a bit different to me, it allows for more hang and less enhancement. It’s still a great fit and feels great.   One of the first pairs I had was a bikini and loved the pouch with a skimpier cut. They have evolved the pouch over the years to make it better and better.
All of these brands are a must have for pouch lovers. This could be if you were endowed or not.  Every guy needs great support under thier pants each day

ENDOWED SERIESWhen you guys saw that the endowed series and Cocksox, I know some of you fully expected the CX01 Bikini. Granted it is one of my favorite pairs that I wear on a regular basis. I wanted to profile some of the other amazing pairs Cocksox has in their catalogue. I have tried every style they have to offer. Those range from the thong to the boxer brief and everything in between.

Why did I choose the CSX03 Waistband Brief? Not every guy wants to wear a bikini. Shocking it is for me to believe that! There are guys who like more classic styled underwear. The waistband brief has that classic look. The Waistband brief has elastic waistband with a fuller body than the bikini.

So why is this pair in the endowed series?  Its because of the amazing Cocksox pouch. It has been hands down one of my top 5 pouches ever. Its supportive and fits most guys really well. I also don’t think this pair shows off as much as the CX01. That’s just my personal experience, or I just haven’t noticed it as much.

Cocksox uses some great fabrics in their underwear. The suplex/lycra blend will really conform to your body. Especially the pouch, because there is nothing worse than having a brief and the pouch looses shape or stretches out. The fabric in Cocksox has never had these issues!

The colors in the Waistband brief range for classic to fun. There are four colors in the range, Black, Grey, Purple and Aqua. It is also part of the CSX collection. Meaning the waistband will have CSX instead of Cocksox. So you can be a little more discreet in your underwear and not flash it around.

Find all the colors at the Cocksox website for $29.00

The endowed series is about finding great underwear for guys who need more room in the pouch. I have tried many different pairs over the last few years and these are some of the best I can recommend. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us

Unknown-29One of our most popular posts is the Endowed Guys Guide to Underwear. It was written a few years ago by Brandon and his personal experience finding underwear for the guy who needs a bigger pouch. That original post is a few years old and I don’t think any of the pairs are still available for sale! So what’s an endowed guy to do? Well I’m taking up that torch and creating a series for guys who need more room in the front! We should have a series soon for those who need extra room in the trunk!

There is one brand of underwear that is underrated. It’s not well known to many of our readers I bet, unless you happen to need more room in the front. That brand is John Sievers, an exclusive brand from International Jock. I had seen the brand on the site but never gave it much thought. Then UNB Brandon posted about how awesome they were and  got a few of these and convinced me to try a pair. I couldn’t believe how comfy and roomy the pouch was!

I don’t know if the brand was made for the endowed guys initially or not but it has been given the reputation as a pair with a great pouch. More guys I have talked to who are endowed who say they wear the brand. This is because they have a very comfortable pouch. It’s not one that will push up, have c-rings or any gimmicks. The line has a pouch designed to hold a guy naturally.

One of the big things I like about this line is there are a few different designs and every color in the rainbow. Color is very important to me and I hate it when there are only a limited amount of colors. And even worse if it’s the basic colors only. Color is a way to really enjoy your undies and feel great! Well, for me it is!

The two styles in the collection are briefs and trunks. Each one has a fun waistband and the natural pouch I described earlier. Most of the waistbands are pretty standard except for the California Gold. The California Gold has a bright gold band! It will definitely draw attention peeking over the top of your jeans.

If you are looking for great undies if you are endowed or even if you aren’t check out the John Sievers Collection at International Jock!

Over the last few years we have a set of posts that gets traffic long after the pairs on them have been retired. Those are underwear for endowed guys. I think these posts are so popular because endowed guys face a challenge in finding underwear that fits. Speaking from experience, it sucks when you see an amazing pair of underwear and then think to yourself “There is no way that pouch will contain me”

This has happened so many times to me. Its hard to find underwear that fits and gives amazing support. That is not to say its impossible. Over the last year I have tried some new brands and have some standards that every endowed guy should own. And the pairs are not all about showing off, its about great comfort. Comfort is the number one factor for me finding underwear.

I am going to give you some brands to go research that will make it easier to shop. I will mix it up the styles because not everyone is a brief fan like I am.

