If the brand name 2wink or the sizzling hot jockbrief with front and rear cutouts didn’t give you a clue to what they’re really selling, the name Fuckjock surely has to grab your attention. The Aussie brand is not shy whatsoever about putting sexuality front and center in everything they do. Their newest release makes that well known from start to finish.

Available in sultry combos of red with black trim and waistband, as well as black with red trim, this jockbrief is all about ‘access’. The front features a keyhole cutout just below the waist, convenient for any quick access you need. The rear highlights an opening clearly designed and marketed for fun. You can do pretty much anything in these sexy undies, and that’s not an exaggeration. Or a bad thing.

Yes, the rear is a jockbrief similiar to what you’ve seen before. But 2wink makes no attempt to hide the fact that these briefs are built for the times when you want to have sexy undies be a part of the action. And with the cutouts front and rear, plus the in your face name, this is explicitly being marketed as a special pair of undies. To make these even better, they’re made out of a soft, stretchy bamboo/cotton blend that stretches and cradles you perfectly. You’ll look amazing from all angles in this pair!

2wink may not be a mainstream brand here in the US, but with free worldwide shipping(!!), these are too hot to miss. Get them now and watch the reaction when someone special gets ‘access’ to the hottest brief this season.

BRAND: 2wink Underwear
PAIR: Fuck Jock
COLORS: Black or Red
FABRIC: silky soft bamboo / cotton mix
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $19.95 AUD
LINK: 2wink Underwear Fuck Jock


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