PT1-13-FullOver a week ago we launched the 2014 Swim Brief Challenge. We want all guys who read this site, regardless of sexual orientation, body type or draw backs to wear one in public. I know it’s a lot to ask for some of you guys but let’s do this, this year!

Back in the day, many years ago I used to rock the swim briefs all the time. It was my swimwear of choice and I hated when I had to wear board shorts. They just were super uncomfortable and too much material. I remember going to Florida with my ex and he insisted I not wear them on the beach. This was a beach that was 99% straight and I don’t think anyone had worn one there in a long time, it was also the mid 90’s and swim briefs were still big in the gay market.

So I complied with his and wore my american flag Speedo brand suit under my green trunks. Yes I still remember what I wore all these years later. At one point I almost took them off but kept my word. Which I was not happy about, but I won’t do this again.

Flash forward to this past year. We did our swimwear shoot and had some great brands participate. One pair that caught my eye was the N2N Stratum. While not a swim brief, the style and pouch caught my eye. So after the shoot I got that pair and wore at the pool after the shoot. It felt great, this was the first time I have worn anything like it in a few years. It felt amazing.

It got me thinking about my advice I give everyone who reads the blog, wear what you want! To hell with everyone else. Granted swimwear is something that is seen more than underwear but we need to all do it. I am going to wear a swim brief this summer! The avatar on my Twitter is a pair from Undergear that I wore this past year!

I want to hear from you guys who’s going to wear and when you wear a swim brief. Email us or tweet met @unbtim and let’s do it

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If you’re like me you love traveling and going to new places. However, you hate going through security and the “joys” (said sarcastically) of flying and traveling. Standing in line for an hour, then waiting at the gate to get on a flight that was shorter then your wait. Then getting of the plane and making your way to baggage claim and then to your hotel. It’s usually a day that lasts longer than you expect.

Car travel is just as tedious. You get up super early drive 6-8 hours or more and make several stops during the day. The best part is you can bring your own music and travel with people you like to make the journey better!
We are going to give you some advice for underwear for traveling
  • Wear a favorite brand – Wear a brand you know and love. you will know what to expect from the pair and not be surprised. There will be no binding, pinching and lack of support.
  • Don’t Experiment – A long drive or flight is not the time to experiment with a new brand or style. Example is if you’re a boxer brief guy don’t pick a trans atlantic flight for wearing a thong. At some point you’ll be in the bathroom and take it off and have to free ball the rest of the trip
  • Wear your go to style – Sort of a take on the one above, if you’re a briefs guy, wear briefs. You will be thankful
  • Wear breathable materials – One of my favorite materials to travel in is Modal. it’s very soft and breathes with you. Perfect for being in a car all day
  • Colors are awesome – wear something colorful, to me wearing great colorful underwear makes me feel happy. So yellows, reds, greens and even pink.
  • Pack Extra underwear in your carry on – This time of year there have been major delays due to weather. This is never true than when you have a connecting flight. Being suck in an airport for 24 to 48 hours is never fun.
These may seem like Duh tips but wear something fun and familiar on long trips.


We have a few things planned but our tag line, which you may or may not know is “Real Guys, Real Underwear” We feature some of our reviewers of different body types in reviews (both video and online). But we want to extend that to more! To do that we need your help.

You maybe asking how? Well we need you to stand up for seeing real guys in undies. We are all like a brotherhood. I’m super protective of our readers. I think it takes courage to stand up and wear great undies even when your friends give you grief. I mean wearing underwear to the gym and your buddies giving you a hard time about some bright briefs.
No imaging opening yourself up and doing it online for thousands to see. I have posted pics of me in underwear on the net and I always cringe. I don’t want to hear the “you’re too big to wear that” “You’re too fat” Which if it was said I haven’t heard it.
We want to do more of real guys including photo shoots. So when you see someone saying bad things about real guys in undies, speak up! Our biggest thing we hear is you want real guys in underwear so to get that you need to voice your opinion to others and to us! Send us emails and comments. Let us know we are doing a good job and you like the guys we choose! We want to include some staff guys sometimes in our shoots!
We want to hear what you have to say on the topic! email us at info at underwearnewsbriefs dot com


I met Jerrad and Todd in February of last year in Vegas at Project where we get to see all the new trends in men’s underwear. I was really excited to meet them because I had heard a lot about their new company, Underwear Nation, and wanted to learn more about how they got the idea to start an underwear retailer. We sat down in the luxe Cosmopolitan after the underwear show and talked. Underwear Nation is always a topic of conversation on the underwear scene! If you aren’t familiar with the online store I am sure you know their amazing photography that seems to pop up all over the Internet.

I started our conversation by asking them how Underwear Nation got its start. As it turns out, Jerrad and Todd were acquaintances from over 15 years ago that parted ways after meeting at a random party. Jerrad was leaving to dance on a cruse ship, and Todd was moving to Chicago to pursue his business career. Several years later Todd was combing the Internet for hot guys and saw Jerrad’s work on a blog. After rekindling their friendship, Todd hired him to do a photo shoot for a bar he was working at in Madison. The rest is history!

Both fans of (hot guys in) underwear they talked about how they wanted to do something in industry. “We had a great brand name in Underwear Nation. And we wanted to create a solid business plan that would surge into the Men’s Underwear industry and set us apart.” Todd and Jerrad launched Underwear Nation as an Underwear of the Month Club where members would get a pair of briefs, boxer briefs or jockstraps every month. In addition, they wanted to provide a curated retail experience with great editorial content such as Jerrad’s original photography every month. As UN has evolved they have begun releasing new men’s underwear product lines through a monthly Issue with a themed photo shoot such as the very popular Varsity series set in the locker room featuring Timoteo.

As they have grown over the past 18 months, like most entrepreneurs, Todd and Jerrad have had some challenges along the way. Jerrad mentioned “the constant deadlines of a small team that create a lot of creative pressure for us.” And being an online retailer has presented lots of issues as the company continues to grow. “Sometimes we have to stop everything and work on technical issues…things that necessarily aren’t our strength, but are important for the growth and viability of the company,” Todd said.

I asked the team at Underwear Nation what surprised them as an Internet retailer. They mentioned how awesome it was to have a global customer base, and how cool it was to get orders from everywhere from Australia to Israel. And with the global presence, Jerrad and Todd are eager to see the company grow and expand to become one of the largest underwear retailers on the Internet. Todd added, “Not only do we want to continue to improve our curated product selection in our store, but we also want to continue to engage our customers in new and interesting ways.” At Underwear News Briefs we know it will be amazing and I can’t wait to see the progress!


