Don’t get me wrong, I love to review undies, but when I had the chance to review this undershirt, I did not want to miss out. I have had my eye on this shirt for the last year or so and had heard great things about it. A shirt that is comfortable, can help improve your health and will help you look better, I am IN!!

The Equmen Core Precision Undershirt is not just your typical body shaping undershirt. This undershirt has been proven to not only make you look great, but improve posture, reduce back pain, control body temperature and enhance over all blood flow. Now, I had my doubts, but working in a pretty physically demanding job all of these attributes sounded too good to be true.

I reviewed the Equimen Crew Neck Core Precision Undershirt in a size medium. When my shirt arrived the first thing that I noticed was the built in Physiotherapy. This is Equmen’s built in seamless support system that helps support the areas of your body to improve posture and reduce back pain. I also noticed the streamline look of the undershirt. The fabric was also something that stood out. The polyester nylon spandex mix was stretchy but durable.

When I put this shirt on, the first thing that I noticed was how hard it was to get positioned correctly on the body. This is not a “slip it on quick” type shirt. I think it took me a good couple of minutes to get the shirt on and positioned correctly. However, once I got the shirt on, I could tell that it was going to be something worth wearing. I wore this shirt for the first time to work. It did help with the added support and controlling my body temperature and I did see a slight improvement in my back pain at the end of the day. This shirt kept me cool and lived up to everything that it claimed it would. Taking off the shirt was almost as much of a task as putting it on as well. I have since worn this shirt under dress shirts to help me look a little trimmer, and to the gym. This is a great all around shirt and if they were not so pricy, I would have a drawer full of them. The $99 price tag is the biggest drawback.

I would recommend this undershirt for those people that have posture and back problems or work in a very physically demanding job. If you are just looking for a good undershirt this is a good, but pricy option. This style come in a singlet, v-neck or crew neck cuts and come in white, black, and Slate (grey).


  • Great Support
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great for wicking moisture and controlling body temperature


  • Price ($99 for the style I reviewed)
  • Hard to put on and take off


FIT: 4






This shirt was provided by and can be purchased for $99.

The Equmen Crew Neck shirt is the pair I was lucky to review. If you are a long time reader of the blog you will know I have tried a few different Equmen prodcuts. They are usually very well made and fit great!

If you are not familiar with Equmen they are made to strengthen your core and help wilt your posture. Which the shirt does nicely, it makes you pay attention to your posture. I noticed a few times how tall I was standing. Equemen are sort of shapewear but not exactly. I know that sounds crazy but it’s a mix.

The shirt I received was white and really fit in under my dress shirt. I don’t think many  knew I was wearing a t-shirt that wasn’t a regular shirt. I wore this to work just to see how it would do in daily wear. It was really great. It didn’t ride up, bind or really be noticeable.

With that said, I am not one to wear undershirts on a regular basis. If you are like me if you wear another layer of clothes you get much hotter during the day. Here in Atlanta, that week it was a little warmer and it was a little annoying. The other thing that is a pain is getting it on after a shower. It’s like you are wrestling to get it on. I think if you turn it inside out and put it on you will be fine, but after a shower it doesn’t want to move.


  • Great Fit
  • Increased Posture
  • Strengthens your core


  • Made me hot
  • Wrestled to get on










Daily Wear




This pair was furnished for review by

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A crew neck (or crew-neck) is a type of shirt that has a round neckline and no collar, often worn with other layers. The T-shirt crew neck was developed in 1932 as an undergarment that would absorb sweat and prevent shoulder pads of American football players from causing chafing. The U.S. Navy was the first U.S. armed forces to adopt the crew-neck  T-shirt or “Gob Shirt” (cited from Wikipedia)

The  cre neck, “Gob Shirt,” or undershirt as it is known today continued to gain popularity throughout the 1940’s and by the 1950’s  James Dean has created a legend. Dean turned heads in Hollywood, not by dressing up but by dressing down. His casual style teaming the basic crew with denim and a red jacket when he portrayed Jim Stark in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ was considered uncouth at the time. However once immortalized on screen, James Dean had cemented a rebel uniform for his generation, and for many more to come….

To this day the crew neck is still considered a fashion essential amongst everyday men.

So when Equmen decided to launch their version of the iconic undershirt, the vision was clear. Head Designer Carolina Ale states ‘we wanted to take the legend of the crew and modernize the fit the needs of today’s man” says Ale.

This modern take on the classic crew neck tee will ‘help reduce neck and back pain, strengthen and support core muscles, improve you posture, enhance blood flow and circulation as well as regulate your body’s temperature making sure you stay clean, dry and supported all day,’ says Equmen’s CEO Anthony Pavlakis.

