Tell our readers a little bit about you. What made you get into modeling? When did you first model underwear/swimwear?

A: It was kind of a fluke, actually. I friend of mine Facebook messaged me one day, suggesting that I’d be good for a project and to call our local talent agent. Fortunately, I knew who she was. So, I wrote her a note, and she got back to me saying that while the job was cast, she had already thought of working with me. It was kind of serendipitous. I went down and saw her and she added me to her roster. Since then, I’ve done local and regional commercials mostly, and some print. Also, I’ve done a TV pilot, and been considered for some L.A. projects. I’ve always been around media. Both my parents were involved in journalism at one point in their lives, and I studied it, too. I had already been in radio and had appeared on TV, mostly for charitable purposes or for interviews. And I had been involved in documentary production and event production, too. I was also the head of an orchestra association, planning big concerts and other productions. My training took me into public speaking at a young age, and I’ve done a lot of emceeing of events and have hosted events, such as fashion shows. I was even the emcee for a small revue. But, I think, the biggest influence was having been a figure skater from a young age. I found that after my nerves settle, I love performance. I love production. But, honestly, this is my first time modeling swimwear or underwear. Being into athletics and fitness probably has given me the confidence.

You just shot with us in Vegas, what was that shoot like? How did the shoot go?

A: Yes, I did. Well, it was really, again, kind of serendipitous how it all happened. The photographer, German Arementa, and I had wanted to work together for about a year. But he is centered in Mexico City. So, it was really about finding the right time and place. Fortunately, he was going to be in Las Vegas, and I live in Reno, Nevada. So, the stars aligned for us in that sense, but the bonus was that German works with Tim Goleman who runs this blog. What resulted was a collaboration. German is a dear man and a good director. That made the shoot easier under the circumstances of my traveling to Las Vegas and fitting into a short window of time to get the photographs done. German had other shoots and a fashion expo to attend, as did Tim. Admittedly, I was a bit tired, and we rushed to shoot. But I think the result is good. At least I hope so. Of course, it helps to have great brands to model.

What other types of modeling have you done? Have you done underwear/swimwear modeling before?

A: As I mentioned before, this is my first time modeling swimwear or underwear professionally. I started my own small collection of swimwear a few years ago and, it’s true I like to wear Speedo-type styles on the beach, but that was really the extent of my public “exposure” before this opportunity. Before this, I had done mostly commercials and some print and a few local fashion shows, but not for swimwear or underwear.

Outside of modeling and working out what do you do in your downtime? What are your hobbies and interests? 

A: I’m a big community advocate, and I spend a lot of time trying to promote positive change in Nevada, especially Northern Nevada. I’ve started a few organizations, such as the Northern Nevada LGBTQ Leadership Alliance (NALA) and the Nevada Interfaith Coalition for Equality and Inclusion (NiCE). I also proposed and spearheaded the creation of the Human Rights Commission for the City of Reno, a project that took a few years to realize. Some people say I’m a social influencer or thought leader. I wouldn’t classify myself as such. I just know that my mission is to help do good in the world using compassion and charity of heart as the foundation for creative and holistic ways of healing a suffering world, especially in such unprecedented times as these. I love being around people and being in community, so the Coronavirus pandemic is perhaps especially difficult for me to adjust to in terms of that, but I find ways using all the amazing technology we have at our fingertips. I’m very lucky to have that ability to do that.

What type of fitness regime do you do to keep in shape, and does it change when you do a shoot? 

A: I should have mentioned before that I really enjoy the gym, and I’m missing the experience during this somewhat dark days of pandemic. But, again, there are creative ways to stay fit. Mostly, I focus on body building-type workouts, but now I’m incorporating short runs and resistance training at home with bands, dumbbells and kettlebells. Circuit training really works. I used to run quite a bit, so it’s good to get back to nature as well. When the Coronavirus scare is over, and let’s pray that it’s soon, I think one of the positive outcomes is the reset even fitness wise that will impact my future. Do I change my routine when I’m preparing for a shoot? Yes, if it can be anticipated then a mini-cut to lean out a bit is what I prefer. But the shoot with German was not anticipated. We had to seize the moment. Ironically, I had been trying to bulk up after having reduced my caloric intake for a few months before, so I was kind of in-between.