A few weeks ago I overheard a few of my buddies talking about underwear. Naturally, this piqued my interest so I started listening and then engaging. Well this wasn’t just any normal discussion about boxers vs. briefs but instead it was about the opposite, no boxers or briefs, or thongs for that matter too. Going commando was the center piece and to my shock and surprise, it’s a new thing that many are doing. Granted I am an underwear fanatic, but I really just don’t understand why anyone would want to wear no underwear throughout the day. How do guys going commando not get completely irritated by the lack of male anatomy support? What about skin abuse caused by pants rubbing against bare skin? Finally, not wearing underwear is completely unhygienic and honestly pretty gross.

This discussion caught me off guard but maybe I was just behind the latest trends. I now ask you all, do you occasionally go commando? If so, give me some feedback as to why you do this and if there are times that you prefer this. Continue the discussion by either commenting directly to this post or via my personal twitter account @UNBJon.

Picture by Baskit

valentines-staff-picsI asked our guys, what you are planning to wear for Valentine’s Day. We have a mix of single/dating and gay/straight so where are what some of us will be wearing.


Alex – I’ll be wearing my new Andrew Christian punted tighty whitie jock. It’s a new sexy take on an old classic. Just the fun valentines day needs!!


Shane – Being the special day that it is to celebrate love and infatuation, I will be wearing the color of love – RED!  I will be wearing the newest pair of red underwear that I have added to my collection, the Modus Vivendi metallic loose fit boxer.  It is simply wonderful!  I love the stripes being dark and bright red with a slightly metallic sheen.  They fit great and look great.  These are not your dad’s boxers.  They make me feel confident and look great on.  Love them!


T – I’ll be wearing the Gregg Homme Pump Up Thong, just in case I bump into a guy who wants to start a whirlwind romance then and there 🙂 I’ll be wearing good undies, supportive, but still scandalous.


John – Having been in a relationship now for over 8 years, Valentines Day is just another day that I get to spend with the guy that I love. As for my underwear selection… I think I will be in a jock. My partner loves when I wear a jockstrap, so since the day is about showing him how much I love him, that is the way I will go. I have a cute new pair of Andrew Christians that will be just perfect. It is a pair of his dark red Teaser Air Jock. I love these because they are super comfy and light weight with plenty of room so they are great to wear all day, yet sexy and playful so that what ever happens that night is just as exciting.


Tim (ME) – I”ll be traveling so I won’t have any romantic dinners unless you count having one on a Southwest flight 32,000 feet in the air with 200 of my closest friends. I am going to wear my John Seivers California Gold Brief. This is one of the best briefs I have for traveling. Will anyone see it, NOPE just me but I’ll be in Vegas that night so how bad could it be?

unb-mainWe all make New Years Resolutions, and one of the most common resolutions is to lose weight, or “live healthier.” For me, it has unfortunately become an annual thing. From January to May or early June I really work hard on losing weight and eating right, and as summer gets going I find it easier to eat lighter and be active. But once football season rolls around, the sun doesn’t rise as early and I always fall into the same trap. I succumb to the temptations of bar food and snacks and I stop working out as my clothing gets heavier and masks my physique. After Christmas, the number on the scale is back to where I never wanted it be again when I began the process in January.

I know I am not alone in such a struggle, but if you’re like me when it comes to underwear, I buy the most underwear when I am feeling the best about my body. For me, that happens to be in the summer, when I almost always need to go down a pant size (but won’t because I know I’ll just give into temptation in the Fall), I am tan and look more like a professional athlete than the desk-jockey I am. But if you are like me and give into temptation and start eating poorly as Winter approaches, those sexy briefs that made you look like Apollo in July start to make you feel like Chris Farley in the Chippendale’s sketch.

I don’t think I’d be going out on a limb to say that for a lot of us underwear aficionados, nothing can make you start feeling poorly about yourself than when a pair of underwear you love goes from sexy to unflattering in the matter of just a couple of months. The best remedy to avoid this feeling is obvious–continue to eat and workout like you’re always preparing for Summer. But it’s January, and we are all diligently watching our calories, and working out when we can (right?!). Our bodies, softened from the last two months of seemingly constant temptation, don’t look the greatest in some of our favorite pairs. So what can we do that offers a temporary fix to this temporary (right?!) problem?

The underwear savants here at UNB have long advised our readers to diversify their underwear drawers, so if you struggle to maintain that summer body as you go into the late Fall and Winter months, you need to think about getting some pairs you know you’ll always look your best in, no matter how trim you are. Follow these three tricks to keep yourself looking great and feeling good on your way to that body you’ll have in a few months.

Trick #1: Bigger Can Be Better 







If your like me and your love handles tend to re-appear as you near Christmas,  it may be a good idea to stow away a few pairs in your favorite brands and styles that happen to be a size larger than your normal underwear. XL and L are sizes that are almost always available when the big underwear brands go on sale or clearance on sites like or, so this trick isn’t going to hurt your wallet. And if you’re a Small normally, while you may not find clearance-priced Mediums, those websites always have substantial sales going on. Finally, pay attention to how your favorite brands run for sizing. Big, American labels like 2(X)ist and Calvin Klein run fairly big, which affords you to stay in your favorite styles while only changing size.

Trick #2: Know that There is no “Cut” Above the Rest…

image3                                                             image5                                 
Cut and Fit. These are the two factors that can turn a good looking pair of underwear into a not-so-good looking pair of underwear once you’ve got them on. If you’re like me and prefer more athletically cut, bikini or hip briefs but have been known to put on some weight towards the end of the year, they can get tight in certain areas and loose in others. This is the “cut” affecting the “fit” and this is where the importance of diversity in your underwear drawer really comes in. So if you’ve put on a few extra pounds but maybe Trick #1 is not necessary, a great way to feel better about your appearance in your skivvies is to stock several “cuts” of underwear.

Trick #3: Dial Down the Skimpiness 

Not feeling great in these?                      Try these instead.

image1                 image2







No matter what your preference when it comes to your go-to underwear cuts and styles, when you’re carrying some “Winter Weight” you’re going to look (and feel) your best when every thing is covered or contained comfortably and stylishly. No guy carries their extra pounds in the same place as the next guy, but a trick I use in these winter months I call the, “Next-Less-Skimpy Rule.” It’s sort of the cumulative result of the first two tricks but shouldn’t necessitate you going out and buying more underwear.

