Hey gorgeous kinksters,

It’s here! It’s my birthday! I’ve reached 28 years of age. I was wondering what to post for this week. Since it is my birthday week, and I wanted to start showing another side of my life. When I’m not up in the air performing stunning feats on the trapeze, I am often crafting. My college degree was in costume design. I’ve made some of my living making everything from circus costumes (spandex…more on that later). Also, award winning quilts, handbags, and the occasional couture dress for fun. Since I’ve started discovering and enjoying kink into my life.  I have been wanting more and more to bring my craft lovin’ into my love makin’ (or just sexy fun times). Today, I wanted to celebrate someone who is doing this already, and doing it DAMN well. His name is Michael Richman, and he is the owner and master crafter of The Knitty Gritty NYC.


Now, while I completely respect ALL that he does. I am going to focus on my favs (and let’s be real, YOUR FAVS too): the jocks and harnesses. That’s right my friends, The Knitty Gritty NYC makes jocks and harnesses, with YARN! Michael is a crazy good knitter, and knows what he’s doing. His shapes hug the body, and highlight your assets. He uses extremely high quality wool yarn (no RED HEART here) and hand dyes every order.


Knitty Gritty NYC currently has 6 jock options (sounds like stock options but yummier). The Stock Jock, Single Cable Jock, Chainmaille Jock, Medieval Jock, Transformer Jock, and the Cable Knit Jock. Available in tons of handsome colors, as bold as you want to fit your personality. The harnesses are fun crafty takes on traditional leather harnesses. They make a Ladder Harness, and a Cable Knit Harness. With all those options, and all the yarn dyed colors you can imagine. You will definitely find something fantastic to wear for you.


Now, let’s be real, you might not exactly want to wear this to a summer leather con, but maybe you do. Or maybe you wanna go skiing with your man somewhere, and when you get back to your chalet. You whip off your clothes, and have your sexy Knitty Gritty’s on, and your man will prepare to ride your slopes. Ok, that last one might have become more of a romance novel, but oh well. I am having too much fun here.


However you wanna wear them, The Knitty Gritty NYC makes beautiful crafty fetishwear. I love it, cause it takes some of the seriousness out of sexy clothes. Sometimes people get into the mindset of “I’m wearing sexy fetish wear. No giggling aloud boy!”, but I think you have to be able to find the fun in something to appreciate the importance.


On that note, go buy yourself some sexy knit-fetish wear! And, maybe buy me something for my birthday while you’re at it. This is not the last you’ll hear of The Knitty Gritty NYC.  I’m gonna travel down, and hang out with him for an afternoon while he crafts, and document his process for ya. You can also check more of this out on Instagram (@knittygrittynyc), and on Facebook.

Until next time my friends,

Keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing, freshly 28 years old, over and out!

Photography: David Gonsier


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