Models can’t always eat great what is your favorite guilty pleasure in food?

A: I try to eat pretty well most of the time. I love burritos and doughnuts.

We are an underwear blog so what makes up your underwear drawer?

A: I like a variety. One for every occasion! Actually, I’m picky. I treat underwear like anything else I wear. It needs to fit and look right. I have Andrew Christian, 2(X)ist, Papi, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Buffalo and, of course, Jor and Cocksox. I am a super fan of underwear and swimwear — I like clothing and accessories in general — so the more the merrier.

What is one word that describes you? 


What is a fact about you that would surprise our readers?

I was a figure skater, and starred in a holiday extravaganza on ice as the Nutcracker. I won’t say when that was. 

Where can our readers find you on the net and social media?

Facebook, IG, Twitter. I have a Snapchat, but rarely use it. Am I aging myself? All my handles are my name

I discovered Black Rose Photography on Instagram. I think he’s going to do some great things in photography. I wanted to interview him and share some of his work.

What got you interested in Photography?
I’ve always liked photography. When I was growing up and in high school it’s when social media started taking off (Myspace and early Facebook days) everyone around me had little point and shoot cameras and were taking pics with their friends. I didn’t really have friends so instead, I got a camera for myself one birthday and started taking pics of the objects around me which is where it really started. I really got into photography on a professional level in college though thanks to one of my professors and ever since then, I haven’t been able to put down a camera.

As an up and coming photographer who influences your work?
I have a lot of influences from local photographers in my area to the big time professionals. Mark Henderson, Freddy Krave, Mike Ruiz, David Laffe, Erika Wagner aka The Drag Photographer, Joel Deverux & Ethan James just to name a few when it comes to bigger names.

I discovered you on Instagram, you photograph all a diverse group of guys, why is diversity important to you in your models?
Its important because when you live in a society that more often than not celebrates only one kind of person or body people tend to get discouraged and look down on themselves physically and even who they are as a person. I will also fully admit that I can certainly do better in representing even more diversity in my portfolio, its a work in progress. Representation is more important than people may think.

Do you have any regular models you currently work with? If so who are they?
There are a few such as my friends Slim, Roman, Jason, Teo, Pheonix etc. There’s a good deal of them and I try to space them out as much as possible so no one gets too bored with anyone haha.

You do a lot of work with underwear. Are there. Any brands you like shooting your models in or specific styles?
One of my favorite brands is Marco Marco and I love shooting in jocks or briefs. I also love the Versace brand underwear and swimwear would love more in my collection (but they are very expensive haha)

Do you have a favorite shoot you have done recently?
I like many of my shoots for different reasons so I definitely can’t pick a current fave at this time. Although I really do enjoy doing the erotic dou shoots when I have a chance.

If you could work with any underwear brand and any model which would you like to work with?
Marco Marco is definitely the brand I would choose and as for model….wow there’s just too many. Although I do have a particular thing for adult film star Alam Wernick is high on the list.

What is your biggest photographic accomplishment and what are your long-term goals?
I am pretty proud of photographing some of the biggest names in drag from queens of RuPaul’s drag race and other well-known queens. I’ve also been published twice in the popular LGBTQ news source known as The Advocate. As far as goals I just want to continue to perfect my craft. I have so much work I want to accomplish and I definitely want to travel with my camera and expand my influence beyond Florida where I currently am.

Where can our readers find you and your work?
My official website is
Instagram & Twitter: @BlackRosePhotog

One photographer doing something different is Lucas Murnaghan. He’s going underwater to capture his art! Lucas shoots his models underwater. He captures amazing images that make you wonder, “How did he get that shot?”  He first came across my radar on Instagram. His artistic vision and eye for detail made his pictures stand out. I knew we had to interview him here on UNB.

Hi Lucas, how did you get into doing underwater photography? 