The shirt comes in black, white and new slate grey. Find them all at the Equmen site

I have reviewed Equmen a few times for UNB. I think the first time I wore them was about two years ago. The one thing I really noticed was a difference in their shirt from other undershirts. The brand has stuck to their core (pun not intended) business and make a great product.

This is a review unlike most we do; it involved two different pairs from Equmen. I received the Precision Core Undershirt – Singlet and Precision Underwear – Boxer Brief. Those who have read the blog know I am not much of a boxer brief fan. So when I opened the package, I wasn’t too excited, I was hoping for a brief. But I”ll get to that in a sec.

I wore the pairs to work and hoped for the best. The first pair to review is the shirt. I have the regular t shirts from Equmen and hoped they lived up to my previous reviews. I put it on and realized I had it on backwards. For those of you who have put on what is called “shape wear”, you know getting it on is not an easy task. So I put it on the right way, and I will say the singlet fit really well. It makes you pay attention to your posture, meaning you notice you stand up very straight and tall. Which is a good thing. I really like them and how it fit. I wish I had 5 or more pairs so I could wear them to work.

Next up is the Boxer Briefs. I know I can hear many of you going, here it comes, and this won’t be a good review. However, these boxer briefs were pretty darn amazing. I am not one for one for boxer briefs that don’t have a pouch. These were, for a lack of better term, ordinary looking when I opened the package. So when I put them on I hoped they would last through out the day. Much to my surprise they really held their form and felt great. It is one of the few times that a boxer brief fit me like a brief.  This pair will be going in my drawer and go into regular rotation, rather then be banished to the second drawer. This reminds me of the saying, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Another thing I must add is that you would think with the technology, you would be hot all day. This is not the case. It is the opposite. The two styles really breath with you though out the day.  There is nothing worse then underwear that doesn’t breath and you feel like you are melting in.



  • The shirt really increases your posture
  • Boxer Briefs held their form all day
  • It doesn’t get you hot and breathes with you


  • The shirt is hard to get on
  • Colors are limited to white, black, grey and blue


Criteria Singlet

Boxer Brief













Daily Wear







I would recommend these to anyone looking for performance underwear. It is perfect for working out or every day wear! These were furnished for review by Equmen


We got this from Equmen today. We will have a review coming up this week for the previous samples we got. But in the mean time check these out:

We are pleased to announce the popular V-Neck tee shirt has now returned in-stores and online for 2012.

Thanks to our Head Designer and Product Development Team
the EQUMEN V-NECK has been re-engineered to provide even more benefits.

With improvements to the overall compression of the garment as well as refinements to the targetted compression via the unique Helix-Mapping technology, this garment will fit like a true second skin. This second skin fit is further enhanced through the unique seamless design which allows your body to mould comfortably into the garment. While the antimicrobial properties and moisture wicking ensure the wearer stays clean and dry all day.

Every undershirt has built-in physiotherapy providing a multitude of well being benefits that include; Improved posture, Enhanced core strength and support, Reduced neck and back pain and more.

   We wish to say thank you to all of our loyal supporters,
we really appreciate the important role you play in our business.In celebration of the end of 2011
EQUMEN has remastered their Ratpack trailer please check it out:

Be at Your Best with EQUMEN CORE PRECISION undergarments.

See you all in 2012!

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EQUMEN CORE PRECISION undershirts have been immortalised into their very own “Limited Edition – Twin Pack” in time for Christmas. EQUMEN has taken their most popular CORE PRECISION white undershirts (‘singlet/tank’) and twinned them into one handy pack offering the customer a 33% saving. This limited release pack is available globally through selected department stores and e-tailers.

EQUMEN believes their customers will both look good and feel good this Christmas in the Core Precision singlets as $5.00 from every pack sold has been pledged to helping the International Men’s Health Movement.

International Men’s Health Day (IMHD) – aims to raise awareness of the importance that men’s roles hold in the community and to improve the health of everyday men across the globe. Until December 31 2011 $5.00 (AUS$) from every Twin Pack sale made through the EQUMEN e-store will go to “Help the Children” the IMHD’s recipient charity.

Be at Your Best with EQUMEN CORE PRECISION undergarments.

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HELIX-MAPPINGTM Seamless compression provides targeted muscle support and ventilation to improve body-mechanics and deliver the ultimate high-comfort fit

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We love ot see underwear companies profiled in main stream media. Here is what Equmen sent us:

The Steelers may have lost on Super Bowl Sunday, however Equmen scored with former Pittsburgh football icon Terry Bradshaw in his Today in America feature profile of Equmen.

