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SWM3255It’s hot now and the swimwear you should wear should be hot as well shouldn’t it? I think the main point of swimwear is to show as much off as you can legally get away with in public. Well, that’s just my opinion, and I know many of you share this opinion. I have see your pics on Twitter!

What makes swimwear hot to you? Is it the cut? The Color? The Fabric? To me it’s the cut and fabric. I love swimwear that conforms to my body and still accents all my curves. The color is the next important factor. Basic black is always good but when at a tropical location it’s important to really enjoy some color. Why be there and wear something navy/black. The last thing is how fast it dries. I remember the days of growing up and wearing those baggy swim trunks that took forever to dry. Now with modern fabric, it can dry in the matter of minutes.

Pistol Pete has released the Citrus Brief this summer. The pair is designed to accent what you have and make it look amazing. The main color is the pouch that wraps around back. If you look close the white parts in the design are a semi sheer mesh. Now you won’t be showing off all the goods, but you will be showing off. Below the mesh it has an accenting color. It’s available in Orange, Green and Blue.

The one thing I really love about this pair is the way the main color is cut. It accents your pouch and draws attention to it. This pair will command attention on the beach. Especially if you wear the orange. The mesh isn’t wide enough to make it seem obscene, it’s just enough to show some skin. If you’re looking for something bold but not too wild, I suggest you check out the Citrus Swim Brief.

This design is one also that so Pistol Pete. They create swimwear that is not like anyone else’s. The Citrus Brief sounds like it would pass all my tests! Now just to loose enough weight to fit in it! This pair retails for $49.50

Pistol Pete Power Mesh Singlet GYM3040

Singlets are the new must have in the world of men’s activewear. I remember getting my first singlet way back in the 90’s. Back then they were just for wrestling and you had to get them at either sporting good stores or through a mail order site (yes this was before the internet) for wrestling gear. We flash forward almost 20 years and they are every where! Every brand lately has made them.

Pistole Pete has a very unique style. It shows in everything they do and the Power Mesh singlet is no exception. The lines they use in the design will accent what you have and also enhance. The colors are Yellow/Black, Red/Black, Navy/Red and Blue Black and have white side panels and trim. The way the main colors are put together, they  are contrasting and will draw attention for where ever you are wearing it.

Another trend in singlets is that they are very deep cut. The traditional singlets were higher cut, some almost tank stop style, while others had a full front and low cut sides. These, as you may guess, is not made for wrestling for sport. Any wrestling you do won’t be on a mat in front of a crowd (or we don’t think it will).  It has me asking where you would wear it? I would think a bar gear night, private party and well… you know!

The material is a sports mesh. Meaning its solid with holes in it. It’s not super see through but if you get the darker colors it will show through. As you can see with the Navy back view (see below). Also if you look at the Red/Black the pouch is mildly see through. So if you are planning to wear this in public you want to note that it may not be street legal. It also begs the question do you wear anything under singlets? Some wrestlers do wear jocks under them but the way this is made we ask why would you wear anything, if you’re going to show it off, why not show it all off.

Singlets are just a lot of fun. Like I stated above it’s hard to figure out where to wear them, but we will leave that up to your best judgement! If you want to check this singlet out they are at the Pistol Pete website for $59.50


We have heard from many of you that you guys are taking out Swim Brief Challenge. We thought we’d share another great pair to wear. The Cabo Brief from Pistol Pete is something a bit different. It has a bit of a retro vibe with the belt and plaid print.

Pistol Pete is no stranger to plaids in swimwear. I think it’s one of their signature fabrics that they have had over the years. This pair comes in a blue and pink plaid. I really like them both but LOVE the pink plaid (above). It is a plaid fabric that isn’t feminine but has a masculine feel to me. Granted, not everyone is going to get that vibe but I think it’s just really a great pair.

The Belt is another signature of Pistol Pete. The one thing about them is they always march to their own drummer. They have a unique style that you don’t see on the market today. So this gives them a solid core of brand loyal customers. If you are interested in the Cabo Brief you can get it for $48.50 at the Pistol Pete Website.


Pistol Pete is one of those brands that has their very own style. When you think about it, when you see a pair of Pistol Pete you almost instinctively know that its a pair of PP! This is a good thing in the world of underwear. We always want something that stands out and is different. I think we have very few readers, gay or straight, who don’t want something super fun and something our friends don’t have!

Pistol Pete has released a new line over the last few months and the first pair we are going to profile is the Avalon Brief. I choose this one because of the cut out and the mesh. You guys really love mesh! It amazes me when I find out how much some of you love it. I’m more of a hit or miss with it but this pair I love what Pistol Pete did with the fabric.

