Fort Troff


By Osgon, guest writer

The author purchased this item for review.

Rating: 10/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10


  • Uber masculine gray camouflage pattern
  • Pouch has tiny holes allowing air to circulate around your crotch
  • Pouch has tiny holes allowing air to circulate around your crotch
  • Stretchy fabric wicks away moisture; no chafing
  • Legs stay put without riding up


  • Color selection limited to choosing a black, gray, or white waistband.

Osgon’s Recommendation: This workout wear will take anything you can give it.

You might not be familiar with Fort Troff. They primarily market sex toys to the gay market. However, Fort Troff makes incredible workout gear worth checking out.

Short backstory: Several years ago, Fort Troff went to the same factory that makes Under Armour compression shorts and asked it to manufacture compression shorts for Fort Troff. Fort Troff then tinkered with the fit and design. The result? Compression shorts that are even better than those made by Under Armour.

Fort Troff achieved perfection by modifying the compression short’s pouch in two ways. First, Fort Troff’s compression shorts have a three-dimensional pouch that cradles (rather than squishes) the meat and potatoes. Hurrah! Second, Fort Troff added small holes that help circulate air around your crotch during your work out. Everything stays nice and dry.

I own compression shorts from both Under Armor & Fort Troff. Fort Troff’s fabric (84% polyester, 16% spandex) has the same density and strength as Under Armour gear, and the FT shorts will last for years. (The FT fabric is also far superior to Nike’s wimpy-thin “combat” compression shorts.)

I’ve now tested the FT shorts over several months through some pretty brutal workouts (weights + HIIT/cardio, 75-120 minutes). Afterward, I throw ‘em in the wash and let them air dry. My shorts still look brand new and fit great. If there’s a better compression short out there, I haven’t found it.

I’ll never buy any other brand of compression shorts for working out, regardless of the price. Fort Troff’s shorts are that good.

  • BRAND: Fort Troff
  • PAIR: Camo Sport Trunk
  • COLOR: Grey (also available with white & black waistbands)
  • PRICE (without discounts): $28 for one, $65 for 3-pack

Hey Kinksters,

This week has been rough. No matter who you are, you’ve experienced it in some way. I am not gonna go on a political rant about the situation. This column is about how to feel sexy and look sexy while doing kinky things. In, light of us all needing a little bit of uplifting support. I’m gonna be talking about a new line of boxer briefs by Fort Troff!


Now, before I go into detail talking about the boxer briefs. I want to let you all in on a great donation set up that Fort Troff has dedicated. They have created a Orlando Tragedy Fund on their site that is a $10 donation to the LGBT Center of Central Florida. BUT WAIT! For every $10 donation you give to Fort Troff’s fund, they are MATCHING it. That’s right. You give $10, and Fort Troff doubles it to $20. I got an email last night that they have already raised $6,200. That means they are donating $12,400 already. Click here to donate (they made this page safe for work, just don’t go wandering around if you’re at work).



So, let’s get back to the undies. I’d like to officially welcome Fort Troff  to the Fetish Friday family (they were my FIRST Fetish Friday post, but that was something I already had lying around). They sent over a big bag of goodies, so you’ll be hearing about more of their stuff in time.


The Shrapnel Boxer Brief features a super sexy punched metal design. You get a three pack of Gold, Blue and Green. Fort Troff really searched to find a great fabric, and ended up at the same factory that supplies UnderArmour with fabric. Then developed their own. It is an 84% polyester/16% spandex blend. Very breathable tiny mesh fabric. It has great lift and support of the goodies, and I have been wearing them all week (well three of the days so far). I never had to adjust, or pull the legs down once). There is also supremely attractive stitching to give your butt a really nice presentation.


I love these so much. They come in a few other styles, the jocks I also got, so I’ll be writing about those too soon.

The Boxer Brief three pack is sold for $55 and you get a bonus Fort Troff Raw Grunt Cock Ring (which I fully support).

Until next time, keep it kinky.

Also, like a good pouch, please hold each other up. No matter who you/they are. We all need it.

TtheAmazing, over and out!

Hello Kinksters and Curious! Allow me to introduce you to the new and incredible weekly column,“FETISH FRIDAYS”! Each week, we will feature fetish-wear of all kinks and tastes from the best brands around. We will also occasionally have some provocative interviews with fantastic fetish-wear models, designers, celebrators. I have extremely high hopes for just how awesome this column will be. Please share your thoughts in the comments section; I will keep an eye out.

For the inaugural post and I wanted to share a personal favorite in my arsenal; surprise surprise, it’s from Fort Troff. If you don’t know Fort Troff, they are an amazing sex-positive kink-positive hardcore sex toy and gear store located in Atlanta. They don’t have a huge clothing selection, but what they do carry is phenomenal. Today, I’d like to discuss the Grunt Jock Modular Chassis and Pouch system.


What you buy is a jock that has no pouch on the front, with snaps at the top two corners of the pouch area, and one under the balls. Where the pouch would go is a very thrilling Jock  Armour Cock Ring (also sold as it’s own cock ring). Then, separately, you have 5 different pouches to choose from that snap onto the front of the jock chassis:

  • Black Neoprene00278_25_ft_grunt_jock_casey_more
  • Black Spandex
  • Blue Spandex
  • Yellow Spandex
  • Red Spandex

The built in Armour cock ring is made out of a blend of TPR and Silicone. It is a great size and stretchy-ness especially for the girthy guys out there (represent!). They have redesigned this ring, and I have both the old and new versions. The new version is the comfort equivalent of kinky lounge wear.

