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I love it when we find new brands for you guys. Today when I opened an email from His Jock they had a new brand called Code22. The colors and styles caught my eye and I had to investigate further! So I did what many of you guys do and Googled CODE 22 Underwear. The site came up. I hate it when we find a new brand but there is no website for them.

This is what CODE 22 has to say about the brand.

CODE 22 is an expression of defining men’s swimwear, underwear an sportswear design. CODE 22 gives meaning to the words balance, confidence and masculinity. CODE 22 is a concept born from the spirit of innovation and created for men who are in need of minimal yet elegant creations. Our mission is to find the balance between design, comfort and functionality.

Before conceptualising each collection we work around these three words, when developing each and every garment. We only use European materials to insure the highest quality standards. This is why every time you buy CODE 22 you will notice the time and dedication which has been put into each and every design.

The brand has really clean and colorful designs. The pairs they offer are jock, brief and trunk. These are the ones we are going to focus on. They also have a long john and full front boxer. Those are not available at this time. There is no store on the CODE 22 site yet. And His Jock has all the designs.

So let’s talk about the jock. The jock has matching color elastics. Meaning the same elastic is in the waistband and leg straps. The pouch is a solid color with a contrasting band at the top. It’s a really cool design the way they have implemented it. This is my favorite design

The brief and trunk have a similar design. The bottom is a solid color. Then you have a solid band of fabric and lastly is the waistband. There are three color combinations in all the styles. The colors are Blue/Red/White, Blue/White and Black/White. Its simple, clean and colorful.

The cost of the pairs is: Jock $26, Brief, $28 and Trunk, $31.50 at His Jock. I hope you guys check them out and we will see a lot more from them!

Aqua+JockThis is my second Jock of the month from His Jock! I really am enjoying being in the Jock of the Month club. Each month I get sent a jock and I don’t know what it is till I open it. It’s kind of like a little bit of Christmas every month. This months selection is the Yocisco Where Sexy Starts Jock.

You maybe asking Why do they call it “Where sexy starts?” Well glad you asked, on the leg straps of each it has written in the legs straps. Which adds a little to the sexy feel of the pair. This is also my very first pair of Yosisco. I am very excited to try the brand.

I decided to wear these on a day I would be active. Being a jock there isn’t any other way to give them a try! I was on the go from the morning till that night. The first thing I noticed was the waistband. I Love the black band with Yocisco written inJock+Side+View the band. The blue makes it pop! The leg straps are smaller than most jocks. A traditional jock has 1 inch leg straps but these are ½ inch. They are black with “Where Sexy Starts” in yellow. So only a few people will see this, the ones you hopefully will want to start something sexy with.

I saw the pouch and hoped it wouldn’t be too small. After I slid it on the pouch had ample room. It’s one of those that has some give and conforms to your body. The fit all day really felt great. There are times when you wear a jock and the leg straps rub you and you know you’re wearing a jock. This pair I didn’t remember at times I had it on. It felt comfortable and never did bind or get out of place.

One of the most important areas is sizing. I was unable to see size chart on His Jock or Yocisco site. The size I received was an XL. And it fit well. I am going to find their chart and put it on our size guide. But if the XL fit pretty well you shouldn’t have too many issues in sizing.


  • Great Pouch
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Leg straps were a perfect size
  • Made out of a Bamboo Blend


  • Some guys may want more colors
  • Some may not like the writing on leg straps


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9


This pair was furnished for review by His Jock. Post contains an affiliate sales link.


I will say I am loving the Jock club from His Jock. When they asked me to join and review them on the site I was excited. But, I forgot I was in it and then out of the blue (well when monthly selections are mailed out) a new jock came. I was like OH YEAH. It’s a fun thing to get underwear in the mail when you forget about it!

This months selection is the Cellblock13 Locker Jock. The Locker Jock is an old school jock. Meaning its modeled after the traditional jock. The wade three-inch waistband, 1 inch leg straps and pouch. I personally love these kinds of jocks. No offence to current jocks but this one reminds me of when I first fell for undies and got my very first jock. At that time it was only these and swimmer jocks. The whole fashion jocks had yet to come to pass.

The waistband was awesome. Back in the day they had wonky sizes that made the jocks uncomfortable to me. I mean it would be like a 32 – 38 or something crazy like that. So it was just short of a one size fits all. This band was amazing and didn’t bind. I got the yellow pair so that added to the whole experience. I love bright colors.

I wore this to run errands. I figured what better to wear to run around town in! Again the waistband was awesome and so were the leg straps. They never rolled up felt uncomfortable. My only complaint would be a bigger pouch. It didn’t fit me as well as I thought. It was a little tight. But this I think is more of a personal preference. I have a bit up front to me it was small. The pair also was very well made. Timoteo has very good quality and uses top notch materials

Sizing for Timoteo is pretty standard over the years. You should check out the sizing chart and you shouldn’t have too much of an issue. But note they do run a bit smaller in sizing then other brands. So don’t assume you are one size in Timoteo. Double check the guide!