The fabric is a mesh with has solid stripes mixed in the pattern. This could have been a fabric they ran as is but they took time to make a chevron with the pouch in front. The stripes will accent your bulge in front and with the trim around the pouch it will def draw attention to the assets. Speaking of assets the back looks great because you can see the stripes in the back! It’s super hot.

This pair is made to be seen. Why would you want to wear a pair like this and not show it off to someone! However, I could picture Wall Street guys wearing this under their suits. I think underwear is a way we can express ourselves in environments where we don’t have much say in what we have to wear to work!

The Waistband is another thing I love. I am a waistband guy and always have been. The Pistol Pete logo on the front and the different squares really is super fun. The blue and black just add something to this pair.  You can get this pair in black, blue or white from the Pistol Pete site for $26.50


Be prepared this summer, with your own personal air conditioning – in the form of these new wide mesh jockstraps from Pistol Pete that just hit the shelves of Jockstrap Central. Just like their best selling singlets, the Xpose Jockstraps feature a sexy and very revealing wide mesh pouch – unlike Justin Bieber and Rob Ford, sometimes being over exposed is a good thing. Here’s the details:

The pouches on these jocks are constructed of Pistol Pete’s signature wide mesh fabric and includes a center seam and outer piping for structure and support. It’s fairly generous with a bit of stretch to accommodate most guys. Our model Josh is pretty well endowed (as you can see from our photos) with both large balls and shaft and he just loved wearing the Xpose Jocks.

Although the pouch is the real star, the waistband is pretty spectacular too: It’s sturdy, plushed for comfort and 1 1/4 inches wide with the highly stylized Pistol Pete “P” logo up front and center which compliments the almost Aztec motif running throughout the rest of the waistband. Finally, two masculine 1 1/8 inch leg straps complete this jockstrap.

The Xpose jocks are available in four flavors – black, blue, red or white. Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central’s website for their countless and always uncensored photos.

Also, if you act quickly (before Sunday, June 8th) Jockstrap Central is offering free USA shipping or discounted world shipping on all orders of $20 or more. Just buy one of the new Xpose Jocks or any one of most of their fashion or fetish jocks and you’ll get the free or discounted shipping. Get Shopping

Post contains an affiliate sales link


It’s time to vote for Underwear o the Month. Each month we have our four Underwear of the Week compete to see who will be our underwear of the Month. This months choices are:

  • 2(X)ist Sail Contour Brief
  • Gregg Homme Target Trunks
  • Pistol Pete Power Mesh Briefs
  • Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief

Vote below each day for your favorite pair. The winner will be announced Saturday!


We bring you our second Fetish Friday. Fetish Friday is when we bring you a pair that you won’t necessarily see at the gym. They will feature smaller cuts, mesh material and interesting colors. The pair we chose this time is the Pistol Pete Erotic Brief.

The Erotic collection is a mix of solid and mesh material. The pair we have featured is black with red trim. One of the most interesting parts of the pair is the back. There is a half mesh panel that shows off most of the back. This wraps around the sides and the pouch is solid. You won’t show off too much.

The pair is made out of a Cotton/Spandex blend. It is also available in black or white. You can find it at the Pistol Pete website for $26.50



It’s been an amazingly busy week here at UNB. We just finished up our Reader Survey, Shot/published our swimwear guide and are redoing our content. But the blog never stops! We had to move Underwear of the Week to Saturday because of the Swimwear Guide release. This week our Underwear of the Week is the Pistol Pete Power Mesh Brief. It’s a really fun pair to end the week on!

Pistol Pete has always made colorful fun underwear. This pair is no different. It has a color block pattern that Pistol Pete is known for over the past few years. They also have been making super fun undies out of mesh. The prime example of that is anything in the Xpose collection. However, this pair won’t show off everything, like the Xpose, but will tease what you are hiding!

Reasons this pair is our underwear of the week:

  • Great color block pattern
  • Made of a “sports mesh” Poly Cotton Spandex material
  • Material is mesh but won’t show off everything
  • Has three great colors, White, Red and Blue
  • Available for $28.50 at the Pistol Pete website

We hope you enjoy this pair and will check it out. See the additional color combinations below. And be back next Friday when we bring you another underwear of the week. Find Pistol Pete at

ub215-282-9 ub215-282-13ub215-282-11

ub215-282-10ub215-282-14 ub215-282-12

Singlets were only worn by wrestlers in High School and College, but in the last year their popularity has taken off. I have loved them since the early 90’s. I have had a variety of singlets; some that official wrestling singlets, fetish singlets and ones that are just fun. You can wear them  under clothes as a tank (jeans or workout wear), for public viewing or where ever you’re bold enough to wear them!

Here is our selection of 5 of the newest, hottest Singlets for this year. Here they are in no particular order!