B7a12saIMAEEYl6Sukrew – When they first came on the market they had pairs without any pouch. All your business just hung out. I was skeptical of how this would work. But their briefs and trunks came out and have an amazing pouch. It’s one of the most comfortable pouches of 2015. I reviewed a pair of the Tartan briefs. When I slide them on I knew they would be amazing. The pouch really conforms to a guy and gives you such amazing support. The way the pouch was designed it can fit guys of all sizes not just the endowed. I will say I didn’t notice too big a bulge in my pants but its a pair that is just amazing and I will be buying more of these.

9623 _6_Andrew Christian – Not only does Andrew Christian have one line but they have two lines that are great for endowed guy. The two lines are Trophy Boy & Almost Naked. The Trophy boy is made for the super endowed guy. Meaning is you are way above average these will fit. Where as the Almost naked isn’t marketed for endowed but has an ergonomically designed pouch. The Trophy boy I call the Magnum condom of underwear, guy want to brag they can fill them out (not that its a bad thing!). I like the Trophy boy line but is a little looser cut and not as much support to me as the Almost Naked. But this is a personal preference and you may like the cut and support of the Trophy Boy. This however is not a factor for me not to buy them. I have a few pairs and do enjoy them.

gold2International Jock John Sievers – This brand is one that is a hidden gem at International Jock. I think very few of the mainstream population knows this brand. It’s very well made and has an amazing pouch. While not specifically marketed to endowed guys, it is one of the best on the market for us. I haven’t seen this brand out in the wild that much, meaning i don’t see guys posting pics in them or guy wearing them out. Don’t let that fool you thought. They have a massive amount of colors and the most popular cuts. The line is designed and sold exclusively at International Jock. I have a pair of the Gold and I was more than pleased with the pair. Each time I talk to a guy who has tired them, they swear by them. Take note they aren’t the cheapest undies but finding a pair that fits, sometimes price isn’t a factor.

blue_miniBig Boys Pants – The name says it all here! These pants (UK for underwear) is made for big boys. This brand I have reviewed a few times here and is a lot more classic in their cuts and colors. So if you like to be a little more conservative in your underwear this would be a great brand for you. The materials and pouch are top notch. I have tried the boxers and briefs, each totally exceeded my expectations each time I tired them. The best thing about the brand is they designed a pouch specifically for them. Next, each pair is made out of modal so it feels so damn amazing on your skin.


Cocksox – Where do I begin with this brand? It is one of the first pairs I have even tried. The CX01 bikini is a staple in my underwear drawer. I love wearing it! But one of the things you should know is that you will show off everything you have! That is with the original Cocksox. The pouch is like a wonder jock for women. It takes everything you have and shows it off to the world. There are some situations where this would be a problem but sometimes you want the attention. As in most underwear brands, I prefer the briefs more. But all their underwear is great. I have tried I think everything they have in their catalog. Each fit very well and you won’t have any problems with it being too small.

These are just a few brands right now I swear by. There are more on the market such as Ergowear (which I will be getting new pairs to review) and Obviously. More makers of underwear are making pairs for this market. Which is a great thing. As I try more brands I”ll let you know!


Finding underwear for the guy in our life can be a challenge. Each guy is different but having to find a great pouch for them can make it even harder. Speaking from experience there are a few brands I think you should look at that would make great gifts. I have come up with a list and one of our great readers added to this, Andy. It’s great to hear what undies guys love

Several of these are my personal favorites. Just the pouches in each one gives you amazing support. Nothing worse then having no support and having things not stay in place! Read below for our choices:

endowed brief

There is nothing worse then buying a great new pair of underwear, then getting them home and finding out they don’t fit like the picture on the box. If you are above average in the front or back you know the pain of choosing new underwear. Being one of those guys who’s on the endowed size, I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. Pouch size is probably the most important thing to me in underwear.

A few weeks ago we were asked by a reader to talk about pouch sizes in underwear. So I took on this challenge and bought a few new pairs to try and also some classics that are in my underwear drawer that never disappoint. Let’s talk about if you’re an endowed guy what to look for in underwear: First you need a defined pouch, very few flat front pairs actually conform to your body and give you the support you need. Second, I have found it’s best to have a spandex or modal blend that stretches, no two guys are built the same and a material that fits you like a glove is important. Lastly, you don’t have to buy large name brands to get great undies, while many fit great some smaller brands (like in this post) are often great alternatives. Many of the smaller brands can make pairs that cater to endowed in the front or back.