Here’s how I apply the Next-Less-Skimpy Rule: If I get a pair on and its not fitting how I like it to fit, or it is entirely unflattering when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I drop them to the floor, fold them and pick a pair that provides the next-less-skimpy look and feel. Recently, I couldn’t get my butt all the way into a pair of skimpier Body Aware briefs. I folded them back up and put on a pair of CK hip briefs. I looked and felt a heck of a lot better in an instant.


dead-good-undies-januaryIt can be the most depressing month of the year but UK shoppers are feeling the love for men’s underwear by making the most of great offers, snapping up brand new spring styles and looking forward to Valentine’s Day…

Bruno Banani Red Carpet Hip Short GBP2700

Bruno Banani Red Carpet Hip Short GBP27.00

This handsome short has proved hugely popular this New Year. Two tone horizontal stripes and a ribbon logo at the waist… Ultra chic.

Olaf Benz RED 1372 Bikini Brief GBP3300

Olaf Benz RED 1372 Bikini Brief GBP33.00

More and more UK gents are discovering the sublime fabrics and flawless styling of this German brand. New season styles are arriving now and look great.

Bruno Banani Celebrity String GBP1700

Bruno Banani Celebrity String GBP17.00

What better way to brighten up a grey British January than a brand new glittering thong! This gorgeous string underwear is available in deep Bordeaux or shimmering dark blue.

Doreanse 1355 Micro Brief GBP1000

Doreanse 1355 Micro Brief GBP10.00

The great value Doreanse collection has gone from strength to strength and UK customers are stepping into spring early with the brand’s fabulous floral designs.

HOM Elysee HO1 Maxi Boxer Brief GBP2700

HOM Elysee HO1 Maxi Boxer Brief GBP27.00

Boxer briefs are always more popular over the festive period and in the run up to Valentine’s Day with eager shoppers hoping to please the man in their life with slinky figure hugging shorts.

Body Art Danakos Hip Slip GBP2700

Body Art Danakos Hip Slip GBP27.00

This romantic range is brand new for from Body Art for spring 2014 and its instant popularity suggests big things for more artistic designs this season.

Find These and more at the Dead Good Undies Site!

Contains an affiliate sales link. Each sale earns UNB money, this is not a paid post




mus-jan-mainWe love teaming up with to bring you some of the best undies out there. We try to give you our opinion but it’s always great to get a recommendations from a store. This is whats Hot for January.


Buffalo Striped Contour Brief

A new brand for us, BUFFALO by David Bitton brings bold prints, refined styling and a rugged appeal to the table. The contour briefs give a low-cut, sexy look while the trunks provide great coverage and support. They’re comfortable, they’ll give your body an incredible shape, and with tons of colors and prints to choose from, you can make these your new favorites while having variety in your style.


Naked Microfiber Trunk

Naked’s new and improved Microfiber Trunk is the definition of class and comfort. Threads of the microfiber are spun with water that’s distilled in the Italian Alps. With a “seamless” design and lightweight fabric, these breathable undies will keep your body comfortable whether you’re wearing them under a suit or during a tough workout. Sophistication, luxury and function, all in one.


Bread & Boxers Boxer Briefs

Sure, they’re standard boxer briefs, but Bread & Boxers reminds us that the best underwear are oftentimes ones that require no thought. Put them on, get dressed, and you’re out the door – it’s as easy as picking up the morning paper or, as B&B puts it, “grabbing the morning bread.” They’re for the guy who values comfort, simplicity, and a great fit. Did we mention that hockey hunk and New York Rangers goaltender Henrick Lundqvist is the new face (and body) of the brand? Definite thumbs-up.


Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief

Originally, the CK One Micro Brief came in just a few basic colors. Now, the body-contouring briefs come in two bold prints, like rich stripes and a loud houndstooth (shown above). Calvin Klein undies are synonymous with sexy silhouettes and sophisticated styling, and these are no different – the contour pouch and stitching gives a slightly enhanced look in the front, the legs sit higher to show a little more skin, and the black seams make these briefs a sharp staple for guys who want to give prints a try.


Diesel Industrial Logo Andre Brief

With the Diesel Industrial Logo Andre Brief, it’s all in the details. This cooler version of Diesel’s signature logo briefs has a metallic waistband and steely metal buttons that give it a punch of style. The low-rise design and legs openings that sit higher on the hips will shape your body in all the right places.

Find these and more at the Mensunderwearstore website!

try-something-newI was talking on Twitter (if you’re on Twitter follow me @unbtim) and talking to someone who loves briefs/bikinis and he is doing a month long challenge to wear Boxer briefs. His challenger is doing the reverse boxer briefs to bikinis! Speaking from experience as a briefs guy, having to wear Boxer Briefs for for a week would drive me nuts. I do have boxer briefs, like Mundo Unico, Trunks from N2N, ones with great pouches. So I’m not totally anti-boxer brief, but doing it for a month would be a bit much for me.

Now I”m not saying to try something for an entire month. I reward the conviction for trying something new for a month, but I say start small. Some things you might consider trying that you have never worn before. The prime example of this is Jon on our site asked me for a thong to try. He has never worn one and wants to try out a good one. We will be getting him one to try and review soon. It makes me wonder if he will wear to the gym?

My biggest challenge was when I had to review a boxer for Hamilton & Hare. I knew no one on the site would want to do it. I would picture me asking the guys and have silence and nothing but crickets in the background. So I took one for the team. I hadn’t worn boxers in prob 15 years or more. And then it was a rare occurrence. I think I could count on one hand how many times I wore them under pants. After trying those they were pretty good. I but I won’t say i wear them all the time but I have lounged around in them many times.

If you’re up for trying something on the wild side we have a brands we can recommend:

  • Gregg Homme – It’s pricy but extremely well made and will last. It’s sexy underwear made to wear all day from thongs to sheer!
  • Cellblock13 – It’s a fun fetish line from Timoteo and will bring your wild side out. Find Jocks, jock briefs and Jock Boxers
  • N2N Bodywear – Has amazing pouches and plenty of thongs, jocks and more that are made to show off your goods
  • Modus Vivendi – Taking their Greek Heritage and making really fun and different underwear, if you want fun and funky this is for you
  • PetitQ – This is for the bold guy who says what the hell, just let it all hang out! Made super small and leaves little to the imagination

Say you’re a guy who has the wild part covered and want to try something with a classic cut:

  • Baskit – Makes great classic underwear that fits amazing in many different styles from boxer briefs to jocks.
  • Mack Wheldon – They focus on briefs and boxer briefs currently with great materials.
  • 2(X)ist – A classic underwear company that has some really strong core basics in their line up that you won’t be disappointed you bought
  • C-IN2 – Another classic company that has never had great fun undies but also super classic you can wear anywhere.

