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Hope you’re having a great week. Sorry to have missed you last week, July has been quite intense but have no fear. I am back, and this week, I have quite a fun unusual trend I’m seeing pop up here and there. I cannot say this is a fetish I know about, but I had to write about it, cause it’s definitely out there.  I think it’s pretty dang cool. It definitely is not a traditional underwear/fashion idea. It evokes a kind of Tron-like aesthetic to me, and the concept is fascinating. Wondering what I’m talking about? I don’t know exactly how to describe it. I could call it Illusion Mesh Play, or maybe Floating Fabric Gear? I don’t know…but below is when it popped up for me as a thing happening in men’s underwear.


It was the Marco Marco fashion show video, and all of a sudden these models were coming down the runway. With what it looked like panels of fabric somehow stuck to their body in an artful way that created line and shape. What was actually occurring was the designers had sewn patches of opaque fabric on top of a garment. In order to create the illusion that the patches were wrapping themselves around the body.


Now, for those new to the term “illusion mesh”, it is a fabric found most often in dance wear/figure skating. It is a very thin fabric that is made of a very fine mesh, ideally made in a skin tone. When worn by a person with a close skin tone, the fabric essentially disappears against the body. For a very long time, I had only really seen illusion mesh in figure skating routines. Then, on Project Runway, Dmitry Sholokhov made a dress where all the panels were connected with a strip of the illusion mesh. It give all the pieces a slight floating effect.

Now, unlike mesh we’ve previously talked about. The whole point of this mesh is to disappear. Giving any fabrics sewn to it the look that they are magically stuck to the wearer. In my opinion, the magical nude non-nudity is a really sexy look. You get the tactile sensation of spandex, but the visual sensation of the person’s skin. That’s pretty dang cool.

Now, Marco Marco, while awesome, doesn’t necessarily read as a fetish brand. But, yet there is a champion out there. Catering to a wonderful stretch fetishwear audience, and that champion is Slick It Up. Based out of NYC.  Slick It Up focuses on using spandex alternatives to rubber, leather, and latex. While keeping the sex appeal extremely high. The piece I’d like to draw your attention to is called the Neon Nude Suit


This suit is part latex-like spandex, part nude mesh. The latex covers up the most essentials. Then roams around a bit creating pleasing contours on the body. I find this quite hot. I could see this at a super cool dance club, or a electronic themed strip club, or hacker/cybertopia roleplay.


What I also find interesting about this look (and I am hypothesizing here). Is that I feel like it can cater to a wider range of body types than a lot of fetish wear on the market. This could work on the beanpole twink, having the contours of the spandex create more definition in the body, and it can work on the beefy guys. The negative and positive space play using the nude mesh and opaque accents create sensual lines no matter what.


If you’re more into the Marco Marco undies, those can be found at the Marco Marco Site.

If you wanna show me how you look in the Neon Nude Suit from Slick It Up Site.

So please, help me out, send me pics of you in this suit. I wanna collect *ahem* as much data as I can. Show me how it looks on you. Tell me where you are gonna wear it.


The guy cheering for you, and helping you zip up if you need. (Trust me, as a circus artist, I know how important it is to have a friend zip/unzip you in a time of need.

TtheAmazing, over and out.


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