For this post I’m going to focus on briefs. I have found that briefs give me way more support than boxers briefs or trunks. Granted there a few trunks/boxer briefs I like but I think briefs just fit better. They are pretty much my go to style for daily wear.

So now you’re asking, “which pairs have great pouches for endowed guys?” Well the brands we are focusing on are Ergowear, Cocksox, John Sievers, Andrew Christian, N2N Bodywear and Bodyaware. These are all brands I have worn and can say have an amazing pouch that should hold your manhood. This post will be sort of 6 mini reviews of the brands either love or tried out for this post

Each of these brands I have personally tried out and recommend any of them. They are really amazing and if you’re endowed like me then you should give them a try. I know this is not all bands so let me know who you like.


Erogwear was one of the very first “anatomically” designed underwear brands that I tried. I had my doubts but they truly are made for guys who are endowed. They have been on the market for about 10 years. When I put them on I was in heaven, the pair I had been waiting on for years. This was the first company I came across that really paid attention to how a guy is made and then designed underwear.  The pair I have found to be the best is the X3D Brief. The brief is a flyless pouch brief made with the 3 dimensional X3D pouch design.This is one of my favorite pouches and I have a pair. It really fits great and gives you great support.

Its a coincidence that I am actually wearing this pair as I write the review.

  • Pouch – 9
  • Fit – 9
  • Pro
    • Great Fit
    • Amazing Materials
  • Cons
    • Higher price point
    • Can be hard to find in US
  • Style – Flyless Brief, almost Bikini cut
  • Colors – Black or White
  • Price $28.69
  • Find at –

Other styles from Ergowear you should check out – XD3 Brief
cx01N_cloud9whiteCOCKSOX – CX01 Bikini
In 2007 I remember seeing Cocksox for the first time. The briefs were super hot to me. A bikini cut with an amazing pouch. I knew right then I needed to try this brand. It was another year before I got the chance. One of the original pairs is the CX01 Bikini. The first pair I tried was a little too big but when I got my next pair, I knew I was in love with the brands.

I call Cocksox the Wonderbra of men’s underwear, because it takes what you have and pushes it up and out. A few years ago I was going to wear the Pink CX01 to a job interview and when I looked down it was not a professional look. It looked like I stuffed a baseball down the front of my pants. I know this may not be a draw back for some guys but keep that in mind!

  • Pouch – 10
  • Fit – 10
  • Pro –
    • Great fit
    • Amazing materials
    • Made for a guy
  • Con
    • Can show off everything in times you may not want – some may not see this as a con
  • Style – Bikini Cut
  • Colors –  Black, Red, White and they change them pretty often
  • Price – $25 AUD
  • Find at –

Other pairs you may like include: CX03, CX03D (backstage)
UN52-13-FullN2N BODYWEAR – Signature Brief

N2N Signature Brief has had a few refreshes over the year. Each time they keep the basic style and make it in different color combinations. The current colors are Navy/Red. This I will say has been my favorite. I say this because Andrew at N2N really pays attention to how a his underwear will fit a guy and enhance what he has! The example of this is the red panels on this iteration are on the side of the pouch and draws your eyes to the pouch.

Speaking of pouch, this pouch doesn’t have super stretchy material but is designed to give you amazing support. To tell you how amazing I even like the trunks in these. They have come up with a pouch design that just fits you naturally. It’s not described as ergonomic but it should!

  • Pouch – 9.5
  • Fit – 9.5
  • Pro
    • N2n Designed pouch that fits great
    • A steady design in the N2n line up
    • Great color combos
  • Con
    • None come to mind unless they decide to end this line
  • Style – Brief
  • Colors – White or Navy
  • Price – $22.50
  • Find at –

Other pairs you may like: Signature Trunk or Signature Bikini

JOHN SIEVERS – California Gold Collection

This is a brand that really surprised me. It was a little known brand to me until a previous staff member told me about them. I bought a pair and I will admit I was impressed with the job they did. For those of you who don’t know, John Sievers is a brand exclusively at International Jock. It has been around a few years but I never gave it a thought. Well, as they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. After I bought them I loved how they fit me and gave me a natural support. Unlike Cocksox this one doesn’t put everything on display but lets you hang naturally. Granted there’s nothing wrong with putting on display, which I don’t mind doing but sometimes you need great support and go under the radar.

