getting social withWe love underwear, right? I mean that’s why I’m here writing about it and presumable why you are here reading about it. Many of us have our favorite brands, right? Maybe it has something to do with the first pair you ever wore or just a certain style or fabric blend. Whatever the reason, we enjoy one or two more than more. I want to highlight something that I have so thoroughly enjoyed about different brands with you all. Being social.

Sometimes it can definitely feel that the more we engage with social media the less social life actually is. Pick your face up from the screen! I agree. However, social media has also let us engage with companies like never before. When done correctly it can be fun, charming, and informative. Nowadays many of my favorite brands are also the most social ones. It gives me something extra, I physically feel closer to the undies themselves.

One of my favorite brands is Timoteos/Cellblock13. They’re underwear is great, top notch, sexy, and all around a wonderful buy. Then we add on a layer of interaction online that I get genuinely excited about. The guy behind their Twitter and Instagram is a fun.  Anice guy that responds to posts in an equally nice way that makes me, a consumer, feel appreciated and special. He’s always quick to send an encouraging or complementary emoji or sentence. It’s just nice.

Equally, if not more so, Jack Adams USA has an amazing Twitter game. It’s always nice to get retweeted or liked but it’s even better when they come with responses as well. They engage and that’s enduring.

Underwear companies, generally speaking, are small staffs. They run on the lowest amount of people they can because they have to. So when they can still spend time to have fun on social media it means something.

Try sending a company a direct message or a tweet and I bet you some with respond with boiler plate responses. If any and others will interact with enthusiasm and spirit. It makes a big difference.

I messaged a brand once, upon just discovering it, reaching out for more info about it. Where could it be bought, how long had they been around, just looking to learn more and interact. I was directed to just look at the website. That was it. Literally just, “Info can be found here.” I was turned off. The underwear itself is fine, very cute and something I had not come across before and I did buy a pair but that was it. An unsatisfying interaction with a brand I could have easily seen myself being very loyal too. Opportunity wasted, I guess.

These experiences can matter.

Many of us like to feel that extra sense of kinship, of ownership, of friendship with things we send a fair amount of money on. I’ve gotten to find those feelings through social media interactions with certain brands.

So if you want to engage (and I highly encourage you to) here are some brands I’ve had GREAT experiences with (in no way is this exhaustive, others play along too):

Jack Adams USA, Timoteo, Cellblock13, N2N Bodywear, The Crochet Empire, SUKREW, Garcon Model, and /baskit/.


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