Singlets are coming one of the must-have spandex gear items. The downside to this is that it can be super expensive to buy a quality singlet. One company that has put out a great singlet is 4 Hunks. The new Gym Muscle Singlet is a classic singlet at a great price.

One thing that this singlet has a traditional cut. The legs are longer and its a fuller cut at the top. One minor change 4 Hunks did was the straps over the shoulder are super small. It’s a design choice that I agree with and like a lot.

The price of this singlet is another great thing. It’s retailing on their site for around $36 US. Singlets can range from $30-100 easily. This one is priced at a level most guys can afford. If you have never tried one and want too, the price shouldn’t be an excuse anymore. Now if you want to spend more, 4 Hunks has more erotic singlets for a much higher price.

Get this singlet today at 4 Hunks site.

Pair: 4 Hunks Gym Muscle Singlet
Color: Red/Blue
Fabric: Lycra
Sizes: Small – Large
Price: $36.40


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