N2N Bodywear – University Singlet – $47 from the N2N Website University line has been refreshed with colors. 83% Nylon/17% Spandex – Available in White, Black or Navy

Modus Vivendi Painter line 02Modus Vivendi – Eighties Bodywear 11281 Singlet – 32.70 Euros from the Modus Vivendi site. Has easy snap release – Cotton pw 93% & elastane 7%. – Available in Blue, Yellow, Red and Pink

tk257-117Pistol Pete – Xpose Singlet – $52.50 from Pistol Pete – Based on the Xpose mesh underwear line. Available in Black, Red and White


Cellblock13 – $48 from the Cellblock13 Site. Cellblock13 is Timoteo’s fetish inspired line. The singlet is available in Black, Red, Yellow or blue.

R10-13-AN2N Bodywear – Sheer Singlet – $80 on the N2N Website – New singlet with sheer panels. 83% Nylon/17% Spandex – Available in Black, Red and White .

IMG_8170 - BPistol Pete has always had their own unique style. I have met with them the last few years and it’s always good to catch up with them and find out whats going on. This year they have a lot planned and kicked off the new collection with pics featuring model Eric Turner. What can you expect from them this year? Well here are the things you should look out for:

  • Trying to do a variety of things to let someone express themselves, this will be done through the embellishment, colors and art work.
  • They will be making own fabrics and prints for this collection.
  • Create an expression of ones personality from the swim or underwear
  • The nations jock will have multiple colors of the nation and a shield with the nation
  • More erotic with rings and snaps as part of the embellishment
  • Staying away form simple blacks and white, going with color pop and color blocking
  • Some erotic fun stuff such as pattern meshes so when it lays it creates a pattern rather then mesh
  • Incorporating sublimation printing and get creative. Also get creative in artwork and create paper that is printed on the fabric, it’s Unique and that pattern will be the same on every pair of underwear.
  • There will a patriotic feel with the Nautical inspired pairs
  • Big part is having a retro look to previous Pistol Pete
  • Retro will include belts and buckles on the swim. Unique embellishments
  • The new line will have tease factor with open windows on legs, butt, or front, revealing just enough skin to make it sexy and not vulgar

We hope you enjoy this preview and we will bring you more as the line is released completely!  Find these and more at the Pistol Pete Website

 IMG_7993IMG_7387 - B

Welcome to the Valentines Guide for 2013. It’s been a few years since we did a guide we shot ourselves. We had a few issues with the guide but things did work out for the best. This is only a sample of the undies out there for Valentines Day. We have a mix of some of the best underwear for you or your partner!

We want to thank our participants for sending in the underwear and our models David & Joey. They both did great jobs in a really long day!

IMG_0167David is wearing the Geovanny Mesh Brief, made out of a sports mesh. Not only could you wear this pair for Valentines Day but would be great for the gym or other sports activity. This pair was furnished by Geovanny Underwear and can be found at their site for $24.00

IMG_0151David is wearing the Geovanny Garter Jock in black. While it may look like a brief it has the Geovanny Garter back and is one of his best sellers. Geovanny has used his many years dancing to make underwear that fits and shows off what a guy has! This pair was furnished by Geovanny Underwear and is available on their site for $28.00

IMG_0177David is wearing the Pikante Sailor Brief.. The Sailor brief is a really fun pair for a date. It is a lager brief cut and sexy with red accents and has a sheer back. Your partner maybe surprised by the sheer! This pair was furnished by Pikante and can be found at retailers on the net!

IMG_0002Joey is wearing the Pikante Sparkle Jock. This jock is available in three metallic colors and has a cut out above the pouch. The rings and the pouch will be one pair that your partner will remember. This pair was furnished by Pikante and available are retailers across the net.

_MG_0034David is wearing the Clever Mesh Thong. This thong is made out of a sports mesh that is mildly see through. If you are a thong lover then we would suggest getting this for Valentines Day. This pair was furnished by Clever and is available at retailers across the net.

IMG_0216David is wearing the Clever Irreverent Tank Top and the Voyeur Brief in White. The brief has a solid pouch and mesh sides and back. Where as the tank is made out of a white mesh and has a hoodie design. This combination is best worn when you plan on staying in for a romantic dinner. These pairs were furnished by Clever and are available at retailers across the net.


David is wearing the Candyman Black Boxer 9630. The boxer has a net mesh side and back with a solid pouch. It is also available in white. This pair is not for the shy and if you wear these you will want your date to see them at some point in the evening. This pair was furnished by Candyman and is available at retailers across the net.

IMG_0058_3Joey is wearing the Candyman Jock Thong. Which is a cross between a jock and brief. This pair is solid black and has a solid and mesh pouch. Also available in gold/black. This pair was furnished by Candyman and is available at retailers across the net.