The wild brands are easier to come up with then Classic. Plus I think more guys would go from classic to wild!

This year we are going to challenge you guys to step out of your box and try new things.

_MG_2629Thanks to all of you who voted in the Gay Vs. Straight poll. I love having you guys involved! The results so far (the poll is still open and we’ll leave it open so more can vote):

  • 64% said gay guys were more passionate
  • 11% said straight guys were
  • 25% said both were.

I will say I’m amazed the both number is so high! I think we both share passion for undies. Yes, I hear some of you saying “Now Tim, most straight guys don’t even care what they wear.” This is true a large portion of straight guys this is true but we have a growing number who love underwear and that is growing every day.

I have had the pleasure to talk to many of our readers, both gay and straight, and it amazes me how similar our stories are for loving underwear. We both want underwear that fits, feels great and makes us feel sexy all day. I want UNB to be a place for you guys to come together and learn about underwear and hear what we all have to say about the underwear market. The reason I started UNB was to share my passion for a love I have had since as long as I can remember!

UNB is open to all sexual orientations and open to guys and yes women who love men’s underwear! We would love to hear from more of our straight guys, if you’re a big time underwear lover, email me and lets talk! I think it’s much harder for straight guys right now to admit they love undies. Which we need to change!

Here is a challenge: Whether gay or straight, share your passion of underwear, don’t hide it, there is nothing wrong with loving undies!

brandon-cin2When you have as much underwear as I do, it is difficult to come up with the one pair that you’d place above all the others, but I think the underwear a man wears can really offer a window into who he is as a person. Of course, I have several favorites when it comes to underwear, but there is one that stands out to me every time I get them on.

My first pair of briefs were the long-since discontinued Neon Sport Brief from 2xist. Not too long after that collection sold out, 2xist started to venture away from their sport brief style altogether. But as they were phasing it out, C-IN2 added a sport brief to all of their new lines, and it looked strikingly similar to 2xist’s design (probably not a surprise as C-IN2 was founded by former 2xist founder Gregory Sovell) but it was a much better pair overall.

The reason I’m still falling in love with the C-IN2 Sport Brief is that it seems as if it were designed with my body type in mind. Being well-endowed, the most important thing to me about a pair of underwear is how well the pouch can contain my boys while offering them a good level of support. The pouch on the C-IN2 Sport Brief is deeply contoured as a result of the briefs design, which mimics the extremely high-cut leg openings of a jockstrap. Like most well-endowed guys, I’ve mostly defaulted to underwear brands that utilize an “Anatomical Pouch” but the reason I chose this pair over any of the dozens of pairs with an anatomical pouch is the quality in construction of these briefs. The cotton is incredibly soft, and it’s also thick, but breathable. The elastic used to frame the brief is incredibly sturdy, which provides support that no pair of anatomical briefs could dream of doing, but it also frames an athletic bubble butt like mine perfectly.

C-IN2 is a member of what I call the “Big Three” in designer underwear. They are here to stay and thankfully, so is their Sport Brief.


Over the last five years I have talked to a lot of guys. I will say being a gay guy, I thought gay guys had the most passion for underwear. This is because we love to wear underwear and see our guys in underwear. So it was a win-win all around.

In the world of men’s underwear market, underwear was always marketed to gay guys. Maybe not overtly but there was always a subtle undertone for gay guys. The pictures and marketing were definitely geared towards the gay market. They very artistic and physique of the models made it have a very gay undertone

Flash forward to 2013, which was a big year for UNB and straight guys. We got three amazing straight guys on the site, Gabe, Brandon and Jon. When I talk to each of these guys I realize how big a passion they have for underwear. Each of them have their own story how they got into underwear. Each has a passion as big or bigger than mine. Jon has been an advocate for college guys to try something new. Brandon has a huge love underwear that he loves to share and Gabe discovered his love through wearing swim briefs!

I think there has been a big generalization that straight guys really don’t care about underwear. That it’s always an afterthought in their wardrobe and they don’t have any desire to try new things. This premise is rejected every day by readers I talk too. I was talking to a potential new staff member who is straight and he got in underwear seeing Jim Palmer in his Jockey Elance. Which was the catalyst for myself getting into underwear!

Each day more and more guys find amazing underwear and don’t find it a gay/straight thing. I think more straight guys who wear underwear aren’t being labeled as gay. It’s becoming more widely accepted by friends, wives and girlfriends.

It made me wonder, what do you guys think, do gay guys still have the most passion for undies or do straight guys now have a big passion for undies? Vote in our poll or leave a comment


cocksox-cx01In an effort for you guys to get to know us I am starting a segment called my favorite pair. As many of you know who are underwear fans, you don’t have just one favorite pair. We have the classics we love and keep for ever. Also, we constantly get new favorites when brands release new lines and we discover new brands.

This one is a classic for me. It’s funny that you say “classic” in underwear.  The underwear renaissance began in the early 2000’s, this is when more guys started to pay attention to what they were wearing. During this time we saw a ton of companies come on the market. Cocksox was one of those. I remember seeing the pics of the CX01 Briefs, and wanted them!

The pictures were super sexy to me. Here after many years of black/white/grey boxer briefs we had a pair of bright red bikinis. To me the underwear market was opening up big time. It wasn’t for two more years before I received my first pair. They were a white pair and when I tried them on they felt amazing. That amazing pair I still have today although they are a bit large now. They were an XL, so I can’t wear them. I have since replaced them with the turquoise, magenta, and leopard bikinis.

The reason the CX01 is one of my favorite pairs is that is has an ergonomically design, great materials and makes me feel sexy wearing every time. The pouch was the first thing that hooked me. When I slid it on it was amazing the way it held everything in place. It is designed to hold a guy and fit like a glove. The second thing was its very well constructed. I have had pairs of Cocksox for several years and they still hold up. Nothing worse then buying a great pair of undies an only getting 3-4 wearings before it’s done. Cocksox has longevity in my underwear drawer. Lastly, is I feel so sexy wearing these. Especially the leopard ones. It shows off what I have under jeans and give me a little more confidence. I think that is the power of great underwear.

