csl88zhukaah6ccYou reading this blog means you love underwear. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay/bi/straight, you are all part of the underwear loving brotherhood. One thing that runs across all guys is we want our underwear to make us feel sexy. Wearing something under our clothes to work gives us extra confidence and self-esteem. A new brand, that can be considered on the wild side, I found is Bruno Men’s Wear.

Bruno Men’s Wear is a 100% Mexican company. They are founded and operate out of the state of Veracruz. You can see the Mexican heritage in some of the design colors they use. They are one of the few companies out of Mexico we have profiled. Their designs really stood out for me. Not only do they look to be on the wild side (bulging pouches, smaller cuts and interesting designs) but they look very comfortable too. They say they want to make men’s wear “that is sexy, masculine and sporty, while it be balancing evenly between comfort and fashion.” I think they really succeed at this.

One of the new lines is the MXNO. It’s a set of some great pairs of underwear. All of them tie in the Mexican colors into the designs. Here are a few of the pairs.

I am going to profile a few of their great designs. The first is the THONG MXNO-MX. This is not just a thong with a cut-out. It’s their take on the thong with the sex factor turned up. As you can see from the pics. The pouch is designed to fit you even with the cutouts. It’s also in the traditional Mexican colors. It’s just hot to me. They took a classic style and made it their own!

This one made me do a double take! This is the Bikini BRIEF MXNO-MX4. At first, I thought it was a thong but it’s a bikini. The right waistband has a loop that goes around the pouch. It holds it securely in place. They get big props for doing something innovative and fun. It’s making me want to try them.  This is my favorite of the pairs i have seen.

We have guys who love string bikinis. They are getting harder and harder to find. The Bikini BRIEF MXNO-MX1 is one, now with a super small waistband but none the less, it’s a string bikini design. Again, you see the Mexican heritage being tied into the pair with the waistband and trim colors. The Green and Red make the designs pop.

Just went you think it can’t get sexier they put their spin on the Jockstrap. The JOCKSTRAP MXNO-MX2. Made very similar to the string bikini mentioned above. However, the back is jock design with an extra strap going from the leg strap to the back of the waistband.

The last pair I’m going to cover is the thong. The THONG Bóxer MXNO-MX3. We can’t wrap up and not include the thong. The front is very much like a brief but the back is the thong design. I really like how the back is cut in the back. It allows you to show off your assets. Still super sexy!

I hope you will go see the tons of other gear at Bruno Men’s Wear. They have a lot more underwear. Not to mention swimwear, sportswear and accessories. All of them are super hot! I haven’t seen this available in any store in the US. Only place to order is off their website.



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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