_MG_0376David is wearing the Joe Snyder Bikini 01 in Black. The bikini is available in multiple colors. That include red, metal black, black sheer and many more. This is the classic bikini that Joe Snyder created and one of their top sellers. When you take it out of the package it is small but stretches to fit your body! This pair was furnished by Joe Snyder and can be purchased from their website for $19.95

IMG_0050 (4)Joey is wearing the Cocksox CX01 Bikini in Red. This pair is available in other colors including Black, Red, White, Royal and more! The bikini is made with the famous Cocksox pouch that has no straps or contraptions to enhance your package. If you want a bikini that is fun then this is the pair for you! This pair was furnished by Cocksox and is available on their site for $25 AUD


David is wearing the Cocksox Bikini Brief. This brief has a traditional waistband with Cocksox pouch they are known for! The bikini is smaller then most but still covers everything, so would be perfect for a guy that wants to show off a little but not show off everything. This pair is available from the Cocksox website for $27 AUD.

_MG_0231David is wearing CX01 Bikini in stripes. This is one of the newer styles in the CX01. This is the same pair that Joey is wearing above but with stripes that accentuate the pouch and rear. This pair was furnished by Cocksox and can be purchased from their sire for $28 AUD.


David is wearing the new Baskit Simple Brief in Red. This is one of the newest pairs from Baskit. Baskit is known for making classic styled underwear that fits and feels incredible. This is one of the perfect date pairs for those just staring out in a relationship. If your partner does see it, it won’t show too much and we bet you will get compliments! Baskit furnished this pair for the guide and can be purchased at their site for $21


David is wearing the Venom Brief and Tank from Gregg Homme. This line has put the Gregg Homme sexy spin on snakeskin. It’s not your usual pattern. Venom is available in black and red. The tank is $45.95 and the brief is $36.95 . These were furnished by Gregg Homme.


David is wearing the Gregg Homme Tuxedo Thong and Cuff and Collar. You can be your own Chippendale’s dancer for your partner this Valentines Day. Each of these are sold separately at the Gregg Homme site, the thong is $22.95 and the Cuff and Collar is $24.95   These were furnished by Gregg Homme


Joey is wearing the Gregg Homme Pump-Up Brief. This is a pair that Gregg Homme has had in its line up for a few years. It’s a favorite and a great pair for Valentines Day. The pouch enhances and brings your pouch to the “forefront”. Available in Black and White with the red accent. The pair is $40.95 from the Gregg Homme Site. This pair was furnished by Gregg Homme


David is wearing the Go Softwear Satin Mesh Tank and the American Jock Action Mesh Sport Brief. The Satin Mesh line has a matching mesh boxer (not pictured here). The mesh brief is great for a date night or daily wear. These pairs can be found at the Go Softwear Site, the Satin Mesh Tank is $31  and the American Jock Action Mesh Sport Brief is $25. These pairs were furnished by Go Softwear.


Joey is wearing the Go Softwear Pop Boy Brief in Magenta. This is perfect for those who want a classical styled brief but in great colors. It has the new Go Softwear waistband. This pair was furnished by Go Softwear and is available for $23.00.


David is wearing lounge wear from N2N Bodywear. Not all underwear is made for date nights, this pair is made for staying in and relaxing. The two pairs featured are the Dream Robe and Dream Brief. The dream robe has a shorter Kimono cut and a hood. Where as the brief is a traditional cut brief and both are made out of super soft polyester/spandex blend. N2N Bodywear furnished these pairs and can be found at their site for $48 for the Dream Robe and $19 for the Dream Brief


David is wearing the SupaWear Supa Drive trunk in Red. SupaWear is a relatively new brand on the underwear scene. Made by the folks who brought you 2EROS, this is a super fun line. They are classic and great fitting pairs. This pair was furnished by and can be found at The Man Underneath for $25.


David is wearing the Frank Dandy Inspired Valentines trunk. This pair is not out yet but will be released shortly! This is part of the new Frank Dandy collection. You can find this pair at the Man Underneath, who also furnished this pair


David is wearing the Skivvies 5728 Color Guard Trunk. Many of you may not have heard of the brand but we see big things in the future for this brand. The red colors and pouch accents would make a great pair for any Valentines Date night, either going out or staying in! This pair was furnished by and can be purchased at the Man Underneath for $29.00


David is wearing the Modus Vivendi 07711 Brief in Red. This pair is super sexy with it’s mesh sides and back. You maybe saying it may not be comfortable to wear. However, our model David said the thought after a while it would be uncomfortable but it fit and felt great through out the shoot. If you’re a little bolder and want to make a statement then try this pair out. This pair was furnished and can be found at Erogenos for $25.00


David is wearing Pistol Pete Gelato Brief. Not all underwear on Valentines day has to be red or black. You can have a splash of color. This brief you can wear every day not just Valentines! Available in 4 colors. This pair was furnished by Erogenos and can be purchased for $24.