This is my favorite pair. We will bring you more favorites soon. This will include swim and underwear.

why-we-love-underwearI’m sitting here planning the future of UNB. I know it seems sometime we just fly by the seat of our pants, but I’m actually looking at the future and where I want us to be as a blog. It got me thinking why do we love underwear?

For most of the guys in the world underwear is something you wear because your mother told you to wear clean underwear in case of an accident. Those who read this blog have many other reasons. We all, regardless of sexual orientation, have fallen in love with undies.

Here are some reasons I came up with why we all love underwear –

  • Personality – Its a continued statement as who we are as a man. Sure the world sees our clothes daily but we want to show more personality with our underwear. Some guys have to wear a uniform, whether its a mechanic in coveralls or busines executive in a suit. You may not have much say on what you wear to work. Underwear gives you a chance to wear something bright in color, skimpy in design, luxrious fabrics or all the above.
  • Fashion – I have talked to guys who fell in love with undies because its a continuation of their fashion sense. They wear the best shirts and pants and would never think of wearing nothing but the best underwear. Plus with the low rise jeans trent having a great pair showing over the waistband was a fashion statement.
  • Comfort – Underwear in six packs never give you much comfort, they loose their shape and drive you crazy after about 4 hours. Great undewear gives you amazing support and makes you feel amazing. I know not everyone is a fan of briefs, but they are what I love best. Once guys find what fit he loves most, its rare he will change his daily go to pair.
  • Sex appeal – This can come in two forms. The first is you had a partner who bought you something sexy and one trying it, you loved it. I have talked to so many straight guys who got into underwear this way. Their wife/girl friend got tired of the ugly boxers/briefs and bought something. Reluctantly they tried them and then fell in love with the fit. Not to knock the straight guys but I have done this to many guys I have dated too, but it reminds me of a lot of guys I have talked too recently. The second is one thing I experinced. Seeing underwear and wanting to feel that sexy wearing them. WHen I was younger I saw bikinis and thought they were sexy and wanted a pair. When I got a pair I feel i love. It’s the old addage that you want to look as good as the model in the picture.
  • Dare – This is another way I heard guys found undies. In college or something a buddy/friend dared them to wear something such as a bikini, brief, etc. They accepted the dare and discovered that what they were dared to wear, they actually like. Thongs are the most loved pair in this category. One reader told me his college buds dared him to wear a thong to a party one night. He accepted the dare got one and wore it to the party. While wearing it he realized how great they were and went out that week and bought more. Now, he did keep them from his buddy but it changed his mind about undies. I don’t think this happens too much but it does happen
  • When in Rome – This one our very on Gabe discovered. It deals more with swim briefs than underwear. He went on vaction and most of the European visitors wore swim briefs and kinda gave him the look most who wear swim brief in the US get while wearing them on a public beach. He ventured out and bought a pair and wore them the rest of the trip. There were no judgements or sneers. It was generally accepted with the people on the beach. This then turned into his love of underwear.

These are some reasons why we love undies. We would love to hear your story on how you fell in love with undies, what were the reasons that got you to buy/get that first pair? What was your first pair?  Feel free to email us or post here in the comments. Our Email is

winter-underwearHere in Atlanta its in the 20’s and freakin’ cold. I know some of you around the world are saying, WTF is that all? Well for Atlanta it’s cold. It got me thinking of what undies I wear when it’s cool. I’m a total briefs guy. As many long time readers know. But when it’s cold I change from my usual pair and go for boxer briefs and more.

I’m not sure how many other guys change their preference due to weather. Its the only time i switch from my go to briefs to anything else. So I thought I would share a few pairs that I wear when it gets cold

Mundo Unico – I love the nylon boxer briefs. They keep me warm and give me great support and an amazing pouch. Of all the boxer briefs, Unico makes my favorite ones. The Mid Boxer pulsar (133000825-83) is one my current favorites. You maybe asking about the cotton spandex, for me personally, they don’t keep the heat in for me.
N2N Bodywear – Last year they released a great collection called Camp Fire. It’s N2N Bodywear spin on flanel underwear. It’s made with a great fit and you can get the one to the knee or longer. I Love these because they are super warm. You can wear something under them or just by themselves. I usually put on a signature boxer under them for a little extra support.
Runners (no specific brand) – When its really cold, I wear runners. I am not a fan of traditional long johns. To me they have way too much bulk and have no support what so ever. So about 10 years ago It was super cold and when picking out my underwear for the day I saw the runners, and though if it’s good enough for guys to wear running with nothing over them, then it was good to wear under clothes. They fit great under jeans and you can’t really tell you are wearing anything else. They do a great job keeping you warm as well. Rufskin, N2N, Timoteo (pictured) all have runners, so you can go full on fashion and bright colors/patterns or go with traditional black/Navy

This year i want to try more of the traditional long johns that have come out from N2N, Timoteo, Frank Dandy and Cocksox. Each of them have launched a rebirth to the long john area. I think its’ just the start of more and fun long johns. Going forward it will be important for all guys to have warm and fashionable underwear.

I’m curious what you guys wear in the winter, post your favorites below or let us know!

Before you read this post, watch the video above from Tommy John! Ok now that you have watched, and I know most of you don’t care about women’s underwear, but it makes a great point.  There is a double standard in men’s underwear. Its that men can get away with having terrible underwear, while women can’t. They are expected to always have good undies.

I also want to preface this by saying this is not just relegated to the straight market. There are tons of gay men who have incredibly horrible underwear. Granted we are known for being underwear early adopters, but for every guy who loves and cares about underwear there are 3-4 more who don’t pay attention to it and have underwear with holes and worn out elastic.

This here drives me insane. Usually when I meet a guy we make over the underwear. But it’s time we do this on a national scale. I have been racking my brain how to do this, show guys the days of bad underwear are just unacceptable.

