There are many European Brands we never hear about in the states. There is one brand in particular that has popped up on my radar. That brand is Intimissimi, which is an Italian Lingerie line based out of Italy. They have both men’s and women’s underwear.

The first time I heard of the brand was with talking with Alec. Alec did one of our first Brief Tale podcasts. He loves classic cut undies. During one of our texts back and forth I asked him what his favorite brands was and he mentioned Intimissimi. I had no clue who they were. But the classic cuts he wore were super sexy.

The next time I heard about the brand was the Brief Tale with Hunter Bigham. He raved about the brand in the podcast.

And then my all time favorite that I never get tired of that is constant day in day out is Intimissimi. And I just absolutely love them.

I love, love, love their stuff. It is. I mean, like you would expect an Italian brand to be, it’s perfectly executed. Every pair is like a little piece of art. I mean, they are just the most comfortable I’ve ever worn and I’ve, I’ve worn them for, I guess, gosh, I’ve had, I’ve had their stuff for maybe 10 years now. I started buying it. And when I would go to Italy or when I was in, if I’d be in Germany or, you know, somewhere in central Europe

Hunter Bigham – UNB Brief Talk Podcast

Then the next time I heard about them was with Stevie aka Undies Cub. He found them in his travels, he’s our world traveler! Then told me they make this amazing Mickey Mouse Swim Brief. Quite a few of the podcast boys bought the Mickey swim brief, myself included.

About three weeks ago I was surfing the Intimissimi site and saw they had briefs for $7, which were regularly 22 dollars, and the Mickey Swim Briefs were $11. I got these for under $20!! I am on a budget right now due to COVID and being underemployed (I know many are in the same boat). The only thing to know is shipping was $8. I hear some of you out there going, WHAT? But, it’s coming all the way from Italy. $8 for international shipping is a deal!

After getting the briefs and wearing them I know why all three of the guys love them so much. They are the highest quality in fabric and construction. I am seriously impressed. This is a brand I will be getting more pairs from in the future. The classic cut and amazing fabric make Intimissimi a winner!

Go check out this incredible Italian Brand.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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