When you can get the attention of football-great Terry Bradshaw, you know you’ve got something special going on!

Equmen, the pioneer in making men’s slimming/compression garments a mainstream product across the globe, was featured on Terry Bradshaw’s Today in America Show on CNN, this past Saturday February 5th.

You can find Equmen at their website.

I get another chance to review Equmen!  This brand has been around for about two years and seems to be ever growing.  They were one of the first in shaping/performance underwear.  The purpose of the brand is to make you look slimmer and give you better posture.

I first have to apologize for the lateness of this review.  I received them in early November and the package got misplaced.  I had to search the house to find it, which I did and all was well.

The two pairs I’m reviewing are the singlet (tank) and trunk.  I was glad to try out the singlet.  The fit is very well and does the same as the t-shirt.  It really does give you great posture.  When I wear it, I notice a difference in how I stand.  The shirt makes you stand straight as well.  It’s nice because there are times when I don’t have the best posture.  The other great thing about it is that no one notices you have it on.  It’s your secret!

The trunks were very well fitting as well.  I normally don’t care for trunks/boxer briefs but these were well made and fit everything snuggly.  I wore them out to a busy day and they kept their shape and gave me great support.

My Ratings:

Fit 4
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 4
Daily Wear 4
Fit 4.5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 4
Daily Wear 4.5

You can get these from Equmen.  Equmen furnished these pieces for review.

I was really excited when I got these. Our friends at Fresh Pair sent us a few pairs to review. I have reviewed the trunks about a year ago, but was really excited to add these to my collection. I really loved the Trunks. I was hoping for the same with these. The best thing is they match the blue ones I already have, so I can wear them with what I have! So having them matching is a good thing.

I have recently started my own biz, outside the underwear site, so I do a lot of networking and meeting people. Which it never seems to stop, so I need underwear with incredible support. I don’t want to be adjusting things in the middle of a meeting. So, I wore these to a busy day of networking and running around. I wanted to see how well they would do through out the day.

They really are good pair. They are made to give you support and comfort through out the day. These were a perfect pair to wear. They are made out of really good quality materials. The materials consist of Nylon, Micropolyester and Spandex. These ensure that the fit is great and hold up over time.

A note that they are pricey but in my opinion they are def worth it. Its great support through out your day. So if you are going to be active I would say definitely invest in them. They won’t let you down.

Fit 4.5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 4.5
Daily Wear 4.5
Overall 4.7

You can pick these up at the Freshpair website or any of the great pairs. These pairs were furnished for review

Equmen recently announced the addition of two First Class Australian Cricketers to the brand’s list of ambassadors: James Smith and Michael Cranmer. Both passionate users of Equmen compression underwear garments, the two stars join the likes of NFL player Josh Bidwell and World Boxing Heavyweight Champ David Haye in supporting the brand.

James Smith is a powerful right-hand opening batsman who made his first-class cricket debut in 2007/08 after showing promise with his Ford Ranger Cup efforts in the previous season at the age of just 18. James has proven to be a valuable member of the Redbacks team and was awarded the W.H. Hayes trophy for batting for having the highest South Australian batting aggregate. James is truly one of the form batsmen in Australia’s domestic cricket competition!

“Posture and core stability are very important when I bat,” says James Smith, opening batsman for the South Australian Redbacks. “Equmen offers just the right amount of support and comfort to ensure my body remains strong for those long innings in the middle.”

Michael Cranmer is a highly talented, high order right-hand batsman and medium-fast bowler for South Australia who played in Australia’s Under-19 team at the World Cup 2008 in Malaysia.

Michael made his first class debut for the South Australian Redbacks on February 13, 2009 against the Queensland Bulls and in the one day Ford Ranger Cup on January 26, 2010 against the NSW SpeedBlitz Blues. The talented right-hander showed just what he is capable of last season scoring a total of 658 runs at an average of 41.1 with a high score of 166. At such a young age and with so much promise, Michael Cranmer will definitely be one to watch.

“The undershirts are fantastic for recovery,” says Michael Cranmer, all-rounder  for the South Australian Redbacks  “And, unlike the other compression brands, I can subtly wear the really cool looking Equmen under any type of clothing.”

As ambassadors for Equmen, Michael and James will be featured in a variety of brand promotions, demonstrating the functional health benefits of the Equmen garments, whether used for street or sport.

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  • UnderGear is having a 25% off select styles of Calvin Klein underwear. You can save from now till 4/4/10. Check out all the CK styles on sale.
  • His Room is having their annual Calvin Klein sale. you can save 25% off boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, tees and socks. So you can save on all the CK they have!

