Boasting bold colors, clean lines, and a superior fit, our Bask collection brings together the best of baskit to create underwear that fits you to a T without pinching or binding. “This underwear fits me so well I think twice about changing it!” admits John from Telluride.

If your underwear is not causing to you think twice about taking it off, it might be time to change to Baskit’s Bask collection!  Look perfect in pink, bold in blue or real in red as you bask in the glory of you!

Get the Bask trunk for just $12 Today

When Twitter was sold, I didn’t expect it to change that much. I thought it would be a gradual thing but as we have seen I think Twitter is turning into a hellscape. Not the chaos that has ensued the past few weeks. On a good news is Tumblr is allowing more “mature” content again. And we are getting back on Tumblr to post some of the pics we can’t post on IG/Facebook.

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With Ergowear’s ground-breaking pouch design, you’ll ALWAYS FEEL safe, secure, and supported. You can position your genitalia to the front or sideways with this flexible design thanks to its cutting-edge, half-moon FEEL pouch from Ergowear. You can now stop experiencing constriction, chaffing, and friction, and you’ll start feeling incredibly comfortable and smooth down there. The slight back coverage in this particular thong design connects from the waistband wrapping all the way to the front.

Only the finest fibers and materials are used in the production of every piece of FEEL XV clothing. Ergowear’s most popular and frequently requested goods are constthe Ergowear Feel thongs at the UNB Store ructed of this soft, quick-drying, and extremely elastic polyamide/elastane microfiber, which is created specifically for Ergowear.

This thong has a unique shape that makes it easy for body sweat to pass through the cloth and outward, and it also demonstrates our never-ending quest for better materials. This evaporation helps avoid stains while making it simpler to wash as it is swept away from the skin. This burgundy pouch thong has a modern style and ultra-modern fibers, making it suitable for use in any activity or season.

Get the Ergowear Thongs at the UNB Store.

Were you naughty or nice this season?

Don’t wait for Santa this year. Get your Christmas gifts earlier than ever! Glitters and sparkles are all you ever wanted for your festive wardrobe. Christmas is around the corner! This year, gift ideas have gone to a whole different level that will fill your loved ones with delight. Gift Guide is serving black, gold, silver and of course the all-time classic red color! Let’s go, it’s time to get in a sparkling mood!

If you are searching for the most stylish underwear, our wide collection will definitely fulfil you. Pumper yourself too, by choosing a special present for you or for your beloved partner.

It is that time of the year to wear anything that shines and look glamorous. MODUS VIVENDI is here to help you to renew your partywear wardrobe with some of most fabulous pieces that you could possibly wear during those Christmas nights. Glitter, glow & sparkle are the key elements of a fabulous outfit. Tanktop & shirts more glowing than ever.

Feel the bliss of luxury and festive loungewear, made by MODUS VIVENDI. Glamorous pieces are ready to be explored. Suitable for any occasion, robes & luxury pyjamas are the perfect gift from Santa Claus.

Last but not least, accessories to look fancy at New Year’s Eve. A collection of socks, garters, cock rings, belts & aprons for fabulous nights during Christmas holidays.

The Christmas Gift Guide has arrived and it’s more sparkly and festive than ever before. Discover it now and get ready for some mesmerizing Christmas nights! MODUS VIVENDI Christmas Gift Guide is now online and you can discover products from €12.40 here.

Modus Vivendi Christmas Gift Guide of 2022 Photos & Videos


Photography: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr
Model: Thodoris Lampiris @thodoris_lampiris

Art Direction: Stefanos Kapsalis @stefano_kap
Videography: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

If you relish fetish, Male Power has got your getup. They have just expanded their cool and kinky PU Leatherline due to widespread customer demand.

Nine new styles have been added to the popular leather harness/underwear collection, including eight unique harness styles and a full body sling. That’s a bounty of bondage.

All garments are made from soft nubuck split leather with polyurethane coating added for strength, durability and comfort. Decorative and functional heavy metal, including rings, belt buckles, studs, snaps and zippers, are thrown in for unrestrained pleasure.

The harnesses and underwear are fully adjustable, creating a genuine one-fit size. The outfits are sold in a newly designed box that complements the existing men’s fetish planogram.

View the just released, 2022 MP PU Leather catalog for additional details, or contact your sales rep at Male Power – the dominant name in fetishwear.

Brief Talk Podcast – The Wonderful world of color

We have an OG podcast with Andy and Erik where we talk color. Why color is important to us. What are our favorite colors. What brands do we go to for color. And more. This was a quick and fun show and we hope you enjoy it. 

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So you’re looking for high-quality, functional men’s underwear that looks good?

Oh, and you’re sick and tired of drab or dull black?

No issue! With its solid hues and subtly contrasting accents, Baskit’s Contrast collection will keep all of your parts looking beautiful and feeling even better.

So retire your worn-out “tighty whities” and get up a pair of our Contrast.

You’ll be happy that you did!

Get the Contrast Trunks for just $12 Today

It’s XDress’ first interview with one of our incredible models, Shawn. We asked Shawn all about what it’s like to be a model for XDress, as well as some other questions about his personal life. More interviews are to come with our other models, so subscribe to the XDress Lingerie channel to see all of our incredible videos. Visit to view and shop for excellent lingerie that fits your lifestyle!

The “Yin & Yang” Campaign.

The harmonized coexistence of black & white

MODUS VIVENDI presents the Embossed Dot Line & the “Yin-Yang” Campaign from F.W. 22-23 Collection. Inspired by the Chinese philosophical concept, the white and black figure coexistence, describes the best way of how opposite but still interconnected forces, cannot just survive together, but also fall in love. The universe is well organized into the cycles of yin and yang, so as human life. Disorder follows order and vice versa. Black and white apparently seem so different, but the collusion of them is so peculiar harmonized.

The Embossed Dot Line from F.W. 22-23 Collection comprises of a variety of underwear styles and athleisure wear, all made of a peculiar polyester fabric, with a special embossed technique on. The 3d effect brings the usual polka dot trend to another level. All designs flirt with a gothic fetish style and serve the most explicit sexy mood.

This Line comprises of classic briefs, low cut briefs, jockstraps, boxers, bottomless, tanktop & onesie. MODUS VIVENDI Embossed Dot Line & the “Yin-Yang” Campaign is online and you can check it out here. All designs are available from €26.20 and you can discover them here.


Photography: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol
Models: Alberto Berrocal @albertobberrocal & Nestor Navarro @nestorxnavarro
Videography: Atico Norte Producciones @aticonorteproducciones

Location:  Madrid, Spain

Male Power introduces the perfect undergarment for today’s active man – the classically masculine and strappingly sporty Modal Rib collection.

Looking for comfort? This garment is made from an ultra-soft, four-way stretch fabric tailored from fine ribbed, modal spandex. It is lightweight and moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry through any physical exertion. Your exercises may be tough, but your briefs should be smooth and supportive.

Three different styles are available – Pouch Short, Bong Thong and Classic Jock. All of them feature a contoured comfort pouch, perfect for all day wear. They come in a choice of the most essential colors – black and white.

The Modal Rib collection from Male Power. It works for your workout and your workday.