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eroticwear-mainThis guide is going to be a bit different. Unlike the previous guides we profiled different pairs, this time we are profiling different brands. This set of erotic underwear, as we call it, is different for every guy. Some like thongs, some like leather/rubber look or hell even leather/underwear. We wanted to profile some great brands that make amazing erotic underwear.

I think each of these brands have something different to offer. I have talked to many guys and they all love each of these brands. So if you’re bold enough to wear these or you want your man to wear something skimpy and fun then definitely check out these. Browse through the stores and we guarantee you will find something. I have been known to go to these stores and I will also admit that I like wearing a thong on occasion or something super sexy under my clothes.

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I wish I could say I slaved over the computer and combed through hundreds of sites to get this, but I didn’t. I got this from one of our amazing readers Andy. He helped me on the Endowed Guy post and he had a few pairs in mind when I emailed a few people and then came up with this amazing post. I told him I’m running it in its entirety and he’s getting full credit! I couldn’t do this post cause I don’t have a bubble butt and never experienced this problem.  Here is his post:

Stick to briefs and selected boxer briefs. For briefs, look at C-IN2, 2XIST, and Andrew Christian.

Read about the pairs we suggest for the bubble butt guy


Finding underwear for the guy in our life can be a challenge. Each guy is different but having to find a great pouch for them can make it even harder. Speaking from experience there are a few brands I think you should look at that would make great gifts. I have come up with a list and one of our great readers added to this, Andy. It’s great to hear what undies guys love

Several of these are my personal favorites. Just the pouches in each one gives you amazing support. Nothing worse then having no support and having things not stay in place! Read below for our choices:


Jocks have been huge the last few years and they aren’t going anywhere! Each year more and more guys discover the joys of wearing a jock under a suit! If you haven’t tried it I highly suggest you do it. Nothing makes a suit more fun then a jock! I remember Bakit telling us that their Pink Jock, guys wrote in saying they loved wearing it under their suit.

Back in 2009/2010 was the biggest years for jocks. I wondered if it was going to be a fad but each year more and more brand do jocks. Not just ones for sports but for fashion now. We have pulled together a great mix of Jocks for you to get your guy to try for the first time or grow his collection. Read our selections below:


We bring you another guide for the guy in your life who loves thongs. We know not everyone out there is a thong fan but the guys who are love them. If you’re not familiar with thongs you may not know what would be good to get your thong fan. This is a quick guide to find some really great thongs any guy would love. This guide is made to make you think and explore some of the sites. Or if you just want to buy what we post, our guys highly  recommend them and know the thong lover you are buying for will enjoy them as well.

This one was a little harder to put together. Where I do like thongs I don’t wear the on a regular basis. Some of my favorites have been on the site, we wanted to give you some newer thongs your guy may not have and a few older ones. If you are a thong fan share with us your favorites and we will share them on our social media!

Read our picks for thongs below:

boxerbriefs-gift-guideWe know there are a ton of you who love Boxer Briefs/Trunks. For many of you it’s your daily go to style. We thought we would bring some suggestions for the Boxer Brief guy. Each pair on the list we have tried here and can highly recommend them. So if you have someone you want to buy you underwear, give them the links to these guides and you should have a great present under the tree. If you have any more let us know and we’ll share on social networks, comment or email us at

Read the full list below:

Over the next week or so we’re going to give you great gift ideas. They will be about 5 pairs we think would make amazing gifts for the underwear lover in your life. These are quick posts to give you ideas! If you have any more let us know! We will share it with our readers

Not everyone is a brief fan but those who are, we love them more then any style. This year we are running a few suggestions to buy for the guy in your life who loves briefs. These are some great ideas ones we have tried and love! You get suggestions from the guys who love undies, how can you go wrong!


2(X)ist Slip Mesh  – One of the hottest lines form last year


Cocksox Waistband Brief  – Amazing fit and pouch


C-In2 Filthy Lo No Show Brief  – Creative and super fun


Marcuse Bounce Brief – Not your ordinary pair of undies


CK One Micro Hip Brief from Men’s Underwear Store – Classic and super comfy

If you have more, let us know tomorrow we will be doing Boxer Briefs!


’Tis the season…and all that jazz.  The holiday season is in full swing.  Did you take advantage of the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on underwear?  Well even if you didn’t, there’s still time to get new underwear before we hit 2014.   So in the spirit of the holidays, our staff has picked their favorite pairs that put them in the holiday spirit.

Read the full list below: