Spandex Fetishwear


SkinFit is becoming one of my favorite gear shops. Their spandex gear is AMAZING and sexy as hell. Plus, one off the big bonus for skin fit is you aren’t limited to colors. You can choose one of over 20 spandex colors, so it can match your personality. You want a pink singlet, you got it!

Let’s talk about this singlet, since it’s Fetish Friday. Singlets are my all time fav gear. I have loved them since I was in my teens, even before I owned one. This low cut singlet from SkinFit is pretty darn sexy. Mix that the back, it will really flatter your body.

Spandex gear is making a big return in runners and singlets. Guys aren’t being so self conscious and are rocking gear they feel great in. Everyone I have known who has bought SkinFit recommend it. I haven’t yet but I plan on getting some of their gear.

Check out this singlet and all the amazing gear at SkinFit.

BRAND:  Skinfit Singlet Skin Duofit
COLORS: You Choose
FABRIC: 92% Nylon/8% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $58.00

SkinFit Site

Are you a fan of spandex? We all know I do love a singlet but I also enjoy most spandex gear. One company that I found on Instagram is SkinFit. They are an amazing company based out of Mexico. The first thing that caught my eye was the full spandex bodysuit and then I looked at the site!!! 

This is my favorite gear on the site as I mentioned above. The Long Singlet to me is super sexy. It’s a cross between a singlet and runners! It’s super amazing and you get to pick your colors!! Not many stores let you pick your own colors. This pair retails for $75.

Skinfit makes some amazing spandex shorts and runners. They have a retro style of shorts that is amazing. A lot of shorts on the market are solid colors. These have the stripe down the side. I love these kinds of shorts. 

If that is not reason enough to love this brand they also do underwear and swimwear. The Underwear (1st pic on the top row and the two bottom) are made out of spandex and mesh, I think a lot of you guys will love this brand. The swimwear (Top middle and right) is much smaller but still super sexy 

I hope you guys go check out SkinFit and get some amazing gear! 

Spandex is my favorite form of fetishwear. I love it in all forms, biking gear, singlets, runners and more. It has always been super sexy to me. One company that takes spandex gear and turns it on its head is Slick It Up. They put their own spin on spandex. One of their best gear pieces is their singlets. Now they have turned their sights to speed suits.

The speed suits, well this one, looks more like cycling gear. The skin suits for biking are one piece with a zipper down the front. Slick It Up, has taken this already sexy style and added a few new things. This one has cutouts on the front and back. The front are kind of like racing stripes. They are on the chest and down the stomach. Followed by some down the leg. At first look I thought it was different color spandex. The real deal is in the back. The back is mesh followed by two cut outs on the cheeks.

It’s not your normal skin/racing suit. This is made to be worn for a different work out! Unlike other pairs, this one is only available in two sizes, due to the super stretchy spandex. The sizes are Small/Medium and Medium/Large. This pair is not cheap. You can get a singlet for around 30-45 dollars. This one is going to cost you $136. Sexy fetishgear comes at a premium. These cut outs are not easy to create.

If you love spandex gear, then go to Slick it Up and check out all the suits. They have singlets, harnesses, underwear, swimwear and more. Oh did we mention they have leather! They are truely a fetish company that gets what guys want!

Pair: Slick It Up Racking Suit
Color: White
Fabric: Spandex
Sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large
Price: $134.00