We need your help with this project. We want all our readers to:

  • Not be ashamed of your love of underwear
  • Have honest conversations with friends about underwear
  • Buy the underwear you feel awesome wearing
  • Get rid of underwear as it wears out
  • Experiment with different styles and fabrics
  • Never listen to anyone who puts down your underwear choices

Lets all pledge to do this going forward and get every guy in amazing undies!

boxerbriefs-gift-guideWe know there are a ton of you who love Boxer Briefs/Trunks. For many of you it’s your daily go to style. We thought we would bring some suggestions for the Boxer Brief guy. Each pair on the list we have tried here and can highly recommend them. So if you have someone you want to buy you underwear, give them the links to these guides and you should have a great present under the tree. If you have any more let us know and we’ll share on social networks, comment or email us at

Read the full list below:

Over the next week or so we’re going to give you great gift ideas. They will be about 5 pairs we think would make amazing gifts for the underwear lover in your life. These are quick posts to give you ideas! If you have any more let us know! We will share it with our readers

Not everyone is a brief fan but those who are, we love them more then any style. This year we are running a few suggestions to buy for the guy in your life who loves briefs. These are some great ideas ones we have tried and love! You get suggestions from the guys who love undies, how can you go wrong!


2(X)ist Slip Mesh  – One of the hottest lines form last year


Cocksox Waistband Brief  – Amazing fit and pouch


C-In2 Filthy Lo No Show Brief  – Creative and super fun


Marcuse Bounce Brief – Not your ordinary pair of undies


CK One Micro Hip Brief from Men’s Underwear Store – Classic and super comfy

If you have more, let us know tomorrow we will be doing Boxer Briefs!


This past weekend two guys wore Miami Dolphin speedos to the Miami Dolphins football game. From what I gather they went tailgating in speedos and had plenty of pics made. The pictures feature the two guys in a speedo in Miami Dolphin’s colors and patch. Which I highly doubt they put out a speedo, but rather the two put the patch on, either way it looks pretty cool.  They go into the stadium and strip to their speedos in the stands.  In all the accounts I’m not sure if they were asked to leave or if  they were either asked to leave or put on clothes.

This brings a big conversation. I think we have said it before but there is a double standard in the US on guys wearing speedos. I know we have gay and straight guys who read the blog who love wearing them. To us at UNB its no longer gay vs. straight it’s wearing what you want. The society at large turns a frown on guys wearing skimpy swimwear or underwear, where as with women it’s totally accepted. I think it’s time we start a campaign to bring on the skimpy swimwear for men!

We posted this on our Facebook page and here are some of the comments:

  • Guy from the USA here…The common belief of our major metropolitan areas that us spand our world is that a man or men are too easily sexually aroused while they’re wearing skimpy items of clothing…and so our world uses a there greatest resource against us the distraction is the afront of shame and the best one they came up with: a Double standard
  • They should of been left alone. “Double Standard” 4 sure
  • Yeah, that’s very US; however, I don’t think a football stadium is the best place to wear speedos huh?

So the question is how can we change this? What can we all do to make speedos more accepted? It seems as more guys get into underwear, guys wearing speedos are kind of lagging behind. I think it’s partly because underwear is hidden and you can express yourself with out fear of people commenting and making negative things. Swimwear is out in the open and everyone will see it. So you are more open to negativity and backlash.

Back in the day I remember being the only one on a beach in a speedo. To me it wasn’t an issue and I never heard a comment about it. It was what I wanted to wear and felt most comfortable in. Even back then I had a partner who hated when I did it. One time at a beach trip he begged me not to wear them. I put them on under my swim shorts and almost took them off. But I respected his wishes. We have had straight guys tell us they want to wear them but negative comments from family and friends stopped them. I think we need more guys to take a risk and wear them!

What will it take for swimwear to go mainstream? Should we start a campaign? Write up more swimwear? Let us know guys. Also if anyone know the guys let us know we’d love to get in contact!

PicFrame 3

We have teamed up with Mensunderwearstore to bring you some of the hottest underwear in the US. Its always great to hear form a retailer whats really going well and is hot!


2XIST 3-pack No-Show Brief
Everybody loves multi-packs. With 2(X)IST’s 100% cotton No Show Briefs in 3-packs, you can have the comfort, style and edge of hot basics in tons of colors and an updated brief style. These give you great variety – and at a great price.


Naked Cotton Modal Trunk
Comfortable underwear should feel like it’s not even there – that’s the theory behind Naked’s designs. The NKD Cotton Modal trunk combines an even mix of cotton (for the soft feel every guy loves) and modal (which brings luxury and a more sleek feel into the picture). The NKD trunk will give you a body-hugging silhouette and  an incredibly cozy fit.


2XIST Pro Sliq Brief
These are one of our hottest items this month. The 2(X)IST Pro Sliq Brief has a little something for everybody with the bold neon yellow, the black and navy neutrals and the high-tech “lazer” prints. These come in a nylon-spandex blend, so they’re silky smooth and stretchy.

Emporio Armani Basic Stretch Modal Trunk
These are the epitome of luxury. Emporio Armani’s modal line is one of the sleekest on the market. With these, you’ll have the trademark body-contouring fit and classic look for which Emporio Armani is renowned. Wear them for a hot date, a classy event or for everyday wear – these upscale basics are everything you’ll want and need in a trunk.


Diesel Stripes Multi-Color Briefs
We love a good print – and Diesel’s Stripes Multi-Color collection hits the mark. The super modern stripes pattern is contoured by hems in different colors, which make these pop even more. They’re cozy briefs in soft cotton with a tiny bit of elastane blended in, so they stretch to fit your body. Diesel loves it when its wearers dare to “be bold.” These briefs do just that.


CK Bold Micro Low-Rise Trunk
It wouldn’t be a “What’s Hot” without including the newest Calvin Klein. The Micro Low-Rise Trunk modernizes the traditional CK style, and the details are in the contour lines: a rounded contour pouch with connecting hems from along the sides of the front panel to the bottom-front of the trunks. We love the rich colors these come in – Aegean sea (teal), deep orchid (dark purple) and Nuvo (the deep lavender shade) – and the microfiber blend feels so soft on the skin.


Underwear Nation is run by two amazing guys. Two guys I have met and love talking too. They have come on the underwear scene with AMAZING photography. I thought it would be great to interview Jerrad one of the Owners and photographer at Underwear Nation. Find out how they do the amazing pictures and see whats coming soon from them.

You guys came on to the underwear market in the last year, your photography has set you part, did you initially set out to do that?

Yes.  Exactly that.  The idea for Underwear Nation came about because an old friend, Todd, approached me after years apart because he had seen my photography on a blog.  He said, I want to start an underwear company with you, with your photography as the focus.  I was sold then and there.


