So for this week, our Editor-in-Chief Tim wanted us to write on ways underwear has empowered us or given us confidence. Rather than talk about the typical “Wearing sexy underwear helps me feel more confident” concept, I took this idea in a slightly different direction.
I’ve never really been happy with my body. I’m short and skinny, not the type of guy you see as an action hero star. Underwear has helped me make peace with myself somewhat over my body image. It’s extremely unlikely for me to find a shirt, let alone pants, that fit me well in a physical store. Underwear is the only article of clothing that I can walk into a store, buy something in my size, and know it will fit me. That is a much bigger deal than at first glance.
Additionally, underwear helps me feel more confident about my body type. With short legs, I don’t feel the boxer-brief style that dominates popular culture these days looks that good on me. Thankfully, I have discovered the world of designer underwear, where I have plenty of other options than just boxer-briefs. I can wear pairs like bikinis and thongs not simply for their sex appeal, but for how I feel they work with my body type. Since I can’t really make myself have longer legs, might as well wear something that makes them look longer, right? Going with pairs that have practically no thigh coverage helps that out.
So while yes, wearing sexy underwear can sometimes give me confidence in myself as a person, that it can make me feel better about the body I inhabit as well as distinct and just as important.
In what ways does underwear give you confidence or empowers you?

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