  • Amazing waistband
  • Top Notch quality
  • Retro Old school design


  • Bigger pouch needed
  • Some guys may like more fashion jocks


  • Daily fit: 7
  • Sizing 9
  • Construction 9
  • Styling 9
  • Daily Performance 8
  • Overall: 8.4

His Jock sent this pair in for review. We are part of the Jock of the Month Club. Join the Jock of the month club or find this pair on the His Jock Site

NOTE: This post contains an affiliate sales link.


Get $10 off your first jock of the month by joining now. Use the discount code UNB10 at checkout to receive $10 off your first month. That means one designer jock for only $14.95! How can you beat that? Cancel at any time after signing up or stay a member for a new jock sent to you once a month.

I am in the club and will be reviewing the service and jock each month. This past month was the Garçon Model Watson Jock. Which was a great choice.

JOCK REVIEWLast week His Jock asked me would I be willing to try out their Jock of the Month Club and review it and a new jock every month. Who am I to say no to a new jock every month for free! So I gladly accepted their offer. So many maybe asking what is a Jock of the Month club? It is where you get sent a new pair of underwear every month. So His Jock picks a pair and send them out to all subscribers. Don’t worry if you aren’t a big jock fan they have other styles you can choose from. It’s kind of like a mystery surprise every month (that is if you don’t look at the monthly selection).

The first jock I received was the Garçon Model Watson Jock. Which was great because we have reviewed the brand Watson-2garcon_model_underwear_Jockstraps_grandebut I never tried a pair. I was very happy to give it a try. The Watson jock is part of the South Beach collection. That means it has some bright colors involved. The color that is the accent is Neon Green. It has it in the waistband, the trip around the pouch and the leg straps. I really loved this accent. It’s super fun and will catch anyone’s attention who sees it.

I put the pouch on and it gave me one worry. The pouch seemed a bit snug. I wasn’t sure how well this was going to translate into a full day’s wear. But I has a few errands to run and went out to start my day. The jock pouch actually held up pretty well. What I thought was a little snug didn’t translate into any distraction while wearing them. The pouch felt like any other I had worn. This really impressed me big time!

The sizing was pretty good on this pair. I wear an XL and the sizing said waists 40-42. It was a bit snug but not too tight. So you should be good if you check the size guide. It runs pretty true to the sizes listed.

Would you see this pair at the gym? I honestly would wear as would some of our readers. It wouldn’t go with a pair of white shorts but why should you not wear something fun to the gym. The fabric is 82% nylon, 18% elastane. Which make it amazingly comfy and felt great. I loved the waistband as well. The grey with the bright green just pops to me. Making it super fun!


  • Fun color combination
  • Made out of soft material
  • Fit great thought the day


  • Some many not like bright colors
  • The pouch may seem small


  • Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 8.6

This pair was furnished for review by HisJock. You can find it in the Jock of the Month Club this month. Buy it directly from His Jock for $26.00

garcon Model Watson


There is a new store on the market and it’s from an underwear blogger. So we had to interview him and talk about his journey form blogger to retailer. Also find out what his store is all about!

So what made you start an underwear store after being an underwear blogger?

Ever since I was a young boy I’ve always known I’ve had a passion for men’s underwear. Underwear to me is so attractive. I founded when I was 18 and it’s been a passion of mine ever since. Blogging for so long made me realize that I love independent underwear brands. It also helped me learn that my favorite style is the jockstrap. I founded to help me express my passion for underwear, jockstraps, independent brands, customer service and retail. I get so excited when I receive an order that I drop whatever I’m doing to pack that order, and ship it out. As a customer for so long I know how excited I am to get my undies in the mail.

Tell us about your store? What brands do you currently carry?

His Jock focuses mostly on independent brands and jockstraps. If you love a good jock then you have to check out our brands. We currently carry 2EROS, Cell Block 13, Colt, N2N Bodywear, Papi, Pistol Pete, Supawear, Timoteo, and Todd Sanfield. We also plan on adding more very shortly.

What sets you apart from other retailers on the market?

Any customer can contact me direct. I’m willing to help any customer at anytime, personally. Like I said above I drop whatever I do to get a new order out. I love talking to customers about underwear and helping them with their needs. Also I’m open to hearing about new brands we should pick up based off what customers want!

Who are your current favorite underwear companies?

Currently I’m obsessed with the new Todd Sanfield Collection. I love the colors they used and each style has a great fit. Not to mention that the fabric is uber soft. I’m also very obsessed with anything that PUMP! comes out with. Hopefully we will pick them up at our store sometime soon.

I’d love to offer all your readers Free shipping with the discount code “UNB”. Only applies to U.S. orders at His Jock.