I started with surf photography but after a few years found myself looking for some new challenges.  I had all the gear and wanted to find a way to shoot more often during the long cold winters here in Toronto.  I approached a local water polo club and swim team, and they welcomed me to shoot during one of their practices.  That early work evolved into my current style, and I’ve been exploring new possibilities ever since.

When did you put the underwater photography with swimwear/underwear? (If different) 

The underwater work was a natural tie in for swimwear, and I was lucky to work with a few brands early on who provided me with the product to highlight underwater.  Underwear, of course, isn’t much different from swimwear from a photographic standpoint and works well in my shoots from an aesthetic standpoint.  I tend to prefer more classic colours and styles, though have had some fun with more vibrant prints and daring cuts.

Your photography is creative. How do you come up with your inspiration and ideas for your shoots? 

My photography is my creative and artistic outlet.  It wasn’t until I started to do it that I even realized that I had a creative side.  My photography is an expression of what goes on inside my head and who knows where that stuff comes from!

One picture that I thought was amazing was the 57 member water polo team. How did you arrange that and execute it? The picture is impressive! 

This was the Triggerfish Waterpolo Club.  They were the first team I worked with when I first started doing underwater photography.  With the leadership of the club, we came up with the idea for an underwater team photo.  This was a tremendous undertaking and took a lot of preparation and direction.  We must have shot for nearly two hours before we pulled off this shot.  Needless to say, we were all pretty thrilled with the final product.

Being that you shoot underwater, do you or your models have issues holding your breath to get the perfect shot? 

Doing an underwater photoshoot presents all sorts of technical and physical challenges.  I choose to shoot without any SCUBA equipment because I want to experience the shoot as my subjects do.  We work together on our timing and get into a rhythm which makes this the best way to communicate and work together.  Some models are more comfortable than others at the outset – but I take that as one of my personal challenges to bring everyone up to a level of comfort that we can achieve our artistic vision.

Your work is mainly in pools, do you prefer the look of a pool over lakes or oceans? 

I started with my underwater work in the middle of the winter in Toronto, Canada, so pools were a natural place to start.  I always figured I’d ‘practice’ in pools and then move into lakes and oceans and leave the pools behind.  The truth is that I have fallen in love with pools as an environment.  Growing up as a swimmer and water polo player – I have a nostalgic relationship with these locations and facilities and being able to portray them in a different way has been a huge part of the experience for me.

Have you thought of doing a book with your amazing work? 

I am currently working on a coffee table book of my work – this is a huge project and very intimidating goal for me.  I have enjoyed introducing my work to the world through social media, but I look forward to presenting it in a more curated narrative in print format.

Where can our readers see your amazing work?

The best place to follow along my work on a daily basis is through my Instagram page (@lucasmurnaghan).  For finished products and prints for sale – my website is

Follow Lucas on Social media and visit his site:

interview-IV-neotrunkFor a second there, I thought I was dreaming. How can it be that since my start at UNB I have not only met some amazing underwear enthusiasts, but now I’m receiving pairs for reviews! It is kind of like dying and going to heaven, except not as dramatic.

I digress. For the duration of this review I will be covering the Interview IV Neotrunk from Interview Brand Underwear. When Tim sent out the list of pairs the team would be reviewing, I was a little surprised: Interview was not a brand previously known to me, something that doesn’t happen too terribly often. However, it only took a Google search for me to get really, really excited.Based in Los Angeles (woo!) Interview features a wide selection of underwear styles from trunks to jockstraps, many of which come in fun and attractive colors. Mine were no exception; the Neotrunk pair I received was a royal blue color with yellow around the thigh and white around the waistband. The colors were amazing right out of the packaging, and I appreciated the contrast. To the touch the nylon feels amazing; almost like silk…all of these things I noticed and appreciated before I had even put them on!

For reviews, I really try to put a pair through the ringer; and choose to wear them on days when I know I will be doing the most of everything. This pair was spared no grief and went through a whole day of work at school as well as night celebrations with my friends and boyfriend. Overall, the pair was a great success. I mentioned before the vibrancy of the colors: these held up when I put them on and I discovered that I quite like the look of blue around my butt-I don’t have many pairs in any color close to it so I enjoyed that newness. The yellow thighbands and white waistband help give this pair an edgy sporty look, and would make it appropriate for date night or another day at the office.