David is wearing the Male Basics Long Johns. Not everywhere in the world is warm, some places you have below freezing conditions and being warm is a must. However you can still be stylish and warm! The microfiber long johns do both of those quite well. Also you can still wear a Modus Vivendi or Pistol Pete brief under. This pair was furnished and can be purchased at Erogenos for $30.


David is wearing Cellblock13. This is the super fun line from Timoteo. Valentines Day can be either classic or super sexy for you. Not everyone wants to go to dinner, some just want to skip it and get to some other fun. The Timoteo Cellblock13 Gridiron Trunk is a perfect pair. Made out of a sports mesh and rear cut out. It’s perfect for a fun evening in! These were furnished by Timoteo and can be found at the Timoteo Cellblock13 website for $34.

_MG_0309David is wearing another pair from Timoteo. The Cellblock13 pair maybe a little more then you want to wear on Valentines Day then check out the Timoteo 2.0 Soccer Jock. It’s a smilar cut to the Girdiorn but made out of a cotton material, so you don’t show too much but still has the cut out back. It’s a mix of traditional and wild. This pair was furnished by Timoteo and can be found on there for $30

We hope you enjoy this Valentines Guide. You will see more of David this year. Make sure you go check out his Facebook page! We have more pics of him at our Facebook Page as well! We will have an interview with him and have already booked him for our Swim Guide in May!

Jockstrap Central had their eye on Pistol Pete for a while, but when they saw the Duo Jock and Mesh Power Jock, they knew they had to fast track them to the top of their launch schedule. Here’s the details of these hot jockstraps:

Duo Jock

Pistol Pete’s Duo Jock get’s it’s name from it’s unique dual waistband with a sexy twist: The pouch is constructed of a soft ribbed, mostly cotton fabric – the rib is not only an interesting design feature but provides extra stretch and with the hint of spandex – it’s pouch perfection that’s comfortable yet form fitting. Your “boys” are going to love you for it. The twist is the double waist band which not only provides extra support but creates a split between the two which is a welcome addition (and handy exit) when something pops up.

Mesh Power Jock

Pistol Pete goes space-age with this future fashion jock called fittingly, the Power Jock: This jockstrap features a contoured mesh pouch, while not overly see-through, provides welcome ventilation (especially considering the synthetic fabric). Contrasting edging plus a centered V of extra piping add support and accentuates the contouring of the pouch – creating an almost torpedo shape and draws the eye to the missile beneath. It’s explosive!

The Duo Jock comes in white with black detailing or black with red detailing. The Power Jock comes in three color variations: Black with white detailing, blue with black detailing or red with black detailing. Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central’s website to see their sexy model Marcus putting Pistol Pete through their paces

Pistol Pete underwear is available now at International Jock! Pistol Pete is an innovative Los Angeles-based designer that offers athletic, masculine styles for guys that want to look good whether they’re in the gym or out on the town. Pistol Pete brings rugged, individualistic styling to their extensive line of premium-quality briefs, trunks, singlets and more.

And who better to model this rugged, All-American brand that former US Navy Seaman John Sauza? This handsome, up-and-coming young model has every asset necessary to show off Pistol Pete to the fullest.

As always, if you’re looking for a huge selection of mens boxers and mens briefs worn by the world’s sexiest male models, look no further than International Jock.

Welcome to the 2012 Holiday Guide. This has to be the biggest guide we have done to date. We had over 80 pairs of underwear, three models, a photographer, an assistant and a stylist. We are going into our own photography and will be launching something soon, so stay tuned. First we would like to thank our sponsors: Candyman, Clever, Pikante, PPU, Vuthy and Zylas at Gold Level, Croota and Premium Underwear Store for Bronze and Designer Drawers at Silver! A special shout out to Matt at Designer Drawers for helping get our models and our stylist.

Our models for this guide are Cody, Kyle and Adam. Cody was in our Swimwear Guide and both Kyle and Adam are new! We plan on doing another shoot with them soon! I am working on a behind the scenes video but so far the iMovie program is uncooperative. It will be out hopefully this weekend.

PPU Underwear:

  • Adam (left) is wearing the PPU Jock – 1001 for $21.00
  • Kyle (middle) is wearing the PPU Boxer – 1232 for $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the PPU Thong – 0956 for $14.50

Clever Underwear:

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the Clever 0190 – Mesh Bars Boxer $24.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Clever 2137 – Niagra Boxer $25.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Clever 2108 – Front Mesh Boxer $38.00

Zylas Underwear:

  • Veston (left) is wearing the Zylas  – 2803 – $22.00
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Zylas – 2884 – $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the Zylas-4007  Brief – $20.00

Candyman Underwear:

  • Kyle is wearing the Candyman – Santa Costume – $38.00

  • Cody (left) is wearing Candyman – Singlet – $34.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing – CandyMan – Boxer Pimp Costume – $36

