Once again, McKillop is taking bulging to the extreme with all new colors of our best selling Max Bulge Jockstraps in both sheer mesh and Modal fabrics. But that’s not all: we’ve also just launched a new custom designed McKillop jockstrap especially for the BIG boys. Read on:

McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps – Modal or Mesh – new colors

In case you don’t know about them: McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps have a secret weapon, well, two to be exact to ensure you’re bulging sky high! First in the Max Bulge Jockstrap’s arsenal is a pouch that’s super contoured and cut high to sit up under your balls. Second, a double-wide elasticated fabric cockring is included with every jock for extra lift and to potentially restrict some blood-flow. The result: your manhood is hoisted up and put out there on display for all to see, as it should. There’s two versions and each sexy in it’s own right: The Modal Max Bulge Jock pouch is super stretchy and durable yet ultra soft – it’s clings to your junk showing off every hump, nook and cranny of your package. The Mesh Max Bulge Jock is completely see-through so not only do you get to see your manhood through the sheer fabric but the secret weapon cockring is also clearly visible.

Joining the existing black and white Max Bulge Jockstraps are new royal-blue and red ones in both modal and mesh.

McKillop XXL-Bulge Envy Sport Jock

Although the Max Bulge Jocks fit most guys, we had a few customers tell us they couldn’t fit their larger than life junk in them. So we tasked McKillop to make us a custom jock brief for the really big guys. The XXL-Bulge Envy Sport Jock was the answer.

Quite simply, XXL-Bulge Envy is a sheer mesh jock brief that’s all about the bulge. It has a very large, ergonomically designed pouch that’s cut short at the base of the 3D pouch to help lift your boys up and out. Despite that villain called gravity trying it’s best to keep your hulking monster down, Envy puts up a pretty damn good fight against it. Look no further than our model Caleb King for proof it works over at our website: with his rather big set of balls and girthy shaft they still manage to stick out from his body. Just keep in mind that this jock will only work for the very well endowed.

The back, of course, is like a brief with a cutout to frame your best assets

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