Tim sent me a large and I think this was a good choice. Since they weren’t too small, I got to avoid a lot of the “riding up” that would have occurred if I had gone with a medium, and it meant my thighs didn’t appear to have muffin tops of their own from being too restricted. The 90% nylon make up of this pair also meant that I had plenty of ventilation breathing room as I went throughout my day; keeping in mind again that I am constantly running around being chased by children. I was especially appreciative of this considering the absolute heat wave Los Angeles experience the week I received the pair; I hardly sweat at all and the pair didn’t feel like I was wearing another layer of clothes that trapped heat.

One quick note before I wrap this up: it is very common for underwear (especially trunks) to come with a seam down the middle of the pouch like they do in this pair from Interview. What I’ve noticed is that this pouch caters to a specific type of man, the man who tucks his junk forwards, away from his body. This seam, while also providing support, enhances the look of a mans pouch and make it look more pronounced. That being said, what about those of us who tuck our junk towards our body?

Often times I find that this seam leaves us with a little bit of an unsightly pucker because the pouch isn’t filled out like it was meant to. While this is really just a prefrancing issue, I could see why someone would be frustrated by the way this looks (or what it would look like to someone else) and on a personal level, I try to avoid this style. I can’t level this as a negative aspect of this pair and this pair alone, as I mentioned this is common in hundreds of styles and brands. But it is something I noticed while wearing this pair; not that it changed my overall opinion of it in the slightest.

Overall, the Neotrunk from Interview is a great, versatile pair of underwear that would function well at work, the gym or at play. Priced at a cool $21.00 this trunk also comes in at a pretty reasonable price and would be a great choice for anyone looking for a solid pair of undies. So in summary:


  • Great colors give it an athletic but fun look
  • True to size
  • Material is super lightweight and airy


  • Nylon feels like it could rip very easily



  • Daily Fit: 8
  • Sizing: 8
  • Construction/Materials: 7
  • Styling            : 7
  • Overall: 7.5

These were furnished by Interview for review.


We got the chance to interview photog Tom Cullis! You may know his work from Timoteo, DNA Magazine and more. He’s done a lot of great work in the world of men’s underwear so we were thrilled that he agreed to the interview!

I have seen your work for the last few years, how did you get into Photography?

I got into photography like most people, you take a few lucky shots, you get excited, you get addicted you discover that it has become your lifestyle. I had the good fortune to assist and co shoot with a number of remarkable professional photographers over the years as well as training in college. Aside from learning a great deal from school and assisting there is no substitute for shooting every day and making mistakes to become proficient and a skilled professional.

What is your inspiration for your photography?

My career as a private practice Physical Therapist working on professional level athletes and stage performing artists was my inspiration. The aesthetic beauty of the athlete and the theatrical excitement of a stage actor was all the inspiration I needed. Watching hours of rehearsals backstage and how the theater creates emotion with stage lighting inspired much of the creative lighting I use on my shoots. All of my best teachers in photography had the same common thread of advice. He who controls the light controls the image.

You have your own style in photography (very clean and bright), did it progress naturally or did you develop it over the years?

I think that all photographers progress and adapt with time and practice. For my personal work I prefer fantasy, themes and dramatic lighting to create a story within an image. My peers have frequently said that I am more of a storyteller than a photographer and I take that as a great compliment. When a client is requesting a product shoot I try to put a story into the shoot if possible to make it more interesting to the viewer. In the case of shooting underwear, there is a significant amount of money and time involved in launching a new line and it is critical the photographer puts the product in the spotlight. I know that some ads will go for a very artistic feel or heavy shadows or props but if you cant see the label, contrast stitching, shape of the pouch, unique waist band or correct color or texture of the fabric you have not provided vital information. Over the years I have photographed so many remarkable models for underwear and swim product shots. Fans of my work have the impression that an underwear shoot with a sexy model is an erotic adventure. In reality these poor guys are sweating it to keep things pulled together (breathing, flexing, relaxing the face, balancing on an uneven surface, keeping the junk in place and making it all look fun and effortless). The photographer is looking at exposure, wrinkles in the garment and the model, angles, light, expression, waist band placement, body language, hair, background, contrast). When it is all perfect you take the shot, change and do it all over again. I have much better suggestions for my fans if they want a job with an erotic experience for sure.