Here are your Sales Briefs for today:

  • Save 15% off your next order of $25.00 or more of regular priced merchandise at Mensuas. Use promotion code endfeb at checkout and save on men’s underwear, swimwear, jewelry and more at Mensuas. Offer valid on new orders placed at Mensuas and is not valid on PPU Underwear. Sale ends 2/22/10 Please note: your order total must include regular prices items and total over $25.00 for promotion code to work.
  • Fresh is giving you 25% off clearance items. You can save 65% off with an extra 25% off at check out. Make sure you use code LOW25 at check out. This applies only to clearance items. Sale ends Feb 27th.
  • Palace Trunks now has N2N Bodywear! N2N Bodywear’s Mojave and Luxe collections have arrived at the Palace. THese two collections feature N2N’s luxurious soft fabric that embraces your body, leaving you stylish yet comfortable. Remember free shipping on order $25+
  • Equmen is stocked worldwide! The Equmen Core Precision Undershirt is now stocked in over 50 Department stores around the world. The extensive list includes: Saks Fifth Ave (US), Selfridges (UK), HOld Renfrew (Canada), Brown Thomas (Ireland), David Jones (Australia (from March 15th). They also ship to every country from their website. Speaking of their website, the new site will be up in March along with a new range, so stay tuned for that!
  • WildmanT is having a clearance sale on some Go Softwear. You can save on many of the styles you like. You can save up to to 40% off selects styles. Check out all the clearance items.
  • Below the Belt is giving you $10 off you next Rufskin purchase. Just type in promo code “Rufskin” at check out. THey have a huge range of Rufskin Denim and swimwear. You receive a $25 gift voucher with every denim purchase. And there is free delivery in Australia!

Here are your sales briefs for today!

  • Audace has the newest Mundo Unico Undewear. The line if called Australia. Theya re out and they are wild. You can only get them at Audace. They have the amazing pouch and some great new patters and prints.
  • 10 is having is annual New Year appreciation sale. You can save 15% off clothing, fitness, underwear and more. Brands on sale are Baskit, Rufskin, C-IN2, Timoteo and Andrew Christian.
  • Fresh Pair has you covered for Resolution #4, Slim Down. You can do that with shapewear. One of the things we said would be a trend this year. Brands you can check out are Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist, Sculptees and Equemen.
  • James Tutor has 15% off everything. We have reviewed them and they have some really great undies. Make sure you use code JTS2010 at check out. The sale ends Jan. 13, 2010.

We brought you the trends that were in 2009. Now it’s time we bring you some of the things we see in underwear for 2010! There are going to be a few trends from last year that will continue well in to 2010.  The trends we see coming are Shaping Underwear, Return of Briefs, South African Companies,  and new colors

Shaping Underwear

Shaping underwear got started in 2009 but never took off big. The market is growing steadily and will continue to grow this year. Shaping underwear are pairs that shape and make you appear thinner. Think of it as Spanx for men. Which, I have heard that they are coming out with a men’s line. The release date is supposed to be this year.

The current companies that have shaping underwear are Equmen, Go Softwear, and 2(x)ist. There is more springing up every day. This area of men’s underwear will continue to grow. Guys are feeling left out of this market and I have heard a number of guys ask “Why don’t they have Spanx for me.” And this was from several straight guys as well as gay ones. You don’t always have time to work out and keep in top shape, and it’s great to have something to wear under your clothes to give you a bit of help.

Equmen is one of those brands based entirely on performance and shaping.  I have reviewed Equmen and have enjoyed them. The shirts really shape you and give you very good posture. They make you stand up nice and tall. I liked the shirts a lot and would recommend them.

The other brands are doing similar things. 2(x)ist has it’s Form line. Where as Go Softwear has its Enhancing line. Both have wide waistbands that shape your midsection. Both brands also have shirts designed to shape your torso.

We will see a lot more of these this year. I think they will go more mainstream this year as well. More companies will come out with lines and I think we will see more traditional underwear companies release lines. Basically, guys want underwear that will help them shape and make them feel slimmer.


I posted an article on Facebook from the New York Times, and said this before, that this year is the year of the Brief. They said that the tighty whities is coming back and dropping boxers Which has resulted in some backlash from some of our readers. Alex B. said this was one of the worst things in men’s underwear. I’m paraphrasing what he said. . Many other readers agreed, and that tighty whities are one step below Boxers.