You come up with themes it seems with each month, this past one was set in a locker room, what is your creative process for the monthly theme?

Honestly… this may sound cliche, but it just comes to me.  Sometimes I think of a theme I want to shoot and we find the underwear to match the theme.  Sometimes we find underwear we can’t live without and it inspires the theme. This month we had a theme in mind leading all the way up to our underwear purchase… then we ordered the Timoteo Varsity Collection and everything changed.

Is there a theme for a shoot that was too difficult or proved to be to complex to do?

So far, as our themed issues are a relatively young idea for us, we’ve been able to keep everything pretty simple, yet sexy. So nothing too crazy has come up quite yet.  Although the more we do, the more creative and unique I’ll be forced to become. I hate repeating myself in my art.  I’m definitely looking forward to doing a duo issue with two models someday soon.


Where do you find your amazing models?

Well, it just so happens that I also own a model agency here in West Michigan where we’re based.  That helps a LOT.

Have you thought about taking your great photography and making cards or posters of them? They are literally works of art.  

Awe. Thank you!  Yes, we’ve considered selling products like posters or books.  I think we wanted to get a little more material together before doing that.  But remember, our members get a collectable card from each month’s shoot included in their shipment.

You did a find the model contest this past year, are you going to do another next year? How did the shoot with the winner go?

The shoot with the winner of last year’s Face of the Nation contest went really well!  He was fun and enthusiastic and great in front of the lens.  We will definitely be doing another contest in 2014.  We have some plans to make it even bigger and better!

What can we expect from Underwear Nation this next year?

Well, you can expect us to continue to grow.  We plan to expand our product offering even more, while still holding true to our strict standards of quality, comfort, style and fit.  We will still carefully curate every item we choose to sell, but add a lot more variety.  We may even introduce some new memberships!

Oh, and our new and improved Ambassador Program just launched! Guys who are as passionate about underwear as we are can earn real money for referring others to Underwear Nation.  They simply sign up, share their custom Ambassador Link, and start earning cash for every sale made from that link! We’re excited about the growth of that program over the next year.

_SW7Find Underwear Nation at All pics were done by Jarred featuring Timoteo, Cocksox, SupaWear and Cellblock13


We asked Joel at Naked Underwear to answer our question, What Makes Great Underwear? Here is what he said.

The difficultly with the question about what makes great underwear is that it’s all about personal preference. Just like wine, someone can love a pair of underwear that someone else doesn’t.

So I would say that great underwear is determined by how well that pair fits your entire lifestyle. For me, I need an insanely versatile pair of underwear that will not only travel well (i.e I can wash it in the sink) but transitions from my workout, drying quickly and not smelling, to the office and then out for drinks after and anything after.  If the underwear just hits on one those then for my lifestyle it just isn’t great underwear.


British men know what they like and at men’s only retailer Deadgoodundies this month, that’s slinky fabrics and skimpy cuts. On the latest bestsellers list firm favourites are joined by a few seasonal offerings in some great shades.

Doreanse 1281 Brief GBP7.99

Doreanse 1281 Brief – GBP7.99

Never toppled from the Number One slot is the cotton-modal Doreanse 1281 brief – offered in no less than 10 colours, including black and white.

Doreanse Aire 1390 String - GBP9.00

Doreanse Aire 1390 String – GBP9.00

Well, we did say there would be a brilliant successor for the discontinued HOM Plume string – and here it is. Well worth the comparison and an excellent price for the quality.

HOM Ornament Snake String - GBP20.00

HOM Ornament Snake String – GBP20.00

This is the last men’s string that HOM will be releasing and UK customers are keen to get this one in their drawers!


Bruno Banani Hurricane Tanga – GBP21.00

Fantastic microfibre fabric in two gorgeous shades – no wonder the thong in this range has nearly sold out at DGU! Luckily this tasty Tanga and the Hip Short are still available.

HOM Temptation Plume String  - GBP15.00

HOM Temptation Plume String  – GBP15.00

HOM’s last design in the Plume range is a must for string underwear fans. A super narrow waistband, one light layer of fabric and two colours to chose from.

MANstore M101 Cheeky Brief - GBP30.00

MANstore M101 Cheeky Brief – GBP30.00

The name says it all! This brand new style in the hugely popular MANstore M101 collection sits high on the rear for a cheek baring look.

Find these and more at Dead Good Undies – Contains an affiliate link for Dead Good Undies

endowed brief

There is nothing worse then buying a great new pair of underwear, then getting them home and finding out they don’t fit like the picture on the box. If you are above average in the front or back you know the pain of choosing new underwear. Being one of those guys who’s on the endowed size, I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. Pouch size is probably the most important thing to me in underwear.

A few weeks ago we were asked by a reader to talk about pouch sizes in underwear. So I took on this challenge and bought a few new pairs to try and also some classics that are in my underwear drawer that never disappoint. Let’s talk about if you’re an endowed guy what to look for in underwear: First you need a defined pouch, very few flat front pairs actually conform to your body and give you the support you need. Second, I have found it’s best to have a spandex or modal blend that stretches, no two guys are built the same and a material that fits you like a glove is important. Lastly, you don’t have to buy large name brands to get great undies, while many fit great some smaller brands (like in this post) are often great alternatives. Many of the smaller brands can make pairs that cater to endowed in the front or back.

For this post I’m going to focus on briefs. I have found that briefs give me way more support than boxers briefs or trunks. Granted there a few trunks/boxer briefs I like but I think briefs just fit better. They are pretty much my go to style for daily wear.

So now you’re asking, “which pairs have great pouches for endowed guys?” Well the brands we are focusing on are Ergowear, Cocksox, John Sievers, Andrew Christian, N2N Bodywear and Bodyaware. These are all brands I have worn and can say have an amazing pouch that should hold your manhood. This post will be sort of 6 mini reviews of the brands either love or tried out for this post

Each of these brands I have personally tried out and recommend any of them. They are really amazing and if you’re endowed like me then you should give them a try. I know this is not all bands so let me know who you like.


Erogwear was one of the very first “anatomically” designed underwear brands that I tried. I had my doubts but they truly are made for guys who are endowed. They have been on the market for about 10 years. When I put them on I was in heaven, the pair I had been waiting on for years. This was the first company I came across that really paid attention to how a guy is made and then designed underwear.  The pair I have found to be the best is the X3D Brief. The brief is a flyless pouch brief made with the 3 dimensional X3D pouch design.This is one of my favorite pouches and I have a pair. It really fits great and gives you great support.

