Hello folks, today I’m reviewing a new pair by one of my favorite companies, Clever. It was furnished by Candyman Fashion. One of their new designs coming out is the Original Sin Boxer (2255). I received the “Black” pair that has Teal as the Accent Front color with Black as the background. The other option available for the Original Sin is the “Red” pair with a Gunmetal as the Accent Front Color.


The main body of the boxer is a 94% cotton/6% elastane. Though the main body of the fabric is a cotton blend, which is usually not my favorite, this blend is nice and smooth. The front of the boxer is a synthetic mesh that isn’t see through. But definitely shows off details very nicely. The front pouch is contoured out and gives nice room for your kit. The background fabric meets the front at the side seams. Then travels almost to the front on the inner thigh. The thread color matches the front fabric, so on all front seams, it blends in. While the back seam goes down the middle of your butt and Y’s out down the legs as a contrast.

The two main things I really love about this boxer are the mesh fabric in front.  The subtle design choice that really makes this boxer pop. The mesh in front is a really nice tiny hole mesh fabric. That is lightweight and definitely breathable (great for working out in). The design choice I love is that the contract back fabric wraps around towards the front by the pouch. This makes your pouch “hang” in front of a contrast backdrop. Which really amplifies the visual from the front (which is wear a lot of pouches read as flatter).


On a less happy note, the leg bands of this boxer don’t have a lot of structure to them. So it’s really easy for them to ride up your leg (which is the main reason I end wearing mostly briefs). But it’s not bad enough that I was constantly pulling it down, it was just something I noticed.

I really do like this boxer, and will add it to my drawer of boxers I actually will wear regularly.

-Sexy pouch visual.

-Breathable mesh fabric.

-Attractive butt seams.


-Legs ride up.


  •    Daily Fit – 7.5
  •    Sizing – 9
  •    Construction/Materials –8
  •    Styling – 8
  •    Daily Performance – 7
  •    OVERALL – 7.9

This pair was furnished for review by Clever. It comes in Black/Teal, and Red/Gunmetal. It goes for $23 on the Candyman Fashion


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