Vuthy Swimwear

  • Kyle (left) is wearing Vuthy 279 – Bikini – %58
  • Adam (center) is wearing V-275 Royal Plaid Bikini – $56
  • Cody (right) is wearing V-300 Trunk – $56.00

Croota Underwear

  • Adam (left) is wearing the Croota Pattern Break Hipster – $20
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Croota Night Surfer – $20
  • Both are available at the Croota Site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the Croota Night Runner – $20
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Croota Pattern Break Hipster – $20
  • Both are available at the Croota Site

Premium Underwear Store

  • Cody (left) is wearing the Gigo Purple Bias Brief – $20.
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Gigo Purple Bias Tank – $28 and Purple Bias Boxer Short – $21.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the JOR Comfort Brief – $19.00
  • All are available at the Premium Underwear Store

Designer Drawers

  • Kyle is wearing the Pistol Pete Power Brief – $28.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers site.

  •  Kyle is wearing the Pistol Pete Solar Brief – $26.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers Site

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the 2(X)ist Athletic Jock – $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the 2(X)ist Splash N0-Show Brief $24.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers Site

  • This picture we’re going to let you guess which model is which
  • Left is the Pistol Pete Xpose Brief – $22
  • Right is the Pistol Pete Web Brief – $22
  • Available at the Designer Drawers site


  • Kyle is wearing the Wrestler swim in USA colors – $80
  • Available at the aussieBum site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the BarUP brief in Fire/Ice – $23.50
  • Adam (right) is wearing the XO Seamfree in Sunflore – $25.95
  • Available at the aussieBum site


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Skmpeez Varzity Brief  in red – $26.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Skmpeez Zignature Boxer Brief in Gold – $30.00
  • Available at the Skmpeez site.


  • Cody (left) is wearing the BoyRio Trunk (releasing soon)
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the BoyRio U-9A extreme Jock in Black
  • Available at the BoyRio site.

2EROS, Frank Dandy and Manview Bodywear

  • Adam (left) is wearing the Jock Series Trunk in Red – $30. Available at the 2EROS site.
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Frank Dandy Angle Trunk in Green – Available at the Frank Dandy site.
  • Cody (right) is wearing the Manview Bodywear 69 Sport Trunk in Yellow – $22.50 – Available at the Manview Bodywear Site

Underwear Station

  •  Cody (left) is wearing the Cover Male CM222 – Pouch Enhancing Boxer in Orange – $23.00
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Good Devil GD5505 – Jock Flex in purple – $21.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Intymen INT6152 – Track Brief – $20.00
  • Available at the Underwear Station site

Go Softwear

  • Kyle is wearing the American Jock Action Mesh Singlet in red – $41.00
  • Available at the Go Softwear site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the American Jock Mini Boxer in Gold/Royal – $22.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Clean Metro Lo Rise Brief in Bluebeery/Fuchsia – $21.00
  • Available at the Go Softwear site


  • Cody (left) is wearing the Active Trunk in Grey
  • Adam (center) is wearing the Simple Boxer Brief in Light Blue
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the America Brief in Blue/Gold
  • Coming soon to the /baskit/ site.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the CX68-Trunk in Royal/Green – $32.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the CX76-Sports Brief in Camo – $32.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the  CX76-Sports Brief Black/White/Red – $32.00
  • Available at the Cocksox Site. All prices in Australian Dollars

Joe Snyder

  • Cody (front) is wearing the PF01- Pride Frame Bikini in Red – $24.00
  • Adam (back) is wearing the JS-M28 Cheek Hug in Journal – $28.00
  • Available at the Joe Snyder Site

No Limits Underwear, C-IN2 and Male Power

  • Cody (left) is wearing the No Limits Underwear White Mesh Boy Short – $14.50.  Available at the No Limits Underwear Site
  • Adam (center) is wearing the C-IN2 Zen Punt $28.00 and V-Neck $36.00. Available at the C-IN2 Website
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Male Power 144-172 Pouch short in Black/White

FreshPair and Modus Vivendi

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the Diesel – Fresh and Bright Divine Boxer Trunk – $27.00.  Available at the FreshPair website
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Modus Vivendi Querelle Brief in Red – $30.00. Available at the Modus Vivendi site
  • Adam (right) is wearing the  Emporio Armani 110814-2A506 Stretch Cotton All Over Logo Print Brief in Red – $26.00. Available at the FreshPair website.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Tulio MX06 Trunk in Royal – $48.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Tulio JA05 Lace Up Trunk in White – $48.00
  • Both available at Erogenos

  • Cody (left) is wearing Tulio 12B10 in black/red
  • Adam (center) is wearing the Tulio 12W2 Singlet in black – $44
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Tulio 12M10 Trunk – Black/Royal
  • These are available at International Jock.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Cellblock13 Fugitive Short in Red/Black – $30.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Cellblock13 Prizefighter Jock in Black/Yellow – $24.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing Cellblock13 Singlet in Black – $44.00
  • Availalbe at the Cellblock13 site


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Timoteo Navy Swim – $44
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Timoteo Sport 2.0 Athlete Jock – Red – $22.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the the Clubhouse Soccer Jock – Grey/Black – $32.00
  • Available on the Timoteo Website.