Over the last few years you have shot some really great pics for Timoteo, how did that relationship come about?

I have known Timoteo for many many years. He is first a dear friend and secondly a brilliant designer. As a secret that I
might share, Timoteo can whip out an outstanding wedding gown for his niece, or prom dress for his cousin with amazing skill. That in my opinion is true talent. Timoteo was my major influence and teacher in learning what a client needs when your are doing a product shot. I have enjoyed years of really fun projects with Timoteo as well as his journey through so many designs and colors. You can’t get that experience in a classroom.

It is also important for designers to use a variety of photographers to keep the line looking fresh, different and interesting. Too much of any one model or photographer is boring. I am a firm believer in variety and taking chances. As discussed earlier, a designer like Timoteo has to make sure that every new model and photographer he works with understands his style and produces a shot that sells and is not below the high standard he has established.

Are we going to see more pictures from this relationship soon?

I always get excited when Timoteo sneaks me a new sample (underwear, swim, fitness, jeans, shirts). I never know what color shape, size or concept is next. I place a high value in his trust in me to produce an image that he feels proud to post for his advertising campaigns. Remember designers frequently work insane hours to make this clothing line happen. A bad photo shoot is a big disappointment.

Do you have any favorite models you enjoy working with?

I have my favorite model list, which wild horses could not drag out of me for this interview. It would take a whole new interview to discuss the unusual, unexpected, didn’t see that coming, hilarious things that have happened on an underwear product shoot. I was personally responsible for many of the unexpected experiences due to my bad habit of flirting with the unknown, slippery wet things, public places and lack of respect for waves, wind and sun. Aside from that it was all good most of the time. I let my fans pick the favorite model for me.

What has been your favorite shoot you have done?

If I had to single out my favorite shoot it would be with one of a series of experiences with the never boring Ben Godfre and things always got worse if Timoteo was present because we are a very dangerous combination to put in one location. Ben attended college here in Newport and was available to shoot in between work and homework for test concepts. Water, wind, mud, sand, desert, ocean, domestic, international. Ben is not afraid of anything. Timoteo is just as bad and I can’t resist that opportunity. I will be releasing that not fit for prime time work in an upcoming book. I don’t know if it was our best commercial work but it was really fun! I regret we did not videotape those escapades.

Do you have any advice for up and coming photographers?

My advice for up coming photographers? Make sure you are passionate about doing this kind of work. You have to be willing to shoot the not fun stuff sometimes to pay for the fun times. Don’t get into a comfortable rut and shoot the same thing you have perfected, go places that will push you to grow. Be realistic about how to be a good businessman. It is fun to take pictures for a hobby but if you are going to do it as a business you need a plan for success. Research photographers in your spare time. Use to cell phone to record concepts in your day-to-day travels so they are already in your mind when you find that perfect model. Stay humble, appreciative and positive and you will never lack for work.

Find tom at


We got a chance to interview photographer Mike Ruiz. You may know him from his celebrity shoots or his brand new app called “Pretty Masculine”. We talked to him about the new app.

The app “Pretty Masculine” has been out and is full of amazing photography. How did the idea for the app come about?
Pretty Masculine was inspired by my desire to reinterpret and deconstruct the idea of how masculinity is defined by society. I started the project as a coffee table book, and based on its success, decided to take it a step further. I sought (and continue to seek) to redefine that which has become stereotypical. It not only encompasses males anymore. It’s about looking at everyone from a different vantage point–it’s about considering how we look at and interpret different people from all walks of life.

