As we ease into 2018, the UNB Staff has each made a resolution to try a couple of new styles throughout the year. We all have our different likes and dislikes, and hopefully, you will be able to find one of us to relate to and reach out to for underwear advice. Read below to see if our resolutions are anything like ours, and don’t hesitate to let us know if we’ve missed something that you think we need to be looking at throughout the year!

 UNB Ryan:

Two brands I really want to try in 2018 are Body Aware and JOR. I am attracted to the variety of styles each designer offers for different reasons. Body Aware offers many styles that blur the line between male and female, as well as masculine and feminine. Body Aware uses numerous styles and fabrics I think would make any guy feel sexy. Jor offers a modern approach to underwear and swimwear with daring styles and vibrant color choices. I am particularly interested in trying out some of their workout wear. I love the feel and look of a sexy thong paired with a set of skin-tight leggings in the gym, and can’t wait to try some this year!

 UNB Tim:

The brand I want to try this year is L’Homme Invisible. They are a brand we have covered over the years. They have a unique design aesthetic. They are creating lingerie for men. Not that it’s all lace and such but it’s to make the man feel sexy. I have asked a few people about the brand and they all love brands. Men’s underwear is more than everyday wear. We need underwear that makes us feel sexy and fun. I think this brand will make me feel sexy and awesome. My goal this year is to try more brands outside the US. This will be the first of many to come!


Underwear Dude:

This year I am looking to keep doing what I’ve been doing for the last few years, keep trying new brands and getting more from my favorites. I don’t have any brands, in particular, I’ll have to see what catches my eye this year. Though I do have a Cocksox gift card waiting for me to decide what to get with it. As for styles, I’ve tried most of them already. I am thinking about wearing the few jocks I have more often this year to try and see if I actually like the style or not.

UNB Mike:

Brands and styles I want to try in 2018:

Cellblock 13 – I love the sporty/fetish look and the color combos are great.

Body Aware – They have some awesome lace pairs that I really want to try. There are also some cuts like their tangas that look super hot. I’ve never had anything from them so I’m up for trying any (and all!) pairs.

Modus Vivendi – There are so many great pairs and lines that I want to try here! The hip-hop 90s and Dali pairs look awesome, and they’re about the only brand that does lace in awesome masculine colors.

Colors – I’ve come to the realization that a lot of my underwear is black. I probably pick that a lot because it’s usually a default color option, plus it always looks sleek, classy and sexy as hell. But I’d really like to venture out into some more colors this year. The brands above all have great color options so I don’t see that being a problem.

Fetish/gear – Already covered somewhat with Cellbock, but I’m really drawn to the sporty and kinky side of some of the fetish and gear options. I love that most people consider it to be so outlandish and wild and they could never picture someone they know wearing it. There are so many options with leather, lace, neoprene, black, colors, sporty, super kinky, etc. Bring it all on this year!

The Bottom Drawer:

I’ve been eyeing some of the more expensive brands like Olaf Benz, Manstore, and Gregg Homme. They have some bikinis and thongs that look pretty nice. Plus I’ve heard positive things about the brands. I probably won’t be splurging on them though. A brand I may give a try this year is Modus Vivendi. Their low cut and mini briefs have been drawing my attention in both underwear and swimwear. I also like their unique take with their marketing photos for some of their lines. Last year I tried Bruno Banani for the first time. The fit of the thong I tried impressed me. Now I wouldn’t mind trying one of their tanga briefs. There are lots out there I’d like to try, but these are a few on my radar.

The Thonged Ginger:

I’m very happy with my thongs and a few other choices, but I would like to get a Brazilian cut bikini, those look pretty sexy.

Joe Snyder Bulge thong– I have heard a lot of good things about these thongs and i want to try them for myself.

Mckillop– these just look good to me for some reason and I want to give them a try.

These are the big brands the rest are smaller manufacturers.



I actually have tried one pair of Ergowear – a thong that was a gift.  However, it’s definitely a size too small so I’m not counting it as a real shot.  Their underwear looks nice and simple but the pouch is pretty unusual.  I like having room up front and have definitely become more particular about pouches over the past few years.  For me, I have everyday underwear and “fun” underwear and Ergowear seems like it might be a good blend of both.

The first pair I would try: the Suave Bikini.


I’ve been coming across JOR here and there for years and just haven’t pulled the trigger.  Next time they’re having a great sale, I will have to get a pair.  I have always thought their brand was fun, from the waistband to all to colors/combinations.  Again, most of their stuff is pretty simple in style/cut, but with a twist that might make an everyday pair just a bit more fun.

The first pair I would try: the Soft Navy Bikini & the Tayrona Bikini.


I do have some Bodyaware that I received for review through this site.  I’ve always told UNB Tim I’m open to reviewing any style – so he sent me something I’d never tried!  Let me say that I have an underwear obsession, but am not into women’s underwear.  I’ve meet many guys that are, and that’s cool, but it just isn’t my thing.  So, I never really thought I would like something from Bodyaware, but after wearing the Greek God, it definitely got me interested in trying more of their gear.  A lot of their stuff really is lingerie for men, and in a world of basic bitches who only wear black boxer briefs, I love that there’s a brand that will go WAY outside the box and create styles that clearly have a demand, but might not be as socially acceptable.

The first pair I would try: the Rare Earth Thong and the Glistening Satin G-String.

I hope that you are able to take some inspiration from one of us before we get too far into the year. If you have any questions about any of the styles above, or if you have a suggestion about a style you’d like to see featured in the future, please drop us a line and let us know!



  1. I’m with UNB Ryan on the pairing of a thong with leggings at the gym. I teach group fitness, and one of my formats requires “no loose clothing”. It took me about a year to get comfortable with it, but I wear my leggings with a thong underneath proud in front of my classes! 1) the thong keeps the leggings against the skin, so they don’t slide down. 2) anything else underneath is just too much and the leggings will bunch them up. 3) no need to wear anything over the leggings if they fit right (bonus if there’s a little bulge too)!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you choose from Olaf Benz and Gregg Homme.

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