Hello guys! Some of you know me from my social media posts, my former blog, and/or my reviews on this site. But I wanted to take a minute or two of your time today to guide you through my underwear journey thus far.

Underwear has been a passion of mine for A LONG time. My earliest memories are looking at mens underwear models in the JCPenney and Sears catalogs. As a teen, I couldn’t make a trip through a store without finding myself walking through the underwear section, admiring the models on the packages. My eyes were always drawn to the skimpier gear. I remember how paranoid I was about getting caught looking at the underwear packages, so I would just make brief loops around the aisles, just catching a glimpse each time at the packaging.

I still recall the magical day that a Fredericks of Hollywood catalog arrived at our house. While it was mostly full of women’s underwear, there were three or four magical pages of men’s underwear. And they were SKIMPY and SEXY! I’m still not sure how our house got on that mailing list, but I’ll consider it a present from the underwear gods.

Despite my love of skimpy underwear, what I actually wore during my teen years included basic white Hanes or Fruit of the Loom briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs. Once I turned 16 and was able to drive, I drove myself to a neighboring town (I felt I had to go somewhere nobody knew me) where I got my hands on a thong from Kmart. I kept it hidden in my room for a few months, but eventually got rid of it out of fear of what would happen if someone found it.

That pattern repeated itself a lot off and on during my 20’s. I’d buy something that I really liked and thought looked really sexy, but if anyone had anything negative to say about it, it quickly went into the trash. Looking back, I regret not only letting people’s opinion of my underwear get to me, but I also regret throwing out some really great underwear! I most regret throwing out my SafeTGard athletic supporter thong (yes, that was a thing). I completely let it slip away into a trash bin.

As I aged and became more confident with myself, my underwear styles began to reflect those changes. Gone are those basic briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs. Today, my collection consists of briefs (better ones), jocks, and a TON of thongs. Connecting with guys on social media and sharing my love of underwear has been a lot of fun for me. It turned into running my own blog for a few years, but that lead me to realize my love is really underwear, not blogging.

So what am I doing here? Blogging on this site allows me spread my love of underwear whenever I want. Whenever I see something new or exciting, I’ll share it all with you. I get to have fun with underwear again, and not have to deal with all the challenges of running a website myself. I’m also a regular on the UNB podcast, so stay tuned for more of those as well. I’m excited to be an “official” part of the UNB team now and can’t wait to share more with you. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram to see more!


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