Kinksters, Deviants, lend me your ears.

Note: I’m not into ear play. I just needed to start valiantly because this past weekend was the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death (and I’m KIND of a fan). The bard spoke heavily of codpieces, and so shall I. Today, we return to our Maskulo friends with their Men’s Fetish Wrestling Singlet. The kind that they graciously sent to me was the Open Rear option in Red.


Upon opening my package (heehee), I discovered that this is a seriously sexy singlet. It is a very narrow racerback extremely low cut singlet (the torso strap in back and both in front scoop all the way to your belt line. There is a waist band going around the back, but it does not connect in front. The only thing holding the front together is the codpiece. When that comes off, it’s open from your head all the way down the front between the straps, under and behind up to the top of the butt where the waistband sits. That is some easy access shenanigans right there.


I wanna focus on the coolest thing I’ve enjoyed about the Maskulo products. Their creativity and play with the synthetic leather panels is so cool. This company has many products with these leather-like panels on them. They quilt these panels to give them texture and volume (if you know quilting terms, it’s like a trapunto quilt). This gives their work a really sexy rugged texture. It’s in their singlets, shorts, pants, shirts, and they even make forearm gauntlets. I’m really digging this concept, and love their play with it. You can get their stuff with or without the leather panels, but I personally think that’s like going to a world class singer, and asking them just to sing a basic happy birthday. Sure, they can do it, but why not let them go wild.  They just came out with a new leggings that you need to see…seriously hot.


I am really digging this Maskulo brand, and especially their political beliefs as well. Buying their stuff is not only supporting your sexy time, but supporting human rights. These singlets come in open/closed rear, and in Black, Navy, Red and Yellow (purchase at or their U.S. Partner Jockstrap Central. Next week, I will be returning for Part 2 of my Army of Men lovefest. Until then, do something kinky for yourself this week.

TtheAmazing over and out!


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