We hope you enjoy this guide. We have more pics to share through our Brief Distractions over the next week or so. Check out all the pairs and get them for you or your significant other! Let us know what you want or get for the Holidays!

We love bringing you guys great new places to buy underwear. There is a new online store called Designer Drawers. This weekend I got a chance to meet up with the owner this week to talk about their recent fashion show.

The fashion show was held on October 13th as a launch party for their new store. The store is based out of Birmingham, AL and was held a a local bar called Al’s on Seventh. They had 11 models at the sports themed show called “Tailgate Fall Fashion show. The brands they showcased are also the same brands they sell. These brands include Timoteo, Baskit, Pistol Pete, N2N and Skmpeez.

“It was an amazing show with a great turn out. it was held at a gay bar but a mix crowd turned out. It was an exciting night!” said Matt the owner.

They have plans to do another show soon. We will keep you posted! Find them online at and find more of the Tailgate Fashion show pictures at their Facebook page,


Pistol Pete always has a HUGE collection at Magic. They typically have a double booth and it’s full of new styles. This trip was no different. This is only a small selection of what’s coming out. If I went into detail I would have a 12 part series.

If you saw our Swimwear Guide then you saw many pairs of Pistol Pete swimwear! Now we will bring you a lot more including underwear, Jeans, athletic wear and singlets.

Pistol Pete Zip Fly JeanPistol Pete Snap Fly Jean

  • Jeans
    • Are being brought back after a few years of being absent
      • Zip Fly Jeans
        • Has a zipper finish around the entire waist band
        • Colors: Denim or Black
      • Snap Fly Jean
        • Button Fly
        • V-type front to the jean
        • Colors: Denim or Black

Pistol Pete Ace TankPistol Pete Ace ShirtSpectrum Line Tee

  • Shirts
    • Ace Tank
      • Straps with the hounds tooth tank
      • Has a leather like look
    • Ace Shirt
      • Hounds tooth with leather look but fabric
      • Full Shirt
    • Spectrum Line
      • Burnout effects and add burn out pattern

Pistol Pete Jock ShortPistol Pete Edge JamPistol Pete Edge Short

  • Athletic
    • Jock Short
      • A new nylon stretch short
      • Colors: Charcoal, Hunter, Navy, Royal or Black
    • Edge Jam
      • Soft shorts that can be used a lounge wear
      • Comfy cotton blend
      • Colors: White, Black or Heather Grey
    • Challenger Shorts
      • Retro styled athletic mesh with draw string similar to running shorts
      • Colors: Sky/Navy, Char/Wine, Navy/Sky or Wine/Char

Pistol Pete Erotic BriefPistol Pete Navigator BriefPistol Pete Gelato Trunk

Pistol Pete Extreme TrunkPistol Pete Reaction Sequins Brief

  • Underwear
    • Erotic Line
      • Has a mesh  sides
      • Sexy almost lingerie for men
      • Available in Jock, Brief and Trunk
      • Colors: black with red accent or white with black accent and red waistband
    • Navigator Line
      • Ribbed fabric and new signature waistband
      • Sporty edge in both the trunk and brief
      • Colors: White, Wine and Navy
    • Gelato Line
      • Vibrant colors and silver waist band
      • Open back jock brief , brief and trunk
      • Colors: Orange, Jade, White and Royal
    • Extreme Line
      • Black briefs with black almost sequin accents
      • Super sexy accents
      • Available in Trunk and Brief
      • Only in Back
    •  Reaction Sequins
      • Mesh with sequin that gives a great contrast
      • Available in Trunk and Brief
      •  Only in black

Pistol Pete Versus BikiniPistol Pete Suede BikniPistol Pete Spiral Trunk

Pistol Pete Hologram TrunkPistol Pete Nautical Brief

  • Swimwear
    • Some Trends in the Pistol Pete Swim are
      • Vintage belted suits still Strong
      • Stripes  with chrome
      • Metallic draw string that matches the suit
      • Has a strong nautical theme
    • Versus Line
      • Side buckle on the brief
      • Available in Bikini, Brief and Midcut
      • Only Navy/White
    • Suede Line
      • Shammy like material
      • Which is made from a similar material as the Shammies you use to dry your car – new fabric
      • Available in Brief and Midcut
      • Colors: Charcoal/Navy and Khaki/Black
    • Spiral Line
      • Nautical marine stripes with solids
      • Stripe is diagonal in the back
      • Available in Brief and Midcut
      • Colors: black, red, navy
    • Hologram Line
      • Is three dimensional. Leather look with zipper on the side
      • Available in Jock, Midcut, and Tank
    • Nautical Line
      • Features horizontal stripes with belt
      • Available in Brief and Trunk
      • Colors: Blue or Red stripes on a white background

