HOM Freddy String Thong

Rating: 8.6/10

Daily Fit: 8/10
Sizing: 8/10
Construction: 10/10
Styling: 9/10
Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: Overall a pretty comfortable thong, well made
Cons: Haven’t come across US retailer, so international shipping, limited colors
Recommendation: If it is one that interests you, give it a try. I like Doreanse Euro thong better since the pouch is narrower (Not as roomy as Freddy if you need room though). Plus it is available from a US retailer and even a little cheaper.

The Freddy Thong from HOM has been around for a long time. I’ve been thinking about trying it for years. Thanks to UNBTim, I finally got my chance. I have a few swim bikini briefs from them and a swim thong. All of which I like the fit and style of. The Freddy string is my first pair of HOM underwear. I like to describe this type of a thong as a cross between a g-string and a traditional thong. Also it kind of fits into the v-string category, but without the matching side width to the tail width. Any how it has a 3/16” string that attaches the pouch to the back. You get the traditional thong look in the back when wearing them, but the g-string type tail between the cheeks.

Overall it is a nice thong. I’ve found sometimes I have to get these adjusted right. Once I do they typically stay pretty comfortable to wear and would be a nice everyday thong. I don’t see it being a good one to wear for athletics or something really active. It has the excellent everyday nonworkout time support. I wore it lounging and doing errands and performed well with those activities. The pouch has a center-seamed, so has some contouring. The fabric has stretch and is what I’m going to call full frontal coverage. It should hold most packages within it. The fabric is a blend of 93% cotton and 7% elastance, which I’ve seen different fabric content listed for these. My tag has the stated blend. The sides of these are about one ¼” wide. I find it to be a pretty good fit all the way around in a medium. The size chart says 34-inch waist for medium and 32 inch for a small. I float around 32 and 33, so I say pay attention to the size chart. I’ve seen some recommendations of ordering up a size on them.

The colors selection is very limited that I’ve come across in these. For how long they’ve been around I would think there would be more color options. It seems your choice is red, blue, black, and white. I haven’t come across a US retailer selling the brand HOM, so there is International shipping to get a pair. If you are interested in this style, you may want to check out Doreanse Euro thong. It’s a pretty similar cut, and there are US retailers selling it. Main differences are it is a micro modal fabric, and the pouch isn’t as roomy as the Freddy. Both are good options in this particular style.

Brand: HOM
Made: France
Pair: Freddy String – Blue
Colors: White, Black, Blue, Red
Fabric: 93% Cotton and 7% Elastance
Sizes: XS – XL
Cost: $14.27
Where to buy: Dead Good Undies


Hi, I'm Nate from The Bottom Drawer. I’m a husband and father that just happens to be avid about bikinis and thongs. The craze started in my late teens and continues.


  1. I might have to try this one, however I primarily wear thongs for athletic activity and this sounds like more of a lounge thong

    • It’s one I wouldn’t wear for activities that involve running. Though maybe I like more support than necessary. They’d be fine for walking, hiking, weight training type of activities. But I also usually avoid cotton when I’ll be getting sweaty and these are mostly cotton.

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