We are all underwear lovers who read this site and I think it’s great guys are going back to briefs. This is also a chance for guys to branch out and try some new brands and styles.  I think they would enjoy low rise, pouch and other briefs.

I will say that if you had to wear tighty whities, the best to get are Calvin Klein, because they have some form and fit. The traditional ones you get at Wal-Mart, are just function with out the form. The only good thing about this trend is that boxers are falling out of favor. I have never been a boxer guy, to wear them to me is like not wearing any underwear. We will see how this plays out.

South African Companies

Last year I think that Australian companies really broke out and made a name for them in the world of men’s underwear. They have some really amazing companies such as AussieBum and Cocksox. I think in South Africa we are going to see more companies producing underwear. Right now they have three companies to watch. They are Bone Wear, 3rd Beach and Plumbum.

The first one, Bone Wear,  you have seen on our site from time to time. They have some really interesting designs and are now being sold through Dead Good Undies. They have really done some innovative and interesting things with underwear. They are doing their own thing and gaining a loyal following. Don’t take my word, make sure you check out their site

The other two brands you may not know as well. Plumbum is one I found on Facebook and they are a company that is sort of the wonder bra for men. They have a pouch engineered to show off what you have, and they have ergonomically designed the pouch. They are an interesting company.

The next one is 3rd Beach. I like their line and it appears to be more tailored for a man’s body. The briefs are cut smaller then traditional ones and are made with a little bit of lycra. This gives the undies a chance to mold to your body and not loose their form. I hope you will check out all their underwear and swimwear.

I think these three companies are on the tip of an iceberg. As the popularity grows more underwear companies will come out of South Africa. I don’t know if we will see a big influx of companies but I think this part of the world shows a lot of potential.

Colors – Not typical for men’s underwear

The last trend is colors, and not just any colors. Pink was a big trend for last year and I think this has given more underwear designer’s ideas for using colors not normally thought of for men’s underwear. You maybe asking, well what colors? I think colors such as Purple, Yellow, Green, Pastels and other colors we haven’t seen.

Pink has given more designers a reason to get bolder in color choices. You don’t have to stick to white, black, blue and reds. There is a whole color pallet out there now to use. From what I have seen too guys are more willing to try colors. Gone are the days when I think you’ll see guys say they won’t wear a color. Guys are becoming bolder and will take risks with their underwear. I know a lot of our readers are not afraid of colorsand I think this will continue to carry over to the general public.

One company that is not scared of colors is Timoteo. They have a pink jock and have come out with a purple brief. They are not scared of colors and will continue to use them in new and innovative ways.

Colros will be coming for men’s underwear. The days of just white or black underwear are gone! Look for a brighter pallet and some fun patterns too!

Continuing Trends from 2009

  • More Australian Companies – With the success of AussieBum and Cocksox we will see more underwear companies from Australia. They will continue to influence the world of Men’s Underwear
  • Mesh – Mesh got started late in 2009. There are new mesh ones coming out and I think this will continue. It’s a fun trend that doesn’t make undie look cheap any more. They are fun comfortable and just down right sexy.

These are my predictions for what will happen in the world of Men’s Underwear. Am I right? The year will tell, but it’s fun to predict what we see happening. I will do a recap at the end of the year and see how right or wrong I was… Let me know if you see any trends on underwear

Fresh Pair is doing something really cool, they are posting the top 10 rated customer pairs of underwear! Not all companies do ratings or really share the info. Fresh Pair is always doing something fun and cool. I especially like the staff pics, which we are going to start doing here as well! So stay tuned for those! But here are the top 10 rated pairs at Fresh Pair

Unico Classic Suspensor Boxer (00002):

  • Soft stretch cotton fabrication
  • Contrast logo elastic waistband
  • Inverse U-shaped panel at back offers a great fit
  • Contoured paneled pouch with internal elastic for added lift
  • Body-hugging design

Unico Classic Suspensor Boxer technical details:

  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 11 1/4 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • Full bottom coverage
  • 1/2 inch fold-under leg bands

Mundo Unico brings a sensual South American sizzle to their underwear with provocative cuts, impeccable construction and sexy styling. This Suspensor Boxer is made from a soft stretch cotton and features a contour pouch with elastic around the edges to give you added lift. The Mundo Unico Classic Suspensor Boxer is the perfect underwear choice when you want ultimate comfort and good looks.