Pistol Pete Jock SingletPistol Pete Jock SingletPistol Pete Olympian Singlet

  • Singlets
    • Jock Singlet
      • Colors: Royal/Red and Black/Red
      • Full cut singlet
    • Champ Singlet
      • Great accent deign
      • Colors: Slate/White, Navy/white and Black White
      • Full cut singlet
    • Olympian Singlet
      • Inspired by the Olympics
      • Colors: Orange/Grey, Red/Royal, Navy/Red and Red/Yellow
      • Lower cut singlet


Find all these are more coming from Pistol Pete, so if you don’t see them right away know they are coming! . Visit their site to see these and more styles,





I’ve really enjoyed reviewing Pistol Pete.   The newest pair I received is the Rookie Trunk.  And while I don’t wear trunks often, I was happy to throw these on and give them a try.  Pistol Pete always uses eye catching patterns and color combinations; the pair I received are red, white, and blue.  Perfect for July!  72% Polyester, 25% Rayon, and 3% Spandex, they felt great.

I wore these on my day off, which depending on the day can be very active or completely consumed by watching bad TV all day.  On this particular day I spent most of the day running errands and window shopping.  They were comfortable for the most part.  The pouch in front is nice and definitely provided support.  Part of the reason I don’t wear trunks often is that they tend to ride up on the legs.  These did as well, so I found myself tugging on them periodically during the day.  Of course, for someone who is used to wearing trunks this may not be an issue.  I am a big fan of underwear that has a center seam in the back like these trunks do.  A couple of times when I sat down I would feel the seam get a little tighter and the waist drop a little lower in the back.  It wasn’t uncomfortable, just not something I am used to.  The curse of having a bubble butt.

I really love the color combinations for this trunk.  The pattern makes it almost look like a pair of briefs with something underneath.  The stitching on the front center really defines the pouch.  If you like a nice defined seat then these trunk will work for you.



  • Great colors
  • Pouch front
  • Breathable fabric


  • Legs tend to ride up









Daily Wear



*Out of 5*



This pair was provided by Pistol Pete

Summer is in full swing and with holiday’s like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July here and gone, I was really looking for a pair of undies that I could wear out to all these great summer parties. What better way to celebrate America then by getting a pair of red, white and blue made in the USA Pistol Pete.

Pistol Pete has been a round the underwear world for a little while now, but they are one brand that I had never tried before. It is nice to see and support some of these great “Made in the USA” undies companies. When I found out I would be reviewing a few pairs of Pistol Pete I was very excited. Thought maybe these would be my summer “go to” undies.

I reviewed the Pistol Pete Pistol Brief (Red) in a size medium. When they arrived I was very excited to see the vibrant red, white and blue coloring. I immediately thought these were going to be my go to patriotic undies for the summer. The waistband is your typical 1” elastic with a red, white and blue stripe. The Pistol Pete logo is mirrored around the waistband but is smaller and does not take away from the look of the brief. The main fabric content is 97% cotton, which makes these briefs breathable on those hot summer night. The leg openings are also patriotic in red, white and blue stripped elastic. The pouch and fly are offset by a bright white as well.

The look of this brief is amazing while wearing them. They do sit a little lower on the hips, but that is the way I like to wear my undies so that did not bother me at all. These briefs also made my butt look great. The heaver elastic bands around the leg openings really helped lift and make my butt look perky. The one drawback that I really wasn’t happy with and was ultimately a deal breaker for me was the size of the pouch. I really wanted to like these briefs but the pouch was too small.  I consider myself to be a pretty average sized guy, and I felt very cramped in these. With the small pouch I could stand to wear these for a short period of time, but I don’t think I could wear them all day. I did do a little research on the Pistol Pete website and they do say “Our clothing is a contoured fit.  If you like a looser fit, we suggest you order one size larger.” So with that in mind for next time, a large might be in order.

I would recommend these undies and they are a great addition to my collection. These undies come in Red (reviewed), White and Navy Blue. I think I might have to order the white ones next to see how they compare!!


  • Look
  • Low Rise Waist
  • Made in the USA


  • Small pouch (would recommend going one size bigger)

FIT: 2






This pair of undies was provided by Pistol Pete for review. You can purchases these for around $26 at Make sure you check out the rest of their collection on their website as well.