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The men’s underwear/gear industry has really changed over the last ten year. One thing that has been super hot in the industry are Bodysuits. Guys are getting these to wear under their clothes and for fun. One bodysuit that is fun is the new BodyAware Fishnet Bodysuit.

Here is what BodyAware says about the Bodysuit:

Sleek bodysuit made from soft and stretchy fishnet.  Scoop neck with a trim-cut athletic back.  Bodysuit trimmed in contrast black stretch fabric.  Comfortable full seat.  This bodysuit is not lined so it is very see-through!  Step-into-styling, which means no snaps or opening between the legs.

This is a super fun bodysuit. I’m not going to give you advice about where you can wear it, but I’m sure you can use your imagination.

PAIR: Bodyaware Fishnet Bodysuit
COLORS: Perywinle, olive, or black
FABRIC: 90%nylon/ 10%spandex
SIZES: Small – XX Large
PRICE: $32.00

Our second amazing Fetish Friday pair is the BodyAware Pleather Snap-On Brief. This is a super cool brief because it’s made to look like leather and has a pouch that snaps-on or in other cases snaps-off.

One reason I really like this pair is that it looks really comfy. There are tons of fetishwear out there that are not very comfortable to wear. As I say it’s designed to come off not stay on. I like to wear gear like this all the time not just for, as they say, sexy time. I like underwear that can be work all the time. Cause if you just want a pair like that you can find them any where!

Next, the pair is included on the BodyAware 2XL. Which is awesome, because guys on the bigger size can partake in amazing undies. I wish more brands would go to 42 for bigger guys and I’m also talking about tall guys! Being a tall guy, like myself, you can have a 38-42 inch waist pretty easy. The official sizing of the 2XL is 40-42

Here are some features of the pair:

  • Made in the USA
  • Secret interior opening
  • Shaped pouch that snaps on/off
  • Extra-comfortable waistband
  • Full back with contouring seam
  • Superior USA design and quality
  • 55% Polyurethane/30% Nylon /15% Spandex
  • Machine wash

PAIR: BodyAware Pleather Snap-on Brief
FABRIC: 55% Polyurethane/30% Nylon /15% Spandex
SIZE: Small – 2XL
COST: $30.00


Are you a big fan of neon? Want something bold, stylish and comfortable? If so the new Neon Soft collection is for you! BodyAware has always been one to to create sexy fun underwear. They aren’t afraid to use mesh, lace or satin to make sexy underwear and gear for guys.

You maybe asking what is in the new collection: Neon Soft Leggings, Showstopper Bodysuit and Stunning Sun Brief in neon yellow, neon pink and neon orange. All super fun colors.

neon soft brief

Neon Soft Sun Brief – $19.00

neon soft bodysuit

Neon Soft Showstopper Body Suit. – $39.50

neon soft tight

Neon Soft Leggings – $52.00

Find this collection at the BodyAware site!


When I first started this blog three years ago, men’s underwear wasn’t what I would consider main stream. It was still for the fashion conscious guy and not the every day guy. Then 2(x)ist introduced the Evolve line at Target and we got to see more and more underwear hitting the mass market. That is underwear you don’t buy in a three pack.

In the last few months we have had some big names enter the underwear market. The to guys that are turning men’s undies into mainstream are David Beckham and Mario Lopez

The first is David Beckham, granted he’s no stranger to the world of underwear. He previously modeled Emporio Armani with his wife, Victoria Beckham. Now, David has stepped into role of designer with the Bodywear Collection for H&M. The initial collection will feature 9 different styles. H&M Says:

Designed by David’s in-house team and sold exclusively at H&M, the focus is on fit, function, comfort and design, avoiding overt branding to present a range of new classics, comprising of briefs, boxers, vests, T-shirts, pyjamas and long johns. The result of eighteen months of research and development, the collection aims to set a new standard in men’s bodywear for the 21st century.

The Bodywear collection will be available February 2, at all 1,800 H&M stores. This, if you haven’t gathered is an exclusive just to H&M

The next guy bringing men’s underwear to the attention of the masses is actor Mario Lopez. Which I will say I didn’t expect, so when I was told he was doing an underwear line, I was like “Huh?”  But it makes sense he’s has always been a body conscious guy. When we first saw him on Saved by the Bell, he was the jock and then after he’s always been one to try and look good.

We covered this a few weeks back and to refresh your memory said to us:

I got a chance to talk to them this past week. They told me the line is going to start off conservative but after the first of the year it will expand. Which is a smart thing to do. This is what we were told – “The prices range from $18 – $29 (briefs being $18, trunks $20, and shirts going up to $29). They are contemporary basics and come in red, blue, white, black, and gray. There are several lines, but the Elementary line will be the initial launch with others to follow early next year.”

This line is only available at and is currently being sold.

We have a super start of sports and an actor/entertainment reporter both come out with underwear lines within two months of each other.  We have some questions for you:

  • What do you think of these two lines?
  • Which star of stage, screen or field (aka actor, singer or sports start) would you like to see come out with a line of underwear?
  • Do you think we will see more male celebrities endorse/design underwear?

It’s great to see men’s underwear hit the main stream!