If you are a fan of Ergowear they have just released a new collection called Hip. The first thing to note is it’s a new pouch that gets added to the current lineup: The Max, The X3D/X4D, and Feel. Second, it’s a line for guys to try their brand without showing off all the goods. The pouch isn’t as pronounced as the previous pouches mentioned. Lastly, it’s a little cheaper than the other lines of Ergowear.

HIP is your entry-level Ergowear  

If you’ve never used our pouch underwear before, you like the concept but – well – you are not sure if you are ready to go all the way, here’s a great thong to start with. The pouch is true to our ergonomic design concept, but it’s a little less “out there” than the other Ergowear pouches

HIP is stretchy, durable material  

This Line is manufactured in a blend of polyester and elastane to give it the long-term performance you expect: The polyester fibers are responsible for the resistance to wear and tear, whereas the elastane fibers give it the stretchiness needed to adapt to your body’s shape. 

The line consists of a Thong, Bikini, and Boxer Brief. The colors are Dark Blue, White, and Teal. All great colors for underwear. Each of these styles is in the low $20’s. Mix that with the 20% off sale at the UNB Store and you can get them under $20. Use code Ergohip at check out! The sale ends on Nov 9th.


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