Its a coincidence that I am actually wearing this pair as I write the review.

  • Pouch – 9
  • Fit – 9
  • Pro
    • Great Fit
    • Amazing Materials
  • Cons
    • Higher price point
    • Can be hard to find in US
  • Style – Flyless Brief, almost Bikini cut
  • Colors – Black or White
  • Price $28.69
  • Find at –

Other styles from Ergowear you should check out – XD3 Brief
cx01N_cloud9whiteCOCKSOX – CX01 Bikini
In 2007 I remember seeing Cocksox for the first time. The briefs were super hot to me. A bikini cut with an amazing pouch. I knew right then I needed to try this brand. It was another year before I got the chance. One of the original pairs is the CX01 Bikini. The first pair I tried was a little too big but when I got my next pair, I knew I was in love with the brands.

I call Cocksox the Wonderbra of men’s underwear, because it takes what you have and pushes it up and out. A few years ago I was going to wear the Pink CX01 to a job interview and when I looked down it was not a professional look. It looked like I stuffed a baseball down the front of my pants. I know this may not be a draw back for some guys but keep that in mind!

  • Pouch – 10
  • Fit – 10
  • Pro –
    • Great fit
    • Amazing materials
    • Made for a guy
  • Con
    • Can show off everything in times you may not want – some may not see this as a con
  • Style – Bikini Cut
  • Colors –  Black, Red, White and they change them pretty often
  • Price – $25 AUD
  • Find at –

Other pairs you may like include: CX03, CX03D (backstage)
UN52-13-FullN2N BODYWEAR – Signature Brief

N2N Signature Brief has had a few refreshes over the year. Each time they keep the basic style and make it in different color combinations. The current colors are Navy/Red. This I will say has been my favorite. I say this because Andrew at N2N really pays attention to how a his underwear will fit a guy and enhance what he has! The example of this is the red panels on this iteration are on the side of the pouch and draws your eyes to the pouch.

Speaking of pouch, this pouch doesn’t have super stretchy material but is designed to give you amazing support. To tell you how amazing I even like the trunks in these. They have come up with a pouch design that just fits you naturally. It’s not described as ergonomic but it should!

  • Pouch – 9.5
  • Fit – 9.5
  • Pro
    • N2n Designed pouch that fits great
    • A steady design in the N2n line up
    • Great color combos
  • Con
    • None come to mind unless they decide to end this line
  • Style – Brief
  • Colors – White or Navy
  • Price – $22.50
  • Find at –

Other pairs you may like: Signature Trunk or Signature Bikini

JOHN SIEVERS – California Gold Collection

This is a brand that really surprised me. It was a little known brand to me until a previous staff member told me about them. I bought a pair and I will admit I was impressed with the job they did. For those of you who don’t know, John Sievers is a brand exclusively at International Jock. It has been around a few years but I never gave it a thought. Well, as they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. After I bought them I loved how they fit me and gave me a natural support. Unlike Cocksox this one doesn’t put everything on display but lets you hang naturally. Granted there’s nothing wrong with putting on display, which I don’t mind doing but sometimes you need great support and go under the radar.

  • Pouch – 9
  • Fit – 9
  • Pro
    • Natural Fit with the pouch
    • Well constructed
    • Has a natural look under pants
  • Con
    • More colors in this line, other lines have brighter colors
    • Little known brand that many may not try but I urge you too
  • Style – Brief
  • Colors – Navy, Grey, Black and White
  • Price – $26.95
  • Find at –

Other Pairs you may like: I haven’t tried any of the other pairs but they have a few more lines. I will update when i try them

ANDREW CHRISTIAN – Trophy Boy Icon Briefs

Andrew Christian is no stranger to designing ergonomically designed underwear. The first pair I recall he did was the Almost naked line. It, I will say, has been a great line for endowed guys. A lot of our refers and some of my friends rave on the Almost Naked line, heck even I do! I have a few pairs. However, thats now the pair we have for you, the Trophy Boy is one made for endowed guys. It’s been marketed as that and has a much bigger pouch than the Almost Naked line. The AC site says it better then I could ” Trophy Boy Icon Brief was made for the well endowed man who wants to show it off and be comfortable at the same time!” This is true you do show off but still feel super comfy.

Andrew Christian really paid attention to the endowed guys for this pair.

  • Pouch – 9
  • Fit – 9
  • Pros
    • Amazing ergonomically designed pouch
    • Great materials that breath through out the day
    • Designer thought of their target market
  • Cons
    • Personally I’d love smaller brief Cut
  • This particular line didn’t have bright colors, where others in the series did
  • Style – Brief
  • Colors – Royal, Black and Aqua
  • Cost – $22.93
  • Find at –


Other pairs you may like: Any from the Almost naked line, has the same pouch just not as big as the Trophy Boy
body-aware-well-endowed-briefBodyAware – Well-endowed Brief

This brief is advertised as a brief for the Well-Endowed guy. So I couldn’t pass up trying this out for the post. On a side note when we posted our Style Brief on Facebook they removed it for violating their Terms of Service, so this brief is too hot for Facebook. This pair is based on their popular Italian Shaper Brief. They have modified it to fit guys who need extra room. The one thing you need to know about this brief is its a bikini cut and very low cut. When I first put them on I realized it fits just above the top of your junk. If you aren’t a fan of really low cut bikinis you may not like it. Next the material is semi sheer. The navy pair i ordered wasn’t visibly noticeable unless you looked really hard.

The pair did well on daily wear. It fit great and was a lot of fun to wear to work.

  • Pouch – 9
  • Fit – 9
  • Pro
    • Especially designed for Well-endowed guys
    • Super sexy design
    • Great pouch that accents what you have
    • Sizing up to XXL
  • Con
    • Is a super low cut bikini – If you’d don’t like bikinis then you def won’t like this pair
    • Material is semi sheer, I know we have guys who aren’t fans of sheer
  • Style – Bikini
  • Colors – White, Blue and Turquoise
  • Price – $18.50
  • Find at –

Other pairs you may like: I haven’t tried any other pairs from Bodyaware yet.

More companies are creating underwear who need extra room in the front or back. Its showing they are catering to their customers and realize we guys are not created the same. We have specific needs in undies. I think we will see more customization going forward!

I want to hear what brands you have found are awesome for an endowed guy. Leave a comment, tweet us or email us your favorites.