Pictures in the app take a lot of time to set up (body paint, hair, etc), how long is an average session for one shoot?
There’s no simple answer to that question. From planning to execution to post production, it takes a VERY long time. Make up alone in and of itself may take three  to four hours…The focus is really on the finished product. It’s completely an artistic endeavor. Art for art’s sake, I’d say.

Pretty Masculine is very creative in the shoots in the app, where do you get the ideas for each model?
The ideas come from various sources. Some of them germinate out of my imagination, others are part of a collective collaboration between myself and each of the artists involved.

Have there been any ideas that were too complex to do for a shoot for the app?
Granted, some ideas behind the images (at least in my opinion) have translated better than others but the execution of all the ideas have, by and large, come together pretty seamlessly. In my opinion, no idea is too complex, when there is the will to execute them.

What have been some of the shoots more memorable shoots for the app?
Every shoot has proven to be memorable. They each have become a journey of discovery for me. The excitement I felt creating the very first shoots were great but each subsequent one has been equally gratifying. Sometimes it has been hearing the stories behind the various models and artists that has provoked some inspiration in me, or at times, it’s just been the wonderment of seeing so much talent gathered in one room for a common cause bringing to fruition an extraordinary project. Not to mention involving important people in my life, such as my dad, my partner and even my sweet pitbull Oliver!

Do you have a favorite picture in the app or is it like asking to pick your favorite child?
Absolutely impossible to show any favoritism. There is no one picture I could separate from any of the others. They are all an intrinsic part of me.

How often do you update the app with new content?
The app is updated with new content every three or four weeks. The way I see it, it is as a fully interactive gallery where the user can revisit and see new additions to a constantly evolving exhibition of work in progress.

Is there someone model/celebrity/actor you would love to shoot for the app? If so what would you do with them for the picture?
If I felt like it was right for the project, I’d never say no to including celebrities into the Pretty Masculine app but that’s not really the direction that the app is going for. I have become  fairly established as a photographer who shoots plenty of celebrities (and known for doing transformations on them), so I wanted this to become a platform for something different. The purpose of the Pretty Masculine project has been to do really hone in on the unexpected. I feel that in time, as the project continues to evolve, people will see this. They will get to experience with me, in real time, the arc of my work in deconstructing societal preconceptions of masculinity and femininity. That is, showing the inner beauty and uniqueness of people from all walks of life. However, that being said, celebrities are just like you and me…so, why not? Maybe at some point I’ll ask some if they want to jump on board (smiles).

Lastly, I will ask this for some of our readers, are you going to have an android app?
Definitely! My developers have been working on putting together a version of the app that will be compatible with Android devices as well. Stay tuned! It’s coming soon. Promise!

Find Mike at his website, and find the app at the App Store –

Pictures: Top picture make-up was done by Dani Fonseca. Below left make up by Miguel Reyes. The other two top row pics feature Garcon Model and models Michael Toscano and Mike Rashid

We had an opportunity to talk to Eric the Head Baskit Maker over at Baskit Undies. The talk was going to be on the extension on the Body Art line, but we talked about a lot more. We talked about the other lines, how he started at the company and much more.

The first thing we talked about was the extension of the Body Art line. The line, he said, originated when he was in London and noticed a guy at his gym who was covered from head to toe in tattoos. He would see the guy in the gym a lot and one day he asked the guy could they use his tattoos as the inspiration of the new line. The gentleman agreed and they took some pics and came out with the line. The original closely matched the guy’s tattoos with blackish/blue tint. The line turned out to be one of the best sellers. They then came out with the newer cyan based line. As you can see by the pictures here, the line is a little brighter and fun. And no matter what style of underwear you like, they make it in all. From boxer briefs, briefs to jocks, any style you would want to wear.

Some other updates include changes to the Action Cool line. The original mesh was one that may not have been comfortable to wear all day. After some research they re-launched the brand with 100% cotton mesh that became conducive to daily wear. There are perfect for working out or someone who has a very active day. The Action cool line is available in Black, Bronze Green, Brown Stone, Riviera Blue, Vermillion Orange and White. Styling also vary just as much as the colors, you can get the various colors in the Boxer Brief, Sawed off trunk, bikini brief, low rise trunk and jock.

