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In our BTS series we feature BüLGE Clothing ( They are a fun brand made for working out. They are classic but fit amazing. See Will, Drew and Chandler in their underwear and shirts. See more on the guide at Music is Romix Fly – Jingle Bells 2011 (Mary Christmas) Music by Pond 5

2015First we have to thank all our sponsors who made this shoot possible. They are Macondo Trading (Clever, Pikante, Ergowear & Candyman), Cocksox, N2N Bodywear, Jack Adams, Junk Underjeans, Bülge Clothing, Yocisco and BearSkn. Our models are Chandler, Drew, Wes, Damien and Pat. Our amazing photographer was Taylor Campbell. It was shot at Maps Studio in the Atlanta are!

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Macondo Trading – Clever Moda


Clever has some hot new styles and prints this season

Macondo Trading – Ergowear


Ergowear is known for it’s amazing pouch that gives great support and awesome fabric

Macondo Trading – Candyman


Candyman is known for their fun styles and sexy fabrics/cuts.

Macondo Trading – Pikante

Pikante has some awesome prints and some super sexy pairs in this collection





Cocksox is known for their awesome pouch, fun colors and sexy styling

N2N Bodywear


N2N Bodywear makes underwear that ranges from classic to super sexy.

Jack Adams


Jack Adams has a new designer and a new look that has given them a new look!

Junk UnderJeans


Junk UnderJeans is making amazing new pairs such as the Junk X and more!

BüLGE Clothing


BüLGE Clothing makes perfect underwear for working out with these super comfy shirts and boxer briefs



BearSkn makes underwear for guys of all sizes, everyone should feel super sexy!



YOCISCO started making amazing jocks and now have made some amazing briefs.

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Thanks to all the brands, models, photographers and people who helped make this guide amazing

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It should be noted I am not a big fan of boxer briefs When I have a piar to review I’m always a bit skittish. My go to pairs are briefs, bikinis and the like. My biggest issue with boxer briefs is the lack of pouch, riding up in the legs and bunching up. All of these things suck and are the reasons I hardly wear them.

Bülge Clothing has come on to the scene and I have been talking to the guys who started the brand. They are really some amazing guys and are doing something different. They send me a few pairs to try. Looking at their site they showed some promise but I was still skeptical. Think of the reasons up above. I was thinking “Sure if you’re a boxer brief fan, you will love these but I know I probably wont’ like them.”

I was going to wear them to Vegas for the week of Magic, but I decided to wait till I got back to try them. After I came home I gave them a spin, so to speak. When I slid them on the fabric was pretty great. It felt really wonderful against my skin. The next thing I noticed was the pouch. It actually had one! It gave me the support I really want in underwear! Lastly is the riding and bunching. The legs had elastic in them so this stopped the legs from ridding up and bunching.

It’s like the guys at Bülge designed a pair of boxer briefs for just me. All my issues with the style were pretty much non issues. These are designed for guys who are active. Their spokes people are MMA, IFBB and other fitness guys. So it’s definitely designed for guys who are active!

I seriously am impressed with this pair. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did. It’s rare I like a traditional boxer brief. They are doing something great. From the design to the amazing fabric, if you’re a boxer brief fan you will love them! And maybe if you’re not!


  • Supportive pouch
  • Great fabric
  • Didn’t ride up


  • Not in many colors
  • Some guys may not like the fit is a little loose if you are a briefs fan


  • Daily Fit 8
  • Sizing 9
  • Materials 9
  • Styling 8
  • Daily Performance 8
  • Overall – 8.4

Bülge furnished this pair for review. You can find this pair at the Bülge website for $24.99