Specs based on size M

Material: 93% cotton/7% spandex

2xist Essentials No Show Trunk (B1033):

  • 100% Super-soft ringspun combed cotton
  • Low-rise, body-conscious trunk cut
  • Double-layer contour pouch
  • Crotch gusset for ease of movement
  • Subdued 2xist logos along waistband

2xist Essentials No Show Trunk technical details:

  • 1 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 1 1/4 inch foldover leg trim
  • Sides measure 9 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • No fly
  • Full bottom coverage

The 2xist Essentials No Show Trunk, from the new 2xist Essentials Collection, is a low-rise trunk designed to be worn with your favorite hipster jeans and low-rise pants. This 2(x)ist trunk features a double-layer contour pouch and a sleek logo elastic waistband. With shorter legs than a boxer brief, the 2(x)ist Essentials No Show Trunk is perfect for guys who want full coverage and support with a lower profile design.

Specs based on size M

Clever Sporty Brief (5032):

  • Athletic-inspired brief with a great ’70s retro look
  • Stretch cotton feels amazing on the body
  • Logo elastic waistband
  • Contrast stripes and legbands are classically cool
  • Paneled contour pouch fits perfectly
  • Score big in this fun and sexy brief

Clever Sporty Brief technical details:

  • 1 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 3/8 inch enclosed elastic legbands
  • Full back coverage

The Clever Sporty Brief, from the Clever men’s underwear collection, is an atheltic-inspired brief with a great ’70s retro look. Constructed with stretch cotton to feel amazing on the body, this Clever brief features a logo elastic waistband and a paneled contour pouch for an effortlessly smooth fit. With classically cool contrast stripes and leg bands, this Clever Sporty Brief is a fun and sexy way to score big.

Material: 91% cotton, 9% spandex

Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief (00AEFETEV):

  • Soft stretch cotton
  • Contrast bright logo elastic waistband with Diesel logo and stripes
  • Double-layer, contoured pouch with functional right-exit fly
  • Full bottom coverage
  • Super-soft waistband

Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief technical details:

  • Sides measure 3 1/2 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 1 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 3/8 inch leg trim

This Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief, from the Diesel Jeans company, is a brighter version of your favorite underwear staple. Constructed from a soft stretch cotton for a contoured, body-conscious fit, this Diesel brief features a double-layer contoured pouch with a functional right-exit fly. The bright contrast waistband on the Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief gives it a look that really pops.

Material: 90% cotton, 10% elastane

Specs based on size S

Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief (U2708):

  • Sexy “touch me” stretch cotton fabrication
  • Bold, edgy look
  • Microfiber logo waistband in silver
  • Metallic luster at waistband for an industrial, masculine look
  • Designed to celebrate 25 years of Calvin Klein underwear for men
  • Low-rise for today’s low rider fashions

Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief technical details:

  • Wide stretch logo waistband
  • Classic boxer brief cut
  • Full bottom coverage

The Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief, from the Calvin Klein Steel Collection that was designed to celebrate their 25th anniversary of creating stylish men’s underwear, is a sexy, low-rise boxer brief. Made from a “touch me” soft stretch cotton, this Calvin Klein boxer brief features a wide microfiber logo waistband in lustrous silver. The classic lines and super-comfortable fabrication make the Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief a modern classic.

Material: 94% cotton, 6% spandex

C-IN2 Core Jock Strap (4025):

  • From the new, updated C-IN2 Core Collection
  • Soft ribbed cotton construction
  • Body-conscious cut
  • Reduces the appearance of underwear lines under clothing
  • Soft microfiber 2-strap design
  • Super-comfortable, wide logo elastic waistband sits flush against your body

C-IN2 Core Jock Strap technical details:

  • 2 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 3/4 inch rear straps
  • Contour pouch
  • No bottom coverage

The C-IN2 Core Jock Strap comes from the new Core Collection of men’s underwear basics from C-IN2 that are designed to be the ultimate in everyday underwear. This Jock Strap is perfect for the gym, running or when you want a seamless look under your clothes. The C-IN2 Core Jock Strap has a wide logo elastic waistband, soft cotton construction and a two-strap rear

Material: 100% cotton

Specs based on size M

Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief (50125311):

  • Soft and silky stretch modal fabric
  • Body conscious fit
  • Luxurious look and feel

Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief technical details:

  • Sides measure approx. 8 ½ inches from top of waistband to leg band
  • 1 inch wide fabric covered elastic waistband
  • Contour pouch nonfunctional fly
  • 3/8 inch folded leg bands
  • Full bottom coverage

This Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief, from the Hugo Boss men’s underwear collection, is a body-conscious trunk made from soft and silky stretch modal fabric. This Hugo Boss brief translates the luxe vibe of the Hugo Boss clothing brand, and is a great choice for fashion-forward guys. Luxuriously comfortable and sensual, you’ll love the Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief so much, you won’t want to take it off.

