I found my love of thongs many years ago, both as underwear and swimwear.  For obvious reasons like many others, my interest started out as a rush that I would get when putting on a pair of sexy underwear, but it has become so much more than that for me now.  I wear underwear that makes me feel good, just as we dress nicely to make us feel better about ourselves.  For me putting on a pair of well-fitting undies is no different than when I put on a dressy shirt or slide on a well-crafted pair of shoes.  When something feels good, it makes you feel good.  Period.  And when you feel good, it makes others notice that you are confident about yourself.

I started posting pictures to social media sometime last summer, and for all the wrong reasons.  I began posting pictures to Instagram last year for attention, and not to share my love of thongs and other underwear.  I was quickly consumed with getting as many likes as possible instead of promoting brands, normalizing well fitting underwear for men, and talking and answering questions about what to wear and where to find it!  I met Tim from UNB over Instagram last summer who gave me an outlet in the form of blogging that has allowed me to express my interests and share with others without simply showing off pictures of myself in skimpy undies.  I now use a mix of personal and stock photos paired with opinions, brand awareness, and underwear reviews to share my interests with a very wide audience!

I have taken my leadership courses throughout my career and one of the things I have heard from many presenters as a tactic to conquer the fear of public speaking is to picture everyone in their underwear.  It is supposed to normalize everyone and make you feel more at ease.  I have taken that to heart and incorporated another step in that I use my underwear to boost my own confidence as well.  Knowing that when we get ready to go to a job interview or have a big meeting at work we all tend to dress to the nines that we are subconsciously doing so for our benefit and not anyone else’s wearing nice underwear is just like wearing a nice pair of socks, a sharp tie, or a polished pair of shoes.  It simply adds to the whole ‘put-together” look that is portrayed by many successful and confident men.  Feeling good about yourself is one of the first steps to showing others that you are confident in yourself and your actions!

I wear thongs almost exclusively on the beach and to the pool.  I absolutely wear them because I love being in the sun and the tan lines they leave!  Being as free as you are when wearing nothing but a thong outdoors is one of my favorite feelings in the world.  I don’t have any interest in being nude on the beach-I really enjoy the feeling of wearing a thong, as well as all of the different color and design choices we have to choose from to express ourselves.  Also, knowing that I am wearing something so tiny in public where it isn’t expected is quite the rush, but definitely isn’t the main reason I wear them!

To recap, wearing sexy underwear is the first step to building my confidence from the base level.  I enjoy the way that I look and feel when wearing a nice pair of thong underwear, and knowing that nobody but me knows that I have them on under my slacks at work is pretty fun too!  I know it kinda breaks up the monotony of the business workplace for me knowing that I am not following the “norms” of society.  I want to continue to share my love and interest of thongs with others and help to normalize guys wearing thongs and other types of sexy undies!


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