It’s been a while since we discussed the needs of the endowed guy! Today, I thought I would discuss a few great pouches for guys who need extra room up front. Being a guy with a full package, sometimes underwear just doesn’t contain your package. This can be good and bad. Bad because it limits your choices in underwear.


Cocksox – CX01

This pouch from Cocksox, was one of the first pouches I ever fell in love with. It’s designed to really hold you well. It will also show off what you have! So I have to be careful where I wear them. It’s usually around the house, running errands or weekends. Sometimes it’s not great to wear to work. Some, this isn’t an issue because of your situation or you just like to show off. This pouch is for guys who want everything to stay in place!

Sukrew Joey Tartan Full Brief

Sukrew Brief

There are a ton of different colors and prints in the Sukrew line. They are one of the newest brands on the market. However, they are making underwear like pros. It’s really hard to believe they have only been at it a few years. Their pouch lets you hang naturally. I don’t know how much design work went into this pouch but is amazing. It doesn’t show off under pants that much. Well, as much as I had noticed.  Really any of their styles (except the U design which has no pouch) are great. We given an honorable mention to the Sprints (longer boxer briefs).


N2N Bodywear N-Hance Pouch

Speaking of a brand that’s been around. N2N Bodywear has created the N-Hance Pouch. The good thing is this pouch is on many of the lines N2N produces. It’s designed in a way to give you amazing support and enhance as well. Unlike other pouches this is a bit looser. You will have some movement and freedom. The Studio Groove line is new of the most recent lines the N-hance pouch is featured.

These pouches run from Tight, Looser, and medium. It’s all a personal preference. I like all three types of pouches. It really depends on my mood. Cocksox holds it all in and great for being active. The Sukrew briefs are great for work. The N2N N-Hance are great for all the above and lounging at home!

We will bring you more soon in the endowed series.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. I so appreciate this Well Endowed series! I know I’m finding it a little late, but it’s going to be super helpful to me as I make the much-needed change to briefs. Thanks for this info!

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