Armani Exchange Underwear


For its June/July of the Month selection, is featuring the Emporio Armani Stretch Cotton Trunks ($24) and Hip Briefs ($21.50) worn by model Lucas Bernardini. The Emporio Armani Stretch Cotton Collection is made from a high-quality, soft stretch cotton and feature a super sleek, modern silhouette with a slim cut. Another great feature is the plush, oversized waistband that gives these classic styles a modern flare. They are each available in black, navy and white.

In other news, our customers were asked to choose their preferred swimsuit style in our online poll. Coming in first place with 25% of the votes were bikinis. Square cut and briefs followed in second and third place with over 22% and 21% of the votes, respectively. Trailing far behind in the poll results were trunks, board shorts, loose trunks and jammers, proving that less really is more this summer.

If you’re anything like me, you have too many pairs of underwear and find yourself standing in front of your underwear drawer trying to figure out what to wear for a night out on a date or to hang with friends.  I personally tend to gravitate towards the same pairs every time, but I tend to want to wear something different.  I decided to find what I liked about one of my favorite pairs of underwear and use that to see what else I can add to my favorites I often choose.

A great pair of underwear I absolutely love is the C-in2 Core Lo No-Show Profile Brief.  I really like this pair of briefs because they are comfortable, have a great fit, have a form-fitting style (snug without pinching or feeling tight), and the construction materials (cotton) are outstanding.  This pair looks and feels great under jeans and it doesn’t lose its shape, even after a long day of wear.

The pouch is another thing I like about this pair.  I like the pouch because it helps lift the package without trying too hard to accentuate it which, with some brands, tends to look silly and result in a poor fit.  As a daily briefs wearer, it’s a nice break from my everyday briefs.  This pair adds sex appeal, thanks to the complementing cut, great fit, and featured enhancements.

Taking my own advice, I looked thru my underwear drawer and came up with other styles that have similar qualities, adding them to my list of favorites.

  • Armani Exchange Hip Brief. This pair of underwear provides a great fitting pouch and its low cut style keeps it from sagging in the back.  This is a great feature under tighter fitting jeans.  Additionally, wearing Armani adds a touch of class and style.
  • N2N Waistband Bikini. The pouch on this underwear is amazing.  It adjusts itself around the goods and adds great enhancement plus the high cut on the legs adds confidence and allure.
  • 2(x)ist No-Show Brief. I can’t say enough about this style of briefs.  I own several pairs and they never disappoint.  They are an all around great fit and come in assorted colors and fabrics.
  • Puma Jockstrap. Jockstraps, themselves, are just sexy.  This particular jock is great because it’s part of a brand known for its masculinity, thus adding athleticism and sex appeal.  The pouch contours itself around you, giving you a defined package.

Let us know your favorite par for a night out!

Editors Note: This post was written by a new writer, Felix. We hope you enjoy!