Specs based on size M

Material: 90% modal, 10% spandex

Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk (718550):

  • Sleek stretch microfiber construction
  • Brazilian trunk is a shorter trunk with a square-cut design
  • Low-profile, soft logo elastic waistband
  • Double-layer paneled pouch
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Perfect underwear option for everyday wear and for working out

Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk technical details:

  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 7 3/4 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 3/4 inch trim at leg hems
  • 2 1/4 inch inseam

The Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk, from the Papi men’s underwear line, is a sleek stretch microfiber trunk with an innovative square-cut design. With a low-profile, soft logo elastic waistband, this Papi trunk features a double-layer paneled pouch. Wear the Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk every day under your favorite jeans or wear it to the gym and get your sweat on.

Material: 84% nylon, 16% spandex

Equmen Trunk (EQM000211):

  • High-performance underwear is built to fit snugly for athletic support
  • Designed to slim and streamline your body
  • Supports gluteal muscles for improved movement
  • Grey offers maximum core support
  • Other colors offer standard core support
  • Improves posture and gait
  • Precision fit, ventilated non-functioning fly pouch
  • Breathable, stretch microfiber construction helps control body temperature
  • Built with signature Helix-mapping support technology
  • Seamless compression provides targeted muscle support for improved body mechanics
  • Designed specifically to address the needs of a modern man’s body

The Equmen Trunk, from the Equmen Men’s Collection, is an innovative base layer that actually slims and streamlines your body while offering support to your gluteals for improved movement. Created to fit snugly on the body for optimum athletic core support, this Equmen trunk was conceived in conjunction with physiotherapists and ergonomic specialists to improve posture, gait and body mechanics. Built with the brand’s signature Helix-mapping support technology, the Equmen Trunk is designed specifically to address the needs of a modern man’s body.

Specs based on Size M

Joe Snyder Launch Bikini (JSL01):

  • Sleek stretch microfiber fabrication
  • Contrast trim
  • Low-rise
  • Innovative bikini design
  • Hole and sling pouch construction places your package front and center
  • Contrast elastic waistband
  • Paneled contour pouch
  • Sleek, shiny look

Joe Snyder Launch Bikini technical details:

  • 1 1/4 inch contrast elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 3 3/8 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 1/4 inch trim
  • Full rear coverage

The Joe Snyder Launch Bikini, from the Joe Snyder men’s underwear collection, is a low-rise, body-hugging bikini with an innovative design. Made from a sleek stretch microfiber in hot colors with contrast trim, this Joe Snyder bikini features a hole and sling pouch design that lifts your package to front and center. The Joe Snyder Launch Bikini is sure to make you feel sexy every time you wear it.

Specs based on Size M

Material: 80% polyamide, 20% spandex

I hope you all enjoy this guide! It was a labor of love and has been in the works since July. We teamed up with NorCalBodz and they shot this just for us! You won’t see these pics anywhere else, and we have NorCalBodz do our guides, so stay tuned for more … You can click any of the pictures to view the larger version. Let us know what you think, but we think this is some of the hottest underwear for Christmas.

Andrew Christian


PA186482 PA176459

PA176338 PA257184

PA257192 PA257198

  • From Top: Tory is wearing the Show-it Boxer with Flashback in blue ($32).
  • Second row: Todd is wearing the Almost Naked Boxer with Flashback ($32). Tory, on left,  is wearing the Almost Naked with Flashback, ($32) while Todd, on right,  is wearing the Marine Boxer in Grey ($41).
  • Third row: Tory is waring the Marine Boxer in Green ($41), Tory is wearing the Show-It Jock ($20).
  • Fourth Row: Tory is wearing the Show-It Boxer ($29), Tory is wearing the Show-It with Flashback Boxer for ($32)
  • You can purchase these from the Andrew Christian website




P9272372 Tory GeorgeP9294123

  • Top Row: Tory is wearing the Soldier Trench Brief ($31)
  • Second Row: Steve is wearing the Soldier Reserve Jock ($24), Steve is wearing the white Deadly Sins Brief ($28)
  • Third row: Tory is wearing Bodiform Briefs ($30), Steve is wearing the Deadly Sins Jock ($24)
  • These can all be purchased at the Aussiebum website, prices vary by exchange rate




  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the new Ribbed Jockbrief ($18)
  • Bottom Row: Steve is wearing the snug fit collection: Snug Fit Brief Black ($), Snug Fit Fishnet Brief with Phantom back ($22), Snug Fit Fish Net Trunk with phantom back ($24)
  • These can be purchased from the Baskit website. The Snug Fit Seamless will be out shortly, just in time for Christmas