The pouches are all cut in the style of more a boxy leather type pouch with a centered vertical strip and curved side walls. The centered strip features the Fort Troff logo. For the neoprene pouch, the sides are textures with little bitty diamonds, which gives it a very hardcore look. The spandex has the same rubber center logo strip with spandex side panels.

I love this jock for many reasons. The first reason is the straps are nice and thick, so they feel firm and steady. The other big feature is the pouch is fully detachable. So when you are ready to reveal the present within, you don’t have an awkward pouch flap hanging between your legs (there should only be one focus between your legs). I personally own the black neoprene pouch and a blue spandex pouch. I like the spandex a little bit more than the neoprene pouch, but love them both for different occasions.


The jock chassis itself is $50, and the Neoprene Pouch and Spandex pouches are $26 and $16 respectively. To start combining your jock, go to Fort Troff

That’s my fav for the day, check back next Friday for another installment of FETISH FRIDAYS!

-TtheAmazing over and out!


Time for another jock review! I have a couple items from FT that I like so I was optimistic. Fort Troff tends to like a hyper-masculine look so the camo print and large waistband weren’t a surprise.  However the soft, perforated fabric was. These are made of 84% polyester and 16% spandex.  All 3 versions have the same gray camouflage print but the stitching and trim. Colors that are available in red, blue and gray. A boxer brief, boxer jock and trunk are also available. (Fort Troff furnished this pair for review)

I wore these on a run which is when I would typically wear a jock even though most guys might use this for “fun”. This jock was really comfortable so it would work for guys who like a jock as underwear, too. The waist and leg bands are pretty thick so you are definitely aware that you’re wearing a jock.

The sizing lists a medium as fitting a 30-31, which is me, and it’s dead on. Nice and snug without being too tight. The pouch has a good amount of stretch so if you’re on the larger end of the size range, you should still be OK. I would follow your typical, American sizing for this pair.

What I liked most about this pair was that they actually held up as a jock! I have several jockstraps that are definitely just for play or as daily underwear. When I exercise, I sweat a lot and like everything up front to be nice and snug. Some guys might disagree, but too much bouncing on a run is not cute. I really didn’t have any issues with this jock other than some minor adjustments to the leg straps.  But that happens with every pair I own so I won’t hold that against them. Camouflage isn’t really my thing but I still liked the style. Different colors/patterns would make me definitely get another pair. They sell as a pack of three along with a bonus cocking for $40. Seriously.

Overall, this was a good, solid jock and made me think I should try more in the future. I will definitely consider Fort Troff more than I did in the past. I had considered them for fetish wear or a store for gear, which is hot, but not always practical. My fetish for brief/jock lines through shorts was also well satisfied with the thick leg straps through my white running shorts. 🙂


  • comfortable
  • well priced
  • sexy and still practical


  • limited colors/fabrics


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 9
  • Styling – 7
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 8.8

Find this Jock at the Fort Troff site.

ass_7When you think of underwear, for most our readers Fort Troff doesn’t come to top of mind. Those familiar with it know its got some great gear and fetish materials. They have had underwear for a few years but most has been very much fetish driven. They have just released the new Fort Grunt Boxer Briefs. Fort Troff furnished a few pairs to review. It was definitely interesting to receive underwear that I had no clue what it looked like.

When I opened the package I saw a camo print underwear line. Camo has been big but this is Fort Troff’s own print. Its not green but grey and I really liked it. The first thing I noticed was the quality. Some times when you get underwear from a company that specializes in fetish, its made to take off than keep on. This was not the case with this pair. The feel really impressed me and you could tell that a lot of effort was put into this new line. Fort Troff said they used the same factory that produces UnderArmour. After they told me this, it does have a feel of UA but with a bit more fetish side!

I wore the pair to work one day in a busy week. These undies are not make for fun, they are really great undies that you can wear during the day. The pouch has a sort of mesh material made for breathability and it gave some good support too. “This moisture-wicking performance fabric has incredible stretch…and our mesh pouches BREATHE…for all damn day comfort” This is what they say about the line. It was very true. An amazing fabric on a print just made this pair a winner for me!

The big question for most is what is the sizing?  Being a new brand for me I don’t have anything to draw from other than the size chart. Small is for waist sizes 28-30 inches. Medium is for waist sizes 30-32 inches. Large is for waist sizes 32-34 inches. X-Large is for waist sizes 35-37 inches. I received an XL and I think I’m bigger than 37 and it fit pretty well. I was surprised. I was fully expecting to try them on and go “OH NO, too small”

I was super skeptical when I was sent the undies. I am not the biggest boxer brief fan so this already had me going, ehhh. After wearing them, this is an amazing pair of underwear. This is an every day pair. This line is made to feel sexy yet comfortable every day.


  • Amazing Fabric
  • Cool Camo Print
  • Made for comfort


  • The Fort Troff Name may turn guys off (don’t let it!)
  • Some guys may not like camo.


  • Daily Fit – 9.5
  • Sizing – 9.5
  • Materials – 10
  • Styling  -9.5
  • Daily Performance 9.5
  • Overall – 9.6

The Fort Troff Fort Grunt BOXER BRIEF >>> 3 + 1 SUPER KIT comes with 3 Boxer Briefs PLUS our FT Silicone Grunt C-Ring (a $10 value). All 4 pieces for $50. Colors are Red, Ice Blue, and Charcoal. Fabric is 84 pct polyester and 16 pct spandex