  • Pouch – 9
  • Fit – 9
  • Pro
    • Natural Fit with the pouch
    • Well constructed
    • Has a natural look under pants
  • Con
    • More colors in this line, other lines have brighter colors
    • Little known brand that many may not try but I urge you too
  • Style – Brief
  • Colors – Navy, Grey, Black and White
  • Price – $26.95
  • Find at –

Other Pairs you may like: I haven’t tried any of the other pairs but they have a few more lines. I will update when i try them

ANDREW CHRISTIAN – Trophy Boy Icon Briefs

Andrew Christian is no stranger to designing ergonomically designed underwear. The first pair I recall he did was the Almost naked line. It, I will say, has been a great line for endowed guys. A lot of our refers and some of my friends rave on the Almost Naked line, heck even I do! I have a few pairs. However, thats now the pair we have for you, the Trophy Boy is one made for endowed guys. It’s been marketed as that and has a much bigger pouch than the Almost Naked line. The AC site says it better then I could ” Trophy Boy Icon Brief was made for the well endowed man who wants to show it off and be comfortable at the same time!” This is true you do show off but still feel super comfy.

Andrew Christian really paid attention to the endowed guys for this pair.

  • Pouch – 9
  • Fit – 9
  • Pros
    • Amazing ergonomically designed pouch
    • Great materials that breath through out the day
    • Designer thought of their target market
  • Cons
    • Personally I’d love smaller brief Cut
  • This particular line didn’t have bright colors, where others in the series did
  • Style – Brief
  • Colors – Royal, Black and Aqua
  • Cost – $22.93
  • Find at –


Other pairs you may like: Any from the Almost naked line, has the same pouch just not as big as the Trophy Boy
body-aware-well-endowed-briefBodyAware – Well-endowed Brief

This brief is advertised as a brief for the Well-Endowed guy. So I couldn’t pass up trying this out for the post. On a side note when we posted our Style Brief on Facebook they removed it for violating their Terms of Service, so this brief is too hot for Facebook. This pair is based on their popular Italian Shaper Brief. They have modified it to fit guys who need extra room. The one thing you need to know about this brief is its a bikini cut and very low cut. When I first put them on I realized it fits just above the top of your junk. If you aren’t a fan of really low cut bikinis you may not like it. Next the material is semi sheer. The navy pair i ordered wasn’t visibly noticeable unless you looked really hard.

The pair did well on daily wear. It fit great and was a lot of fun to wear to work.

  • Pouch – 9
  • Fit – 9
  • Pro
    • Especially designed for Well-endowed guys
    • Super sexy design
    • Great pouch that accents what you have
    • Sizing up to XXL
  • Con
    • Is a super low cut bikini – If you’d don’t like bikinis then you def won’t like this pair
    • Material is semi sheer, I know we have guys who aren’t fans of sheer
  • Style – Bikini
  • Colors – White, Blue and Turquoise
  • Price – $18.50
  • Find at –

Other pairs you may like: I haven’t tried any other pairs from Bodyaware yet.

More companies are creating underwear who need extra room in the front or back. Its showing they are catering to their customers and realize we guys are not created the same. We have specific needs in undies. I think we will see more customization going forward!

I want to hear what brands you have found are awesome for an endowed guy. Leave a comment, tweet us or email us your favorites.

andrew christian almost naked sport brief 9199

As well-endowed men should know, support is of the utmost importance when it comes to finding the right pair of underwear. Iits critical for us to find underwear with pouches that are not only contoured but are constructed in a way that will support us no matter what conditions may be thrown our way during a given day. In an article I wrote a few months ago, I hinted at the fact that if well-endowed men want the support their anatomy requires, they might need to “open their minds”  — referring to their to realize that in many instances when it comes to the underwear their body needs,  often times the skimpier the cut, the better they (and their large packages) will be served.

