Thongs are everywhere lately, and one brand that has a brand new thong is 2EROS. It is part of their new Adonis line and I believe this is the first thong from 2EROS. I know the sister brand Supawear put out a thong at the end of 2020.

Here is what 2EROS says about the line:

Adonis is the embodiment of beauty and desire. It is made from premium Egyptian cotton which is known for it’s high durability, ultra-absorbency and softness. It is also lightweight and super breathable due to the porous nature of Egyptian cotton. Plus, Egyptian cotton is known to be gentle to the skin which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

Adonis underwear is part of the LFE collection. LFE products are designed with purpose, to withstand Life, be comfortable and sustainable by using renewable premium Fabrics, and Eco to make you look good and feel good about the what you’re wearing. These are the foundations of LFE.

Some of the features of this new thong include: The design will enhance your best assets. It also has the CURV contour pouch that will boost, shape and support your goods. The fabric is a 4-way stretch to make it feel amazing during the day and give you movement and breathability through out your day.


PAIR: 2EROS Adonis Thong
COLORS: Black or white
FABRIC: 95% Giza 86 Egyptian Cotton, 5% Spandex
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
PRICE: $33.00


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  1. Are you going to be selling this collection at soon? Specifically the Adonis thong?

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