Ken Wroy Underwear


londonbr_grandeKen Wroy is a very interesting company. The last pair I reviewed was a trunk that I actually liked. The fit of the brand was pretty good. Now they have furnished us the London Brief to review. It’s part of their new Great Skyline collection. The Great Skyline collection is a take on the NYC print they had but now used the skylines of other cities. It’s a really cool line. I was really looking forward to trying it.

The first thing I noticed was the fabric. Most of the other pairs I have seen from Ken Wroy have been cotton. This is a 89% Polyester/11% Spandex. It felt great when I took it out of the box. Oh, before I forget the box is pretty awesome. It comes in this travel box and is super fun. Its not for those who want to be discreet! Everyone will know you are getting underwear! (see the picture). Back to the pair! The gold waistband really works with this pair. It sets off the print nicely and tops the pair just perfect. The red city print in the London pair is my favorite. But all the prints are pretty awesome.

I wore the pair to a party. I felt this pair deserved some fun night. I really didn’t dress up the theme was funky t-shirts. The pair felt just as great on as it did when I took it out of the box. The spandex in the blend made it stretch and fit great. This pair really surprised me how well I thought I would like. The design was amazing but the fit was very good as well. I have no real complaints with this pair in wearing. Other than I want the entire collection of cities now!

The sizing was pretty spot on. The XL I received said it was for 37-39. I thought when I took them out they maybe a bit tight as I am a bit bigger than the size. However, this was not the case it fit amazing and the fabric still held it’s form and shape. The sizing should match their guide pretty well.


  • Amazing fun design of City Scapes
  • Great fabric that moves with you
  • Gold waistband is a great touch


  • If you’re not a fan of bright prints you may not like this
  • The waistband maybe over the top for some of you


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance -9
  • Overall – 9.6

The Great Skylines Collection is available from the Ken Wroy Site.


PH-JulianGaviria- ago-2015-0087Ken Wroy has been quite for a while on the underwear scene. I was pleased when they emailed me about two new collections. They are releasing the new Great Skylines and Golden Basics collections! I will say the Skylines really impresses me! The basics on the other hand are welcome as well. We all need amazing basics in our underwear drawer!

The Skyline are my personal favorite! They were inspired by the travels of Ken Wroy all over the world! This is what they had to say about the collection: “We captured the hustle and bustle of New York, the relaxing beaches of Sydney, the charming cafe’s on the streets of Paris, the hidden alleys of High energy Tokyo, and the contrasting rock-royalty of London, in our globetrotter underwear!”

One of the most innovative things is they inverted the sky line to it’s upside down. It adds a bit of interest to the pair with out making it too kitchy. Here are the pairs for each city:

The Golden Basics is part of the fundamental collection. I think basic collections are a lot of time under rated. I love wild colors and prints but there is something said about a pair of black briefs. They are classic and every guy should own a pair. The Golden Basics has a black brief with a gold waistband. This is a great addition to the classic line! The fit of Ken Wroy along with a classic cut makes a winner in my book!

These collections are now LIVE at the Ken Wroy site! We are going to review a pair soon! We hope you go check it out, you may have a new favorite underwear company



The World Cup is the hottest thing that has happened to men’s underwear this year. If you’re a fan of Soccer/Football or not, you can’t help but notice all the Brazilian themed underwear. This only will keep going till the 2016 Summer Olympic games. Ken Wroy has a new collection called “Brazil Fever.”

We wondered where they received their inspiration and they said, “We took inspirations from the pavements of Copacabana to the birds of Amazon, from the Favelas to the Jesus of Rio”

The collection is on their site now!  The pairs are the Brazil Flag, Camo-Favela, Capeira, Birdie, Copacabana and Jesus of Rio. All available in a brief, boxer brief, trunk and low rise! If you have Brazil Fever go check out the undies from Ken Wroy

LR_front_largeI have been seeing Ken Wroy at Magic for a few trips now. They are a company that has their own unique style. The prints are fun and different. Its not something you see out in the market! For many of our readers that’s an important thing! I know many of you want to have something not every one has.

This is my first pair of Ken Wroy I have ever worn. As I said above I was really looking forward to it. I received this pair in Vegas at Magic. This is one of the few pairs I have ever received there. Normally most just show the new line and rarely give out samples. I know many of you out there think you should score big time there. So I was super happy to get a pair.

I am not a big trunk fan. So when I took them out of the box, I was unsure how it would fit. I will say it worried me a little. I normally like my underwear a little stretchier. But, I am giving this a chance I told myself. I slid them on and noticed the legs were a little tight but not uncomfortable. Which I think is a good thing I will explain in a bit.

I wore these to run errands one day. So these would get a work out from me. The fears of them not fitting or loosing their shape were quickly put to rest. I think the tight legs kept the pair in place for the day. I liked how they gripped my legs. However, there is one thing that really surprised me was the pouch. I wasn’t expecting a defined pouch. But what it had was super supportive and fit me great. I didn’t have to adjust or worry about it bunching. I really liked these a lot, I wasn’t expecting to really enjoy them since I’m not a big trunk fan.

The sizing was pretty spot on for me. I am a 38 waist, yeah I have gone back up a bit, but working on getting it down again. But the XL fit me great. There was no binding and really issues.


  • Great Fit and this from a non boxer brief fan
  • Fun color, I loved the orange


  • Legs maybe tight on guys with larger thighs
  • Cotton material is not “stretchy”


  • Daily Fit – 9.5
  • Sizing – 9
  • Materials – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9.5
  • Overall – 9.2

Ken Wroy furnished this pair for review. You can find this pair for $28 on their webiste. Check out even more pairs while there!


Going to Magic every year allows me to find new underwear brands. They are always great to talk to and find out how they got into business. One of those brands is Ken Wroy. They are based out of New York and have been in business this last year. They emailed me before the show and I got a chance to sit down and find out about the new collection. I was told this collection is done in the spirit of New York City.

The collection will feature:

  • A reverse NYC print that looks great
  • Jersey colors in grey/orange/blue
  • Jazz man print that’s really fun
  • Hounds tooth print
  • Giraffe which is one of my favorite that they say women have picked for their men
  • Orange pin wheel print that men pick for themselves
  • Carnival print  that is another great print

The goal of Ken Wroy is to make underwear a fashion accessory and be fashionable all the way, not just on the outside! They went on to say “Socks and Underwear are an outlet of expression” We couldn’t agree more. We love it when we see this level of passion from a new company.

Their new line will be out soon and they told us they are working on their very own app. Find them online at . Lastly did you notice their name is an anagram of New York?

IMG_0309 IMG_0311