While I didn’t elaborate then, I said I would in a future article and it remains true–if you’re well hung and want the best support any design can give you, you are going to need to broaden your horizons and take some risks, and before you make that leap it might help to understand what I am talking about.

As a well-endowed man, you might favor boxer briefs or their shorter cousins, trunks, for the coverage they give your large member. The problem with those two designs as well as with your traditional-cut briefs-even the ones with contoured pouches the support they offer is hindered by their construction. Specifically, their designs don’t allow well-hung men to…hang since on both trunks and boxer briefs the pouch is connected to fabric that extends past it (down the leg) and on a traditional brief, is connected to fabric that comes close to matching the length of the pouch. The result (on a contour pouch) is decent support that by mid-afternoon or earlier, gives way to that all too familiar feeling for us-having our members pressed against our bodies.

So what are the solutions?

Show Off Your Legs (And Your Ass If You’re Brave/Proud Enough)

If you are a “shower” type of guy, you will never get the optimum support for your large package in those boxer briefs or trunks, so progressively ditch them and replace them with briefs that feature contour pouches that have a bikini cut, (high cut leg openings–where the rise between the top of the leg opening and the top of the waistband is 3″ or less). This type of cut (as seen in the examples below) allow the pouch to be the lowest point of the fabric on the brief, allowing well-hung men to hang, while also giving them the support they require.

Revamp your underwear drawer with a collection of briefs built for your bulge. I swear by these:

  • Calvin Klein Hip Brief Universal Design featured in several different fabric/color options based on collection. Fit is true to size–if your pant size is an odd number (31″ 35″ or 39″) size down. 
  • 2(x)ist No-Show & Contoured (& Ultra-Contoured) Pouch Brief – Universal Design featured in several different color options based on collection. Fits true to size, order your pant/jean size. No need to size up.
  • Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief / Sport Brief* – High cut leg openings and an “Anatomically Correct” Pouch which is perfect for well-hung men. Order your pant/jean size, only goes up to size 36 though.
  • C-IN2 Sport Brief – Universal Design featured in several different fabric/color options based on collection. Huge pouch, for hung men. Fits true to REAL waist size (I wear a 36 jean but my waist is 38″, so I wear an XL).

If you want even more support, it is out there but you’ll have to be O.K. having your ass exposed while wearing them. Of course I am talking about jockstraps and thongs that have been designed for men.

Since the jockstrap design has always equated to support, a somewhat recent flooding of the market with designer jockstraps made from an everyday wear perspective has allowed them to become an ideal choice for the well-endowed man. If you’ve got an above-average member, stick jockstraps that are made of rayon, the construction of which offers a natural pouch that will expand with your length and girth once you get them on. Andrew Christian is the foremost producer of this type of jock, Obviously For Men is another favorite. In addition to that style, look for jocks that feature double-ply cotton pouches that are also fairly deep – I like what C-IN2 and Diesel have done. Pick up one from each of those four designers and you and your endowment will thank me.

Oddly enough, I trust most men would wear a jockstrap as daily underwear before they’d think about doing the same with a thong made for men. Odd, because in all reality, a jockstrap leaves you much more exposed than a thong ever would, even though the thong’s design offers superior support. That said, if you are carrying around something that could be mistaken for a third leg in your pants, I can’t tell you how happy you would be with the support a well fitted thong can offer your impressive package. Of course, there are a few things to consider before venturing out to buy your first couple thongs.

I would always recommend that your first thong be one that is designed to look like a jockstrap, such as the CK Body Thong, or the 2(x)ist  or C-IN2 Y-back varieties. All three are relatively inexpensive options that will allow you to get used to the feel of wearing a thong and whether or not you could see yourself wearing other designs. Once you’ve decided that you’d like to try another design, be prepared to be shocked at how many options you have available to you. Take comfort in the fact that the size of your manhood limits you to only about a third of the market. Thongs, just like any other new underwear purchase are about figuring out what you like and don’t like. Since each brand varies so much in terms of design I am not going to waste your time making suggestions, other than to say, if you’re well-hung and don’t take the leap you are missing out, on what I think is one of the best designs for guys like you.

If you are hung, and you’ve just read this, what the hell are you waiting for? Start to revamp your drawer with the designs that will help you tame your trouser snake once and for all!