We asked Eric what his best seller has been. He told us it was the pink jockstrap they put out about a year ago. He didn’t expect it to be such a success. They were out for a short time and if you didn’t get one, don’t loose hope, they maybe back soon, but as of yet there are no plans to put them in production. Keep checking the Baskit site and we will let you know when and if it’s released.

They are a company that takes risks in their underwear as well. You may remember the Pin Up line called Beauties they had out earlier in the year. The pictures that used to grace WWII bombers of Pin Up models inspired them. They are a series of boxer briefs with different vintage pin ups on the leg. This is carried over in the Fall 2008 collects for the Beauties and Brawn lines. Both have vintage images on the underwear. Beauties carry over the pin up theme, while Brawn is vintage images of men.

One last thing about their underwear is the sizing. The sizing is based on European sizing. Which means that its a little smaller then true American sizing, but it should not make a major difference. But we would suggest if you’re right on the end of a size, for example, if you’re a 34 and the size is a 32-34, try the next size up. Which makes good sense for any brand you buy. You will be more comfortable.

The company’s lines seem to be always evolving into something fun to wear. They have items you can wear to express your personality to something simple to wear to the gym. For those of you who want something simple the Urban line is one that has a simple waistband and conservative colors. While if you want something to express your self the Body Art, Stripes and Beauties and Brawn lines, will alloy you to bring your personality to your underwear.

The last thing we talked about was how he ended up working in the underwear business. He said he was working for the UK government in London and decided he needed a change. And as fate would have it, through a friend, he met the two owners of Baskit at dinner one night. At that dinner the owners mentioned selling the company. After that conversation he negotiated with them for about six months till they sold the company to him.

Since taking the over, the company has been reinvigorated and new lines have come out. The company now has a distinct vision and direction under Eric. He said on his blog “Already, we’ve placed hundreds of orders nation-wide and will soon reappear in many of the stores which had carried Baskit in the past. I want the brand to be functional, but also fun and sexy, and most importantly, I want guys to get excited about buying and wearing the underwear.” We wish Baskit continued success and look forward to new lines from them soon as well!

We had a chance to talk to 4Boys Gear this past week. If you’re not familiar with 4Boys Gear, they are a new company that is based in the US. They are one of the few underwear manufactures that is truly made in the USA. They have come out with a new and innovative line that is worthy of a look or purchase.

We talked to Jay the President, CEO and Head of Design about the company. The conversation went over an hour. I won’t bore you with a lot of what we talked about (because I found it fascinating and interesting but I know a lot of you wouldn’t), but we covered some ground and I learned a few things about underwear construction that I didn’t know. Which is always a good thing for use here to know how undies are made.

The brand of 4Boys came about when four partners formed the company. They each have a very diverse background, and came together and started a new underwear company. That is how the name came about as well. This 4Boy concept is carried over into their marketing. When you view their site you will see 4 guys in the pictures and advertising.

The line they have come out with is one that is very diverse. They are sure to have something for everyone, from briefs, to boxer briefs and boxers. If you go over and check out their site you will see some of it is very retro. They have taken old concepts and made them into new fresh undies. An example of this is the classic cut brief; it has modern styling but taken from retro looks. I’m sure there are a few out there who remember similar shorts for gym.

One thing that we talked about was quality. 4Boys wants to make the highest quality underwear. This is done through materials, construction and quality assurance. When you purchase 4boys you will notice the quality of the cotton. They use a higher quality then the typical underwear company. This quality is carried over in the construction and the materials used when sewn. One thing we talked about was the tag used in underwear. How they went through many different ones in testing before deciding on the most comfortable tag. There is nothing worse then a tag that drives you crazy and the tags used by 4Boys shouldn’t irritate you in daily wear.

The collection they are offering has many different styles. From briefs, boxer briefs, boxers and shirts. I think the one thing that struck me was the matching sets. Yet these aren’t “matchy matchy” that you go, ah how cute and then think it’s too sweet. They fit well together. The shirt is something you could wear with jeans and the matching briefs below.

