One of my favorite new brands is Bruno Menswear. It’s a super creative brand out of Mexico. We have profiled it a few times but each time I go on their site I keep seeing things that I love. One of them is the Body Intense singlet. Well, it’s a mix between a singlet and a jock.

After I fell in love with underwear, singlets/spandex were next. I have always loved new and interesting designs. Bruno is all about showing off a guy. It could be from the way the pouch is made, to the cuts and fabrics. They are all about celebrating the guy. Some of you may not like these sort of things but they go hand in hand with undies, as far as I am concerned.

The Body Intense is part of the Intense line from Bruno. It’s their fetish line that has influences of leather and rubber. They have a few harnesses in this collection. From the traditional looking leather ones to more spandex/elastic ones.

How is this like a singlet or jock? Well, just look at the picture. The strips cross as they go up over your shoulders. The back has an almost tank top like feel. The bottom has a full pouch but the back is cut out like a jock. This pair is all about showing off. If you’re going to wear this you want someone to see you in it. Am I right?

Bruno Menswear is not about avoiding the pouch. Most of their designs have pouches designed to fit a man and I love this about them. We are guys and we need room in the front! To have a brand who embraces this is a great thing.

If you want something fun, maybe for Valentine’s day coming up, think about this pair or one of the others from Bruno Menswear.

BRAND: Bruno Menswear
PAIR: Body Intense
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: Approx $50.00
LINK: Bruno Menswear Body Intense


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