  • James is wearing the Bonewear Bijou Close Fit Brief, in both Yellow and Blue. ($36)
  • These are from Bonewear and can be purchased at Dead Good Undies. Prices vary due to exchange rates


P9262113 Steve Walden


  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Pop Stripes Brief ($17)
  • Bottom Row: William is wearing the Kenetic Active Trunk ($23), Rob is wearing the Bamboo Slider Brief ($19.500
  • These can be bought from the C-IN2 website


PB227883P9262070 William PriceP9262145

  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Cocksox Brief ($23) and the Tank ($35)
  • Bottom Row: William is wearing the Waistband brief ($27), William is wearing the CX15 Boxer Brief ($32)
  • These can be purchased from the Cocksox website. Prices vary due to exchange rates

DMK Designs



  • Top Row: William is wearing the Swimmer Cobalt ($27.50)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Hawaiian ($30), Steve is wearing the Cranberry Stretch Satin ($30), Steve is wearing the Celtic Shield ($27.50)
  • These can be purchased at the DMK Designs Website



  • Top Row: Kevin is wearing the blue Singlet ($89)
  • Middle Row: Tory is wearing the Precision White Trunks ($59), Tory is wearing the Precision blue Briefs ($49)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Precision blue Trunks ($59), Tory is wearing the Precision white Briefs($49)
  • These can be purchased on the Equmen website.

Ginch Gonch


  • Top Row: Rob is wearing the Rear Axel Bumper Briefs ($27)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Big Piston Sport Brief ($30) and Tory is wearing the Lewd Lube Brief ($28)
  • These can be bought on the Ginch Gonch website

Go Softwear


  • Top Row: Torry is wearing the V Front Trunk ($20)
  • Bottom Row: Rob is wearing the Bboy Brief ($18), Steve is wearing the Go Softwear Jock ($14)
  • These can be bought from the Go Softwear site.

Jockstrap Central


  • Steve is wearing the Nasty Pig Classic Core Jock ($18), Steve is wearing the Nasty Pig Mash Up Trunks ($24)
  • You can buy these at the Jockstrap Central site. You can also get some incredible gift wrap for Christmas as well!



  • Tory is wearing the Argylez Men’s Euroz swimwear and Rob is wearing the Brazilianz Men’s Euroz Swimwear. They will be released soon!
  • They can be bought from the Skmpeez website.

Sweat Under Gear


  • Top Row: William is wearing the Sweat Trunks ($27)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Sweat Briefs ($25), Tory is wearing the Sweat Sports Briefs ($24)
  • These can be bought at the Sweat Under Gear website



  • Tory is wearing the purple Timoteo Super Low Rise Briefs ($19), Tory is wearing Yellow Timoteo Quake Low Rise Briefs ($20)
  • You can buy these at the Timoteo website.

Underwear Station

PB157709PA196623PA196647 Todd Roberts

  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Gigo Comics Briefs ($25)
  • Bottom Row: Todd is wearing the Joe Snyder Exclusive Brief ($28.99), and the Joe Snyder Trunk ($32.99)
  • You can buy these pairs at the Underwear Station website.

Poster Hut



NCB Model Steve FirmanPA176403

  • Top Row: Todd is wearing the Dirty Fukker Punk Blue Brief ($22.99)
  • Middle Row: Todd is wearing the Priape Body Itcha Black Brief ($17.50), Steve is wearing the Male Power Bong Thong ($18.95)
  • Bottom Row: Steve is waring the Lee Gregory Super Bikini (With Super on the seat) ($22), Todd is wearing the Schultz Hands Free Brief ($22)
  • These can be bought at Poster Hut in Atlanta, (address) 2175 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE,  Atlanta, GA 30324,  404-633-7491

Mark Ouest


  • Kevin is wearing the Marc Ouest Man 7 brief ($22.95)
  • This pair can be bought from the Marc Ouest website.


NCB Model James Ramos

  • James is wearing the Obviously Sinuous Low Rise Thong ($23)
  • This pair can be bought from the Obviously website.



  • James is wearing the WildmanT Bobby Lift Pouch WT-38 ($22)
  • This pair can be bought at the WildmantT website

Cityboyz Fashions


  • William is wearing the Mundo Unico Pollen Briefs ($17)
  • These may be purchased on the Cityboyz Fashions website!

If you want to find out more about our Models, check out the pdf version of the guide that will be available early next week. We want to thank all the models and NorCalBodz for doing this for us. Look for our next guide, the Valentines Guide in late January!