Some of the underwear that has really stood out to me are:

  • Soccer Sports Brief
  • Classic Cut Brief
  • Marine Boxer Brief
  • Royal Academy Boxer Brief
  • 3 Jaguars Boxer Brief
  • Regal V Brief
  • Dagger Brief 2 Tone

The last thing that really impressed me with 4Boys is their philosophy:

At 4Boys Gear® Inc., our mission is to design and offer to the public, and to the trade, a full line of men’s under-apparel that compliments the life style of the new and active Modern Urban Male.

Using only fine materials, and making a major commitment to quality control from design to production, our products are stylish and comfortable, as well as durable and lasting for customer satisfaction.

This is topped by the fact they give a percentage of their profits to charity. They have chosen the ONE Campaign. Every quarter they set a side a percentage of their profits for the charity. So they are not just an underwear company, they are a company that is out to help as well.

I hope you will go over and give 4Boys Gear a look and find a few items you would love to have. They are an innovative, creative and caring company. If you go over there tell them your friends at UNB sent you over.

We here at UNB got another interview, this time with Ginch Gonch. I had the honor of talking to Rebecca the Director of Schmoozing. She gave us some insight for the new line and whats coming up for them!

What was the inspiration of the new line? ( and any other interesting facts you can tell me about how it was created):

The Load’n & Dump’n line is inspired by kid’s toy dump trucks and construction equipment. What makes it so unique is that it combines something very typically male and rugged with something fun (toys) which is what Ginch is all about-having fun with your toy. Like our motto says, “Live like a kid!”. The theme of the Load’n & Dump’n collection allows for a lot of creativity when it comes to product names which include: “Pooper Scooper”, “Big Rig”, “Shaft Blaster” and “Jack Ham’Er” and that is also definitely a big part of the product.

Your company has a different view on underwear, what is your philosophy for making new and creative underwear?

We believe in perpetually reinventing the line and pushing the limits of what is considered the norm. Whereas some companies stick with the “if it aint’ broke don’t fix it” philosophy, we do our best to go outside of the box and try new things out. The only thing that never changes at Ginch Gonch is that everything always changes. That’s how we keep it fresh and our customers coming back for more.

In this day and age, things change so rapidly that the public demands novelty at a much faster rate than in previous eras. By perpetually coming up with fun and innovative designs, we ensure that our customer stays entertained. Not only will we launch a new collection every season like most apparel brands, but we will come up with surprise mini-collections here and there that reflect current inspirations and what people in the world are talking about.

I see you’re having a website redesign, can you tell us what will be new in the site?

Yes we are completely re-designing our website which is scheduled to launch next week. The new Ginch Gonch site will feature the Load’n & Dump’n collection as well as all previous Ginch Gonch collections from our classic “Crotch Rockets”, a retro line featuring motorcycle drivers, to the reworked “Jolly Cocks” line, undies with little roosters all over them.

People will be able to view all collections, get news and updates from the Ginch Gonch team, and watch some of our famous Ginch Gonch videos. There will also be a large portion of the site devoted to our new online store which is really exciting.

What has been your best selling line?

Some of our best sellers have been the “Crotch Rockets”, “Weiner Eaters” (featuring mini hot dogs) and the “Jolly Cocks”, but all collections have done very well. In fact these three are part of our new “Reworks” collection that includes older styles that did so well in the past that due to popular demand, we brought them back in new color combos.

Anything that you are planning for the future that you can share with us?

We have actually been working on women’s and kids apparel-scheduled to be released in December-to match the men’s line which we think is going to do phenomenally well.

We are also planning a major photo/video shoot in Colombia for next year’s collection in December. We are expecting quite a few people from the media to come down with us. And it should be a blast.

Of course we are working on several other new and exciting projects but if we told you now it wouldn’t be a surprise (wink).

Make sure you head over to the new website and check it out as well. In case you don’t know it